Ferdinand von Schirach: Terror

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Ferdinand von Schirach Terror
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Guilty or not guilty? Enter the courtroom, hear the evidence, make your judgement. A hijacked plane is heading towards a packed football stadium. Ignoring orders to the contrary, a fighter pilot shoots down the plane killing 164 people to save 70,000. Put on trial and charged with murder, the fate of the pilot is placed in the audience's hands. Ferdinand von Schirach's , in a translation by David Tushingham, received its UK Premiere at the Lyric Hammersmith, London, in June 2017

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Ferdinand von Schirach


translated by

David Tushingham

with a speech by the author when presenting the M100Sanssouci Media Award 2015 to Charlie Hebdo

First Production

Terror was first performed in London at the Lyric Hammersmith on 14 June 2017. The cast, in alphabetical order, was as follows:

Prosecuting Counsel Nelson Emma Fielding

Christian Lauterbach John Lightbody

Defence Counsel Biegler Forbes Masson

Presiding Judge Tanya Moodie

Franziska Meiser Shanaya Rafaat

Lars Koch Ashley Zhangazha

Directed by Sean Holmes

Set design by Anna Fleischle

Costume design by Loren Elstein

Lighting by Joshua Carr

Sound by Nick Manning

A map showing location of productions worldwide together with the verdicts can be found at http://terror.theater/en


Presiding Judge

Lars Koch



Defence Counsel, male


State Prosecutor, female

Christian Lauterbach

Franziska Meiser





This print edition of Terror is based on the full, original German text and may differ from the version used in performance.


The Presiding Judge enters. The curtain remains closed behind him. He is wearing a dark suit, a white shirt and a white tie. He is carrying his gown over one arm. He speaks directly to the audience.

Presiding Judge Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. I’m glad to see you all here on time. It’s not easy parking round here and this building is a bit of a rabbit warren… Anyway, it’s good that you’ve all managed to get here. Before we begin, I must ask you to forget everything that you have read or heard about this case. Yes, everything. It is you alone who have been called upon to judge this matter, you are the lay judges, the members of the public who today will sit in judgement on the defendant Lars Koch. The law grants you the power to determine the fate of a human being. Please take this responsibility seriously. You will judge solely what you hear in this courtroom. We lawyers describe this as ‘evidence gained from within the hearing itself’. That means: only what is said by the defendant, the witnesses, the joint plaintiffs and legal experts in this courtroom, only the evidence which we gather here may provide the basis for your verdict. At the end of the trial you will be obliged to vote, and I shall announce the verdict that you have reached.

In court proceedings we re-enact the events: the court is a stage. Of course we’re not going to perform a play, we’re not actors. We will be re-enacting the events through language, this is our way of understanding them. And it’s one that has stood the test of time. Hundreds of years ago the judges used to meet in a special place, one which was considered sacred, the thing. In those days to pronounce judgement meant to resolve disorder and restore order once again. Whenever harm was done – an attack by an enemy tribe for example – this was always the place where it would be discussed. Which woman was raped in the attack? Which hut was burnt to the ground? Which man was murdered? Our ancestors knew that in this way evil can lose its horror. Will we achieve that today? – I’m not sure. But we have to try. A judge does not regard anything as ‘evil’. His – or her – verdicts are not hell and damnation but acquittal, prison or preventive detention.

So make your judgement calmly and in your own time. And above all: remember that before you there is a human being, someone who has the same dreams as you, the same needs. He too, just like you, is trying to find happiness. And that’s why in your judgement you should retain your own humanity.

Now, I’d like to begin, but we’re still waiting for the Counsel for the Defence – he’s late.

The Guard approaches the Presiding Judge from the rear, says something to him quietly. The Presiding Judge nods. The Guard exits once again.

I’ve just been told he’s finally arrived. So, let us begin.

The Presiding Judge exits, putting on his gown as he walks.

Act One

A courtroom. In the centre the judge’s desk, with a Stenographer sitting on its right. The chair for the Presiding Judge is empty. To the left, beneath a window, sits the State Prosecutor with the joint plaintiff to her side and a little further back. The Counsel for the Defence is on the right. The Defendant is seated in a cell behind the Defence Counsel. In the centre, in front of the judge’s desk, stand an empty chair and table for the witnesses.

The Guard sits on a stool next to the door. The State Prosecutor and the Stenographer wear black gowns, white blouses and white scarves. The Defendant has appeared in his Air Force uniform. The Guard wears the uniform of court officials for the state of Berlin. The Defence Counsel is not wearing a gown. The Presiding Judge enters the courtroom through a narrow door behind the judge’s desk. At this point everyone on stage stands up.

Presiding Judge (standing) I declare this session of 16th division of the Criminal Court open. Please be seated.

The Presiding Judge sits down, followed by all the others. He waits until it is quiet.

For the record I confirm that the prosecution is represented by the State Prosecutor Ms Nelson, and Mr Biegler appears as Counsel for the Defence.

The defendant Major Lars Koch has been delivered here from custody. The court has therefore been assembled with all those present who were listed in the notice to appear. So far so good. Are there any questions or motions?

The State Prosecutor and Defence Counsel shake their heads.

Defence Counsel I would like Mr Koch to sit here next to me.

Presiding Judge Yes, I don’t think he’s a risk to anyone’s safety.

He turns to the Guard.

Sergeant, would you please…

The Guard opens the cell door. The Defendant emerges and sits down next to the Defence Counsel.

(To the Defendant.) Good morning, Mr Koch. I will now take your personal details. Your first name please?

Defendant Lars.

Presiding Judge And your date of birth?

Defendant 14th March 1982. I’m thirty-one years old.

Presiding Judge Are you married?

Defendant Yes.

Presiding Judge Do you have any children from or outside of this marriage?

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