Marvin Cox: Teacher_s naughty lessons

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Marvin Cox Teacher_s naughty lessons
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    Teacher_s naughty lessons
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Marvin Cox

Teacher_s naughty lessons


Ann Harris couldn't believe what she had just heard. Her hand froze on the doorknob. There! She heard it again.

"That's right, suck it good, you little cum-drinker!" the man's voice said.

"Are you sure no one is going to come in on us?" a girl asked.

"You just worry about sucking my dick," the man said.

"Ummmmm!" the feminine voice moaned. "No worry at all!"

Ann slipped into the teacher's lounge as if pulled by a magnet. She held her breath and stood close to the wall so they wouldn't notice her. She squinted her eyes, trying to adjust to the darkness.

"That's it, baby," the man said huskily. "Wrap those tight little lips around my cock and suck for all you're worth!"

Ann heard a delicate smacking sound, the sound of wet flesh rubbing against wet flesh. She peered into the darkness, her eyes slowly becoming adjusted to the dim light.

She saw their outline. He was standing in front of her, his legs slightly spread. His hands were on her shoulders, as she knelt before him, her mouth gobbling down his prick.

Ann felt two immediate emotions. The first was outrage. How could two teachers possibly be doing what they were doing? And in the teacher's lounge!

The other emotion was more difficult to describe. A burning sensation ripped into her pussy, like a hot knife. She wanted to run out, to pretend that what she was watching wasn't happening!

Instead, she stayed, her heart pounding in her throat. She casually dropped her right hand to her crotch, her eyes glued on what the girl was doing.

The girl was cupping, the man's balls, her fingers digging between his thighs. She pulled her head back and forth, sucking his monstrous cock in and out with swift, hungry moves. Her eyes were closed in total rapture.

Ann pursed her lips and wondered what it would feel like to be in the woman's place, sucking that delicious looking dick into her throat, feeling the furry, round balls vibrate against her throat.

She pressed her middle finger against the mound of her pussy and had to stifle a desire to cry out. She bit her lower lip and closed her eyes. Almost immediately, she opened them again.

"You sure know how to suck cock!" the man whispered, obviously enjoying the hungry assault on his prick.

The woman released his cock for a couple of seconds, giving it a look of admiration, almost reverence.

"With a dick like this, that's so big and delicious, it's easy!" she said, running her tongue up the length of his cockshaft.

"Suck on my balls a little," he whispered. "Stick them both in your mouth!"

"I'll suck them a lot!" the woman said, pulling one large, hairy orb between her lips.

"Now the other one!" the man said, jutting his hips forward.

Ann was fascinated with the woman's actions. She had deftly pulled both huge nuts into her mouth, and she was now washing them with her tongue. Her nose was nuzzled against the underside of the man's prick.

Involuntarily, Ann began grinding her hips around, pressing her finger harder against her cunt. Ripples of pleasure centered in her backbone, gently flowing outward, to her cunt entrance. The silky material of her panties clung wetly to the folds of her pussy lips, wet with her juicy release of fluid.

"I'll bet you could get cream out of a crow bar!" the man whispered, his voice now very excited. "Suck out my cum and drink it, you little cunt!"

The woman was moaning, her own pleasure mounting. She was gyrating her hips, squeezing her thighs together to relieve the hot itch inside her pussy.

Ann knew exactly the feeling the woman was having. She was having it herself.

I want a big cock, too! Ann thought. I want a gorgeous, thick piece of meat slamming into my throat, spitting out gallons of creamy cum, gushing into my lungs!

She pulled her skirt up and slipped her hand inside her panties. Her palm was met with a moist, wiry warmth. She pulled her cunt lips apart with her fingers and exposed the throbbing, hard clit. She nestled it between the two fingers and squeezed firmly.

She tasted the salty flavor of blood as she bit down on her lips to keep from crying out with tormented want.

"You'd better get that hot little mouth ready, baby," the man grunted. "I'm about to load you up with some fine, hot cum!"

Ann could almost taste the hot wads of jism, spurting out of the man's prick, gurgling down her throat, filling her stomach with his climaxing warmth.

"Ummmmm!" the woman moaned, her voice smacking and sucking against his dick. "Ummmmm!"

"You like that taste, baby?" the man asked. "You like sucking that white juice in your lungs?"

The woman moaned again as the thick, creamy cum spilled into her throat and oozed into her belly.

Ann wanted nothing more than to scramble over there, push the woman away, and grasp that exploding cock with her lips and slam it against her tonsils! Yet she remained in the darkness, afraid to move, afraid even of her emotions.

She probed deeply into her cunt, stabbing her fingers in and out of the slicked-up, tight muscles, pressing her thumb against her tiny, hard clit. It throbbed and vibrated against the pressure, sending pangs of raw pleasure into her pussy.

Again, the woman moaned. Ann looked at her profile and could see the streams of jism dripping down her chin, glistening against her neck.

"Take it all, you cum-drinker!" the man grunted, slapping his hips back and forth. "Suck it all!"

Ann ran her eyes upward from where the woman was greedily sucking. She couldn't make out who the man was, but whoever he was, he was obviously very muscular and handsome. Even in the darkness, Ann could make out his sculptured chest, his lean and sinewy forearms, his bulky biceps, and massive shoulders.

She imagined being under his hulking weight, being crushed with those fabulous arms, his cock thrusting deeply into her cunt, crunching against her backbone.

Oh God, she thought, it's not fair! I want him too! I want that big dick more than you do, you bitch! Let me have it! NOW!

Instead of obeying her overwhelming desires, she leaned against the wall and dug her fingers into her frothy pussy. The pleasure seemed to split into two, distinct sensations. One was a gentle throbbing stab that sucked and pulled on her pussy muscles. The other was a painful suction as her pussy became like a vacuum that demanded to be filled.

"Did you get it all?" the man asked. "I don't want any of it sticking to my shorts."

The girl pulled her face away from his crotch and began washing his balls, his thighs, and then back to his prick.

"There's not a single drop of cum left anywhere," the girl said rather disappointedly. "Can you give me a little more? Or maybe a lot more?"

"I'd like to," the man said. "But we're cutting it a little close this morning. Someone might show up any minute."

As if on cue, a noise was heard in the hall outside the lounge.

"Quick!" the man said. "Get your fucking blouse back on!"

Ann heard the sounds of zippers and the rustle of clothing as the man and woman quickly began dressing.

"Damnit!" the woman said. "My bra's stuck. It's hung against a button!"

"Get behind those lockers!" the man said. "They're almost here!"

Ann quickly withdrew her hand from her panties and smoothed out her skirt. She too was suddenly frightened. Then the door opened.

"Hello, Miss Harris," the principal, Mr. Thomas, said. "What are you doing standing here in the dark?"

"I… I was looking for the light switch," Ann whispered.

"It's right here," Mr. Thomas said, flicking the switch.

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