Marvin Cox: Teacher_s naughty lessons

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Marvin Cox Teacher_s naughty lessons
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    Teacher_s naughty lessons
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    Эротика, Секс / на английском языке
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    5 / 5
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"Could we be friends?" he asked quietly, moving closer to her.

Losing complete control over her actions, Ann heard herself say, "Why don't you come over tonight and we'll talk about it?"

"You mean you'd trust me after the other night?" he asked, his mouth gaping open.

"Certainly," she said. "Now that we're friends."

He looked at her longingly. "Could I come over right now?" he asked. "I promise I won't…"

"Don't make any promises you can't keep," she said, feeling disgusted yet surprised with the seductive tone in her voice.

Ann unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it away, exposing his chest. She bent her head slightly, brushing her lips between the well-sculptured mounds of his pectorals.

Johnny flinched slightly when she began fingering his belt buckle. His cock was pressing painfully against the tight material of his jeans. He moaned when she unzipped him, allowing his prick to bob forward against her palm.

In a few moments, he stood there looking like a bronzed, young God.

She slowly began undressing, her eyes on his. As her full, firm breasts slipped out of her bra, she saw a hungry, flashing spark in his expression. Not until she had fully unclothed, did he make a move.

"You are beautiful!" he said with a whisper, pulling her into his arms. Her throbbing nipples dug into his chest, causing him to shiver. "So fucking beautiful!"

He pulled her toward the bed and gently lowered her on her back, climbing on top of her body. He spread her legs with his knees and tenderly nuzzled his ballooning cockhead against the furry opening of her slit.

"Fuck me!" Ann moaned. "Fuck me like you would have the other night!"

"You sure you can take it?" he asked, inching his cock between the slippery folds of her cunt opening.

"Yes!" she said, grabbing his ass and pressing him hard against her crotch. His thick cock rammed deeply into the recesses of her churning, throbbing pussy. "Oh God, yes!"

Johnny clutched her tits with both hands and pulled them together. He ran his tongue over them hungrily.

Ann felt an immediate surge of pleasure rip into her cunt. She locked her pussy muscles around his gigantic, probing dick, trying to squeeze it. His balls seemed to burn and glow like coals as they rested against her pussy lips. She felt them pulsate and throb with a delicious, lava-like load of cum, already demanding release.

"Oh God, I want to suck you and get fucked at the same time!" she groaned, her mouth gaping wide with desire.

Johnny pound upward, shoving the full length of his prick against her. He withdrew slightly, then slammed it back in with a furious motion. As Ann cried out with delicious pleasure, he placed his hand over her mouth, digging his middle finger into her throat. She immediately began sucking and licking it as if it were a cock.

"I'll let you suck the real thing in a few minutes," he whispered, now plowing in and out of her pussy with wild, animal-like thrusts.

Ann closed her eyes, lost in total passion. She sucked and pulled on his finger with hungry, demanding motions, deliciously enjoying the sensations of the hard, probing length of flesh scrape across the roof of her mouth. Her cunt was now on fire with pure, raw want.

"Hard!" she gurgled. "Oh God, fuck me as hard as you can! Rip into my guts and fill me full of that delicious, hot cum!"

Johnny needed no encouragement. He began throttling her cunt with savage thrusts, digging into her cunt and groaning against her tits. Her pussy was like a tight glove filled with hot, molten butter. The tender muscles engulfed his prick, sucking on his shaft with constricting, pulsating I spasms.

He began chewing on her nipples with smacking noises as his own pleasure began to mount with lightning-like speed. He held his breath, trying to make the moment last, but her hot, grinding hole seemed to pull his entire being inside her. Just then, Ann screamed out. Her cunt seemed to explode into a million pieces. She arched her back as each muscle in her body contracted to ribbons of iron-like strength. The force of her orgasm lifted Johnny slightly off the bed. "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" she chanted, her voice throbbing with each stabbing pang of pleasure that jammed into her cunt.

Her intense release fused her pussy and Johnny's prick into a pool of hot, sucking muscle, molding I their bodies together. And when it couldn't possibly get better, it did.

"Now!" Johnny grunted, feeling the thick load of jism jerk upward, swelling his shaft even larger. "Oh God, take it now! NOW!"

Ann could feel the throbbing wads of sperm as they pulsated up the length of his cock, then spewed out the end of his prick. Her churning, climaxing slit was now flooded with gushes of jism, collecting, then squirting out of her cunt opening.

It seemed to Ann that an unending flow of hot, creamy jism pumped into her slit. Thick, oozing wads of cum poured from her cunt, streaming between her legs, warming up her shitter. Still, his cock jammed in more of his release!

Finally, Johnny thrust deeply into her pussy, emptying the last of his load inside her. He stopped all movement for a few seconds, then began working in and out of her cunt with gentle, slow strokes.

Ann's pussy still buzzed with the fading sensations of orgasm, and she lay back fully relaxed, enjoying the hard, probing cock slip in and out of her cunt.

Without warning, Ann's hunger for more of his dick stormed savagely into her constricted pussy. She pushed against his chest, rolling him over on his back.

"I have to suck you now!" she said, urgency in her voice. "Oh God, I want a mouthful of hot cum! Give it to me, please!"

She slipped off his hard, throbbing prick and lowered herself between his thighs, her face against his cum-smeared cockhead. She licked out her tongue and captured a lingering wad of cream, pulling it wetly between her lips. She clutched the base of his dick with both hands, and pulled upward, releasing yet another hidden glob of sperm. After she had, lapped it down with a gurgling noise, she quickly sank the entire length of his cock into her throat.

"Mmmmmm!" she groaned throatily, savoring the delicious flavor of pussy juice and sperm.

Johnny wrapped his legs around her neck, locking his ankles. He exerted downward pressure with his feet and at the same time, thrust his hips upward, thoroughly grinding the full length of his prick into her mouth.

"Suck it, Teach!" he groaned, humping against her face with rabbit-like thrusts. "Suck my cum and gargle it!"

He rolled her over on her back, and Ann felt herself in exactly the same position she had been just a few days ago. Bat now, she was loving every plunging, delicious second of it this time. His crotch hairs were wiry and wet, grinding against her lips and nose like steel wool. She inhaled longingly, shivering with pleasure from the heady, acrid aroma of his masculine flavor.

She totally relaxed her throat muscles, allowing him to drive his cock in and out of her mouth as if it were a tight, sucking cunt. She felt the enormous cockhead slip across the roof of her mouth and bump against her tonsils, then sink lower. She grabbed his ass and pushed him even harder against her face, wanting even his balls in her mouth.

"Oh boy, was I wrong about you!" Johnny said. "You really love cock!"

Ann dug both middle fingers inside his shitter opening. His asshole was sticky and moist, burning with a pulsating heat that encircled her fingertips.

While she gobbled on his prick with increasing hunger, Johnny grabbed the back of her head and slammed her face savagely against his crotch. When he pulled upward, her eager lips clamped around the base of his dick with such force that he had to push her head back clown. He began working in and out of her throat with quick, jabbing motions, causing a loud, smacking and gurgling sound.

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