Marvin Cox: Teacher_s naughty lessons

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любовные романы фантастика и фэнтези приключения детективы и триллеры эротика документальные научные юмористические анекдоты о бизнесе проза детские сказки о религиии новинки православные старинные про компьютеры программирование на английском домоводство поэзия

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Marvin Cox Teacher_s naughty lessons
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    Teacher_s naughty lessons
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    Эротика, Секс / на английском языке
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Matt's pleasure was so great, he could only groan. Ann's pussy engulfed and surrounded his prick like a sweet, tight mouth, her pussy lips sucking on the base of his cock with delicate, hungry spasms.

He began to grind his ass slowly, the length of his dick fucking into the back of her pussy. He reached under her ass and kneaded her cheeks, brutally pulling them upward, so that her cunt hugged the base of his dick in a tight, frothy embrace.

A rippling wave of tense, demanding contraction pounded into the back of Ann's box, gripping her in raw, savage release.

"Mmmmmmpphhff!" she groaned, thrashing about under his strong embrace. "Fuck me! Oh God, Fuck me!!" Matt began a slow fuck job, thrusting his prick in and out of her exploding cunt, trying desperately to maintain control. His balls began to ache painfully as he ground between her thighs, and he knew that at any moment, he, too, would buckle with hard release. But he never wanted this feeling to leave. To have his prick snuggled inside a spasming, sucking, climaxing pussy.

"I… can't… wait… any… longer," he grunted. "Oh God, I'm going to… Uuunnngggfff!"

A thick, hot wad of cum bolted out of his nuts and gushed up the center of his shaft with a lightning-like throb. His cockhead ballooned in a jerking motion, then spit violently into her pussy. Ann groaned with new, even more delicious pleasure when she felt her cunt boil over with his creamy gobs of jism. She contracted the entire length of her pussy tunnel, sucking furiously on his exploding prick. Mother thick squirt of cum jammed upward into her guts, soaking her insides with lava-like fluid.

"Fill me full of cum!" she whispered, gasping against his shoulder. "Pump it all in!"

Matt's dick began to jerk quickly, spewing his load furiously into her cunt. With each squirt, he drove his body forward, smacking the base of his prick wetly against her throbbing cunt opening.

His load was so plentiful and fast, the hot pools of sperm swelled in her guts, and finding no place to go, began to squirt along the length of Matt's cock, and gush out Ann's tiny slit opening.

Their bodies smacked together, lubricated by his release, the mixture of jism and pussy juice forming web-like strands between their crotch hairs. They seemed to share the same orgasm, as the pleasure thundered into Ann's cunt and then flamed around his cock, jerking back into his loins.

"Harder! Oh fuck, jam it to me harder!" Ann whispered, almost lifting Matt off the floor from the violence of her release.

Matt plowed into her cum-soaked cunt with new, more brutal energy. So forceful were his stabbing moves, they both scooted across the floor a few feet, smearing the rug with a trail of glistening, frothy sperm.

Giving a final, gut-crunching plunge into Ann's pussy, Matt molded his body against hers, dumping the last of his load into her guts.

Although Matt stopped all movements, his body frozen in the last, wild throb of climax, Ann continued to pump and grind, experiencing new rushes of thundering release.

"Don't stop!" she whispered, thrashing about. "Don't ever stop fucking me!"

Gathering the last ounce of his strength, Matt began ramming his cock in and out until his hips were a blur. He felt Ann flinch just as he had a few seconds before, then she screamed out with torment.

"Oh! Oh! Oh!" she chanted, each gasp matching the internal spasms that gripped her cunt like a huge, iron fist.

Finally, after what seemed an eternity of raw, tormented release, Ann slowly began to relax. Her cunt still throbbed and vibrated, but the sensations drifted into the darkness, like tiny fingers delicately stroking her nerves.

When Matt pulled away, his cock slipped out of her pussy with a smacking thud, bobbing against his stomach. He got a cigarette off the coffee table, and after lighting it, offered it to Ann.

"No thanks," she said, kneeling between his legs. "I'd rather put something else in my mouth!"

Matt would have been a fool to argue with a statement like that.

And Matt was no fool.


Ann lay in bed and shivered with anger.

"That sonofabitch!" she muttered aloud. "That dirty, rotten…"

She got up and lit a cigarette, exhaling audibly. Her mind raced over the events of the day. God, it had begun so beautifully. Matt had stayed all night, I and of course they had gotten very little sleep, but her mind seemed to be deliciously aware of life for the first time.

Then, during the last period of the day, Johnny MacPhearson walked into the class, twenty minutes late.

"Hello, Teach," he had said, swaggering up to her with a cocky grin on his face.

The other students had expressed various reactions. Most of the girls looked at his lean, muscular frame, his handsome face, registering distinct approval. The boys seemed to sit up straighter, squaring their shoulders. There were a few giggles.

"I'm pleased to know you," Ann had said when he told her his name.

"Most of the ladies are pleased to know me," he said, running his right hand over his crotch in an obvious, lewd gesture.

Involuntarily, Ann had looked at where his hand rested, then feeling foolish and angry, she glared into his brown eyes.

But before she could recover from her confusion, he had reached out, his fingertips gazing against her tits.

"I think I'm really going to like pleasing you," he had said.

Ann raised tier hand to slap his insolent face, and then stopped short. She was playing completely into his hands. She gave him a long, scathing glance and walked toward the door.

"You will get out of my class this instant!" she said evenly, although her heart was pounding in her ears. "Come with me to the principal's office!"

The scene that followed had even been more of a nightmare. It was obvious the principal was familiar with Johnny and his reputation, and to Ann's amazement and shock, the principal actually cowered before him.

"Well, I'm sorry you two got off on the wrong foot," Mr. Thomas began, "I know, however…"

"Well, I know that I'm not going back into that classroom without an apology from this…"

"Aw, fuck off." Johnny said, interrupting Ann. Ann blushed with fury. But before she could even think of what to do or say, Johnny walked to the door, then flipped her the bird.

"You little prick!" Ann sputtered.

"No baby, it ain't little," he said. "And you just might be lucky enough to find that fact out."

Ann stood there in shocked silence after he closed the door. After a few seconds, she whirled around and faced the principal. But before she could say anything, Mr. Thomas spoke.

"We do have a discipline problem here," he said, as if a concession should be made for his own behavior. "But on the whole, our students…"

"Your students, Mr. Thomas," Ann said, "seem to need a new principal!"

Mr. Thomas gave her a stunned look. His mouth seemed to twist into a pissy, little drain hole. He gave her what looked like a constipated smile, then looked down at his desk while shuffling some papers.

"You might be aware, Miss Harris, that you are on probation for ninety days, and with your attitude…"

"With my attitude, I might not last another ninety seconds!" she spat out. She opened her mouth to take out her full fury, then turned to the door. "I am returning to my class now," she said, trying to maintain control, "and I will expect a full apology from that little bastard before he ever steps foot in my classroom again!"

Somehow she got through the rest of the day, appearing cool and impersonal, but it was the biggest chore she had ever undertaken.

And now she stood by her window in the darkness, smoking a cigarette, feeling abandoned, angry, and even a little foolish. She sat on the edge of the bed and ground out her cigarette in the large ashtray on the nightstand.

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