Marvin Cox: Teacher_s naughty lessons

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Marvin Cox Teacher_s naughty lessons
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"Thank you," Ann muttered, shading her eyes from the harsh glare.

She looked over the principal's shoulder for a split second, to where the man and woman had been. She saw the man's face just then. It was Matt Henshaw, the biology teacher!

His handsome features were shrouded in an expression of alarm and surprise. It was fairly obvious he was afraid of being caught – especially by the principal.

"Uh, Mr. Thomas, could you please do me a favor?" Ann asked quickly.

"Anything, Miss Harris," the principal said rather prissily.

"Could you, uh…" Ann began, thinking quickly, "… give me a hand with some books in my car?"

"I'd be more than happy to," Mr. Thomas said.

"Just lead the way."

As the principal left the lounge, Ann gave Matt a fleeting glance. She saw his expression change to one of relief. He mouthed a "thank you", and then smiled.

Ann felt her knees buckle. Damn! She felt like such a fool! Matt and that woman would know that she had been watching! Like some kind of pervert! She felt like crying.

"I realize it's going to be rather strange for a while, until you get your feet on the ground," the principal was saying. "But once you get used to our little group, you'll ft right in."

"I hope so," Ann said, her heels clicking down the tiled corridor.

This was the beginning of the first day for Ann Harris, teacher, at Nolan High.


Ann felt a gentle pressure on her shoulder.

"Hey, thanks!" Matt said. "You saved my life!" Ann felt herself go brick-red. She had avoided meeting Matt all day, even took her lunch with the students, just to keep this moment from happening.

"You must think I'm terrible!" Ann stammered. "Now, why would I think you're terrible?" he asked with mock surprise. "That luscious blonde hair, those delicate features, and I'm a pushover for green eyes!"

Her color darkened. In her confusion, she dropped her books. When she bent quickly to retrieve them, she bumped heads with the man. Then they both started laughing.

"I guess I haven't made too good a first impression," Matt said, handing her her books.

Better than you would ever imagine! Ann thought, remembering his muscular body, his thick spurting cock.

"How about letting me make it up to you?" he asked. "Have dinner with me, will you?"

"I already have a roast in the oven," Ann said. "Been cooking all day."

"Then why don't I have dinner at your place?" he asked. "You could never eat a whole roast, could you? Unless there's someone else who's going to help you?"

"No," Ann said, looking into his eyes for the first time. "There's no one else."

"Well, now there is," Matt said with a smile.

"Yep, I guess there is," Ann agreed.

"Where do you live?" he asked.

"Right there." Ann pointed to the house across the street.

"How convenient!" Matt said. "You could go home for a… that is, you could go home for lunch!"

They walked across the street and toward the house. When she opened the door, Matt walked in and made himself at home.

"Smells great!" he said, pulling off his tie and flinging it on the coffee table. He plopped down on the couch and looked up at Ann. "How about a nice martini? Just ice and vodka. No vermouth, unless you want to make a real fast enemy." Ann laughed. "Wouldn't dream of it! One martini coming up!"

They had a few drinks, getting to know each other with small talk, and then had dinner. It had come off rather nicely for which Ann was thankful. The roast was pink and delicious, the potatoes perfect and the salad crispy and flavorful. Even the coffee tasted unusually delicious.

"Care for some wine?" Ann asked, as they walked into the living room.

"Actually, I'd rather have something else," Matt said.

"Another martini?"

"No, this!" Matt said, pulling her into his arms. Any protest Ann might have made was lost as his lips crushed against hers, his tongue probing deeply inside her mouth like an angry snake.

Ann felt pushed forward as his hands cupped and squeezed her ass, driving his hard, thick cock against the insides of her thighs.

He pulled his mouth away for a second and looked at Ann. His expression was one of raw hunger as his eyes seemed to bore into her skull.

"I'm going to fuck you, Ann," he whispered, brushing his lips against her cheek. "All night!"

"Oh God, yes!" Ann whispered back.

She stood there as Matt deftly removed her clothing, and then his. He dropped to one knee and pressed his face against her stomach, darting his tongue in and out of her belly button.

He slipped his hands upward, from her knees to the bottom of he silken-haired cunt. He gently pulled the folds of skin back with his thumbs and then lowered his head.

Ann gasped when she felt his tongue slip up into the furry darkness of her pussy. She grabbed the sides of his head and pressed him hard against her groin.

"That's nice!" she moaned. "So warm and sweet!"

Matt released the folds of her cunt lips and they pursed around his lips. He inhaled deeply, savoring the delicate aroma of her steaming pussy, while he darted his tongue back and forth, lapping the honey-like juices into his mouth.

"Oh fuck, you've got a tight, hot cunt!" he moaned, nodding his head up and down, so that his nose slicked into the dark opening. "So fucking tight!"

Ann dropped her hands to his muscular shoulders and squeezed his rough, hairy skin. She slipped her middle fingers under her arms, digging into the wiry growth of his armpit.

"I want yours too!" she whispered, arching her back as the pleasure of his cunt-sucking increased.

"When I'm finished," Matt answered, his voice sending stabs of pleasure into her pussy. "Then you can have it all night!"

Although Matt's hot, hungry mouth filled her pussy with tormented sensations, her cunt ached to have a thick, long shaft of cock, poking into her guts. She spread her legs slightly and humped forward, trying to force more of his tongue into the itchy tunnel of her slit.

"I don't think I can take it any longer," she whimpered. "You're gonna have to fuck-me soon!"

Matt reached under her cunt and grasped her ass with both hands. He practically lifted her off the floor as he pressed her savagely against his face, and buried his tongue wetly into her tight ring of pussy muscle. He could feel her clit throb and vibrate against his teeth as he sucked against the frothy, delicate tissues.

Ann screamed as the pleasure became overpowering. Tiny ripples stretched and pulled on her cunt walls, thundering forward into a torrent of gigantic spasms. Her cunt lips locked around Matt's tongue.

"Eat me! Oh, Sweet Fucking Jesus, eat my pussy and swallow it!" she gasped. "Oh, Christ, eat me alive!"

Matt quickly pulled her to her knees and then pushed her gently back on the carpet. Without a wasted motion, he crawled between her legs and plowed his cock swiftly into her pussy.

Ann gasped heavily as the thickness of his prick stretched her tight tunnel of cunt muscle outward with a jerking throb. She clawed her fingernails up and down his back while she jutted her hips upward.

"Oh God!" she grunted. "Shove it all the way in!"

Matt withdrew his dick a couple of inches, then deftly rammed forward, pressing his entire weight against her burning pussy mound. His balls slipped up the insides of her thighs, then rested against her tiny, dark shitter opening.

Ann sank her teeth into his shoulder, chewing the ribboned muscle like a rare steak. Hot shivers of intense excitement stormed into her slit. She began to moan loudly.

"God, what a big, hot dick you have!" she murmured. "It fills me up so nice!"

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