Marvin Cox: Sister was best

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Marvin Cox Sister was best
  • Название:
    Sister was best
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    Эротика, Секс / на английском языке
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    3 / 5
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Marvin Cox

Sister was best


Brenda Macintosh had only one thing on her mind – she wanted to fuck the most popular guy in school. And that was Brian Morgan, the football jock.

Brenda was blonde, with a pert mouth, lovely steel blue eyes, and a lithe, yet full body. She pressed her large tits against Brian's chest that afternoon, her beautiful face just inches from his. "What gives with you?" she asked him, raising her eyebrows. "Don't you like girls?"

Brian swallowed hard as his face turned red. He felt a stirring in his crotch, his cock began to harden as the hard nipples pressed against his shirt.

"Of course I do!" he stammered. "But with football and my training for Texas, I haven't had much time for dating."

"You mean you couldn't work in just a couple of hours for me?" Brenda asked, her hand dropping to his bulging crotch. She gently squeezed his rock-hard dick and added, "I want you to fuck me, please!"

Brian's voice was locked in his throat. He wanted nothing more than to grab onto her delicious-looking tits and fuck the hell out of her, right there and then, but as usual he heard the familiar honk of the horn, and his father's impatient figure sitting behind the wheel.

"I'm sorry, Brenda, but I've got to go," he said, pulling away from the girl. "I'll talk to you tomorrow!"

"No you won't, you bastard!" Brenda said, tears welling up in her eyes. Her voice was filled with humiliation and anger. She pulled her books to her chest and ran off, his rejection piercing her like a knife.

Brian got into the car and threw his books into the backseat with a savage movement, his body quivering with anger.

His father pretended not to notice, and they drove off in silence. After some moments, his father turned to him and placed his hand on the boy's shoulder.

"Well, what gives?" he asked quietly.

"Nothing you'd understand!" Brian said quickly, his teeth clenched.

His father exhaled audibly and said, "Girls again, is it?" When his comment was meet with silence, he added, "I've told you a hundred times, there will be plenty of time for girls later."

And then the routine lecture on the importance of football and being number one in order to get to the treasured school Texas renewed itself, while Brian half-listened, his mind on Brenda's hurt expression, and his own frustration.

Now that he had won the scholarship, and football season was over, Brian felt very much alone. His father had released his clutches with such reality, that Brian was confused and disoriented. He had a month before spring training on the Texas campus, and his father had told him to take full advantage of the free time.

He tried to call Brenda at least a dozen times, but when he told who was calling, the answer was invariably that she was out or too busy to talk. Once she had answered the phone herself, and he had received a chilling, "oh, it's you!" followed by a crash of the receiver.

He walked into the local drive-in, not really hungry, but wanting to find some of his friends and shoot the breeze.

And then he saw her, sitting only two tables away! Her back was to him, and she hadn't noticed him come in. Her long hair was thrown over one shoulder as she sipped on a milkshake, a book in her left hand.

Mustering up all his courage, Brian walked over and said, "What are you reading?"

Brenda looked up and her body flinched. There was a dead look in her eyes as they met those of Brian's.

"A book," she said finally, her tone dull and flat.

"I can see that!" Brian said, trying to laugh, but not quite pulling it off. "I mean, what's the name of the book?"

"Animal Farm," Brenda answered, her voice sharp and quick.

"That's a good book!" Brian said. Then he added, "I read it in about two hours."

"Gee, your lips must have gotten tired," Brenda commented, then returned to her reading.

"Can I sit down?" Brian asked. "Please?"

"You can go straight to hell!" Brenda said, standing up. She walked quickly out of the drive-in, not looking back, leaving Brian standing there stupidly, a tortured look on his face.

Brian walked home, his hands in his pockets. His mood had altered drastically, and he fairly booted the door down ash entered his house through the garage. He went to the refrigerator and poured himself a large glass of milk and drank it down in one gulp, feeling the icy liquid knot up his already churning it stomach.

He couldn't get his mind off of Brenda. Every time he closed his eyes, he could see her plain as day, her beautiful face – even in anger – haunting him. He felt like ramming his fist into a wall as he walked into the living room, and then he heard the voices upstairs. It was probably Beth and one of her snotty-nosed friends, he muttered, turning on the television.

"It's Brian!" his sister Beth called out to her friend, Susan. "Let's go down go and see him!"

"Oh, Jesus Christ!" Brian said quietly, not looking forward to a day with his sister and her bratty friend. "Stay up there and play," he yelled out.

"Hello, handsome!" Beth said sitting beside her big brother, her fingers in his hair.

"Goddammit, Beth!" Brian said loudly, "Don't do that!"

"But I like touching you!" Beth said, her fingers slipping under his collar and feeling his taunt, hairy chest.

"Will you please keep your fucking hands to yourself?" Brian yelled out, pushing Beth away. Then he looked at his little sister with a penetrating stare. "Has this whole fucking world gone crazy today?"

"You sure say fucking a lot," Beth said. "Is that because you do it a lot?"

Brian shook his head in a bewildered fashion, looking at his sister, not knowing what to say. And then he thought once again about Brenda, and his mind called out in bitter frustration, hell no, all I can do it seems is say it!

"Why don't you be a real friend and get lost," Brian said to his sister. "And you too," he added, looking at Susan.

"We will if you'll do us a favor first!" Beth said.

"Anything!" Brian said, exasperated.

"Anything?" Beth asked, and then looked at Susan.

"Well what is it?" Brian asked, irritation in his voice.

"Susan wants you to pop her cherry," Beth said. "And I said you would."

"You said what?!" Brian asked horrified, looking first at his sister and then at Susan.

"We've been talking about it all morning, and I told her that you must have fucked at least a thousand girls, and you'd be happy to do it."

"Well, you thought wrong. You both must be nuts!"

And then Susan spoke. Her voice was soft, tinged with an eager quality. "No, I'd like you to do it," she said, looking at the floor. "Please?"

There was something in her manner that made Brian stop. He looked at the young girl, her innocent eyes cast downward, her face prepared for rejection. And then his mind whirled to the memory of Brenda, and there was that exact same expression. He didn't know what to do, as he cast his eyes over the youthful figure of the girl, knowing what thoughts must be going through her mind.

The silence was almost deadening, as Brian licked his lips and swallowed hard. He felt like a ridiculous character in a ridiculous play, being commanded to act and say lines over which he had no control. And then as though from some director's command, he stood up and placed his hands on the teenage girl's shoulders, feeling her body tense up.

"Are you sure you want this?" Brian asked, his tone almost fatherly.

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