Marvin Cox: Tied up neighbor wife

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Marvin Cox Tied up neighbor wife
  • Название:
    Tied up neighbor wife
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    Эротика, Секс / на английском языке
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    5 / 5
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Marvin Cox

Tied up neighbor wife


Sharon Wilson squeezed her knees together to relieve the delicious itch in her burning cunt. And as she watched her husband Ron undress, she knew the fucking was going to be good. It always was when he left on a sales trip.

"You ready for a fuck to keep you for two weeks?" Ron asked, giving her a wide grin as he approached the bed.

At first, Sharon didn't answer. Instead, she let her mind and body respond to his muscular, dark, handsome presence. And that cock!

Just looking at the massive, swollen shaft of prickmeat was enough to make her mouth water. In fact, she felt the back of her throat twitch with an overpowering hunger.

"Fuck me in the mouth," she whispered, half sitting, her eyes widening with passion. "I… I love it when you're on top of me, holding me down, making me take your cock."

When he straddled her middle and lowered his ass down on her tits, she felt her pussy jerk with life. A warmth of juice seemed to eat into her cunt area like acid. She reached around his waist and dug her nails into the hard flesh of his ass.

"Stick your prick to me," she said, opening her mouth wide. "Fuck me, you bastard! Punch the cockmeat to me!"

As her lips encircled the gigantic slab of cock, she felt her insides churn violently. She spread her legs wide, then humped upward. At the same time, she gulped forward, drawing the full length of his prick shaft into her throat.

"Mmmmm," she moaned, pushing her nose into the wiry chocolate-brown hairs. She inhaled rapidly and gave out another spluttering groan of ecstasy.

"Jesus you're hot little bitch tonight, aren't you?" Ron said, leaning slightly forward. "Just the way I like you, too. Horny for big cock."

Ron pushed his hips back and forth slowly as he looked at her face. It never failed to turn him on when he saw Sharon like this. Her golden-red hair surrounding her oval, beautiful face like a flaming halo, the flashing green eyes, the full, sensuous lips clamped around his cock. And the way her body felt against his, her enormous tits caressing his ass cheeks, her tiny waist gyrating, her long, shapely legs thrashing as if in pain.

"Suck my prick, you little cocksucker," he whispered, holding her head with both his large hands. "All the fucking way in… like that. Eat my cock, you cum-sucking slut!"

While Sharon buried her face fully in his crotch and closed her lips around the root of his cock, she let herself go completely. Being crushed beneath his hulking weight was almost too good. It left her aching, begging for him to take her totally. She pretended she was being raped, savagely abused by this handsome giant. She could have easily taken her fucking a little rougher.

She clawed at his ass, jerking his crotch hard against her face. Another groan of ecstasy burst from her lungs. Her face slowly contorted with her approaching climax.

"Ohhhh… yeah, cocksucker," Ron growled, feeling her lips tighten, trapping his prick inside her throat. "Gobble down on that cock! I've got two weeks of cum for you to suck on, baby."

Even in her fit of passion, Sharon knew why she always got so excited the night before her husband left on a sales trip. It would give her time to play around. Of course, he never suspected or if he did, he didn't mention it. She assumed he did the same thing, since they were both young and healthy. But she didn't mind if he didn't.

The last time he had gone off, she'd spent the entire two weeks roaming the streets, fucking just about anything that walked. And when he had come back home, her pussy felt like hamburger. It had hurt so good when he'd fucked her savagely the first night home.

Finding a good fuck wasn't as easy as it sounded, however. She had certainly found that out! Most men were content to let her crawl between their legs and suck on their cocks and eat their cunt, or have her spread her legs and fuck into her pussy for a couple of minutes.

She had almost found the perfect fuck with that biker, she thought, remembering the smell of sweat and gasoline and grease. And those huge muscles, his hulking weight crushing down on her.

He had held her hands out on that dirty mattress, and as she tried to free herself, he had tightened his grip until her circulation was cut off. She had climaxed savagely, her pleasure almost painful.

Too bad the biker's old lady had come in and ruined everything. Christ, she'd never heard of some of the words that bitch had spat at her. She considered herself lucky just to escape before she was beaten up, or worse.

While she thought of the biker and his wonderful cock, she sucked furiously on Ron's prick shaft. Then, as her orgasm began peaking she threw her arms out on the bed and held them there, pretending huge hands were on them, refusing to let her get up.

"Unhhhh!" she choked, spitting into the wiry crotch hairs.

Her orgasm burst into her pussy with tremendous force. She gave another spluttering groan, then fell back, panting.

"Keep sucking, whore," Ron grunted, fucking in and out of her mouth with full force. "Tighten up, and lick on me. My cum is gonna choke you to fucking death… suck!"

The mere thought of his creamy wads of jism was enough to make Sharon's pussy explode with another spasm of climax. While her pleasures shot through her cunt, she began jerking her head back and forth, driving her chin into his swollen, hairy balls.

A couple of seconds later, she tasted the steam of his nearing climax. The flavor was both delicate and heady at the same time, titillating the back of her throat. Another convulsion of raw pleasure swept up and down her cunt tube.

"Almost… there, bitch," Ron growled, pounding her face between his legs and jabbing his cock forward. "Get ready to lick a fucking gallon of hot cum!"

The burst of molten jism was fantastic for Sharon. The cock juices seemed to explode at the back of her throat, causing part of the cum to spew upward behind her nose. When some of the globs boiled into her stomach, twin streams of milky cum oozed from both her nostrils.

"Aaaaghhhh!" she gasped, sucking in more of the burning, thick jism.

"Eat it, bitch!" Ron panted, shoving his full weight forward. As his balls crawled up the hollow of her throat and draped over her chin, he felt them ache with delicious agony. "God, your sweet cock sucking mouth, so fucking good… eat me!"

Sharon worked on his cock like it was the last one on earth. She gobbled up and down the prick shaft, used her teeth, her lips, her swirling tongue to milk out every precious drop. And when he'd finished blowing his load, she even sucked in some of the flesh that surrounded his balls. With her throat fully impaled with hard, throbbing cockmeat, she experienced one last climax, a pleasure that shot up and down her spine like electric jolts.

"Ohhhh… fucking Jesus," Ron said, relaxing. He pushed his entire weight against her face and planted his knees in her armpits. He rocked back and forth for a few seconds, then lay still, his face buried in a pillow. "Don't move, stay like this."

Sharon was only too happy to oblige. What woman wouldn't love to stay like this? With ten inches of hard cock in her throat!

After a few moments, however, Ron rolled to his side, letting his half-hard cock slip from between her lips. He pulled her with him, holding her face against his crotch.

"Let's go to sleep like this, baby," he murmured softly. "Your mouth wrapped around my cock."

Sharon spit his prick out and lifted her face, her eyes flashing an even deeper shade of green.

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