Timong Lightbringer: To the People of Now [prose]

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Timong Lightbringer To the People of Now [prose]
  • Название:
    To the People of Now [prose]
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    Современная проза / Публицистика / на английском языке
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2012. Google Edition

And on the screen...

A blow – and the opponent has bent. Running jump – and a kick in  a stomach. The opponent falls down. A rattle from a throat.

Blow. Blow. Blow.

He was finishing him off – beating the lying one. The rival – the enemy ! – has no more forces to resist – even to rise up – and to strike back.

He would surely strike back – if he had risen, of course. And that’s why he should not be given that chance. He must be – finished off. He has been pursuing this bastard for so long … through half of a country … and has finally caught up. The destroyed family … his family – this wound was still bleeding. But it will be cured when he will see his mortal enemy, begging of mercy on his knees – of mercy which he won’t get. Ever.

This final triumph was so close already. Now that berk is already hardly creeps away from him, leaving a viscous trail of blood. A little bit of time and there will be a triumph – his triumph … his long-awaited triumph ! This, surely, will not bring his family back … but … nevertheless … after all … this swine will get what he has deserved ! His family has already faced the consequences – and only he still remained…

Another blow – and the enemy has stopped moving on the ground. Moved no more. Absolutely.

Finally. Meet your death, bitch !

Final strike … He took a pistol from his hip-pocket. A gunpoint, set on a bent and lying still man, a spiteful smile in eyes of the killer …


Button click. A TV remote, thrown aside. No more ! No more ! No more !

Foolish action films ! Murders, blood and revenge … animalistic rage and terrific hatred … On almost all of channels. When they will finally stop broadcasting these slops ? Only a handful of channels, speaking about culture, creativity, worthy human undertakings and achievements still live on … but are people accustomed to watching this ? They are being fed with crap and assured that it’s a food of gods. And some even believe that …

It’s necessary to change this system ! Mass-media need to seriously think on what they give to the people … and of what they deprive … people need to think of what they would really like to see…

He will not stand aside. Tomorrow he will bring up this question at deputy meeting. Tomorrow he and his like-minded will tell their word – one against violence, against cruelty – even those exclusively cinematized.

But will they be heard ? Will they be listened to by million of viewers – by each one of them ? He hoped greatly that they will be. For so much depends on that, on choices of everyone, and this choice as well.

Sat down  to watch TV the first time in a month … And – take it. Eat it, bless you. Fie ! I’ ll better play and have fun with my child in this day off. Yes, it’s a right choice and a valuable contribution, and not some consumption of slops.

-    Alex, let’s go and play “horses and riders” !

-    Whow, father ! New game, yes ? Fantastic ! Tell me, tell me about it quickly !

-    Yes, we’ll now play with you in “horses and riders”, and then have a jog to the stadium and back. All right ?

-    Certainly, pa ! That will be great !

-    Fine. So, well, listen here. Game rules are really simple …

The Majority

Step. And again. And again. In such minutes every moment becomes the eternity.

Ten steps to scaffold top. Nine. Eight. Seven.

Yes, he is both the criminal and the traitor. Yes, he would repeat the same again.

Where does the moment ends and the eternity begins ? Six. Five. Four.

Where does life of one ends, so that others can live on ? Three.

No one can escape its destiny and hide from it, nowhere. Two.

And in the moment of own death it’s only possible to accept it with gratitude. One.

To die and to live in the eternity. The top.

He is a traitor for one, and a hero for another. And there are no intermediate stages. How much does a human’s life cost and who will dare to measure it ? Who will judge of the unknown destiny of which he has not a slightest idea ? Who will extol you as the hero and overthrow in a chasm of damnations later ? Who will make this all only because he can do no other ?

The Majority.

Yes, he is the murderer – and the savior simultaneously. Angel and a demon in one person.

The life of one for lifes of many. And no other choice is possible here.

And that is why he is the criminal.

The life of the president of home country, who has almost plunged the world into a nuclear apocalypse – it’s not  that much for the world to live on.

And that is why he is the hero.

The former faithful companion and the right hand, who once realized what the left hand is going to make. The one chosen the most radical way to stop the ongoing madness – for no other measures were capable to help.

And that is why he is the traitor.

The killers of killers – angels of punishment ? Executioners of executioners? Criminals? No one will give him the right answer.

The military court – and the simple majority of votes deciding his destiny. Forty nine against fifty one.

And that is why he dies today. The Majority decided so.

Life and death … death and life. And there are no intermediate stages.

But not for the Majority.

The Top.

Here they are – below and before him. All the Consulat. One hundred of human judges. Criminals and heroes. Killers of killers. Surprisingly small and ridiculous from this Top.

Does the life end to give a way to the Eternity or death is simply her continuation ? The moment has finally come to learn this.

A rope around a neck – not the most honorable of deaths. But heroes have no right to choose – as well as killers.

The sun blinding the eye … above, above … so small from this top …

A blow – and soil leaves from under feet. Let it be so. So the Majority decided. A flash of light before dimming eyes. Only an instant.

Just a single instant.

And – the Eternity.

You are

You say, that God does not exist. And I tell you, that He exists no more exclusively for you.

You grieve, that He has forsaken your world long ago. And I reply, that it was you, who barricaded from Him in the smallest world of your own, which has nothing in common with the greater one.

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