Hank Borden: A Wild Family Party

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Hank Borden A Wild Family Party
  • Название:
    A Wild Family Party
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    Эротика, Секс / на английском языке
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    3 / 5
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Terry screamed, her cry making Sue hope that there were no wandering party guests in the hallway. "I'm coming, Auntie, I'm coming!"

Terry rolled back her eyes and gritted her teeth as violent spasms rocked her body. She choked on her own spit. She even flattened her titties in her fists. Then she gave a sudden shudder and blew her pussy juices into her aunt's open mouth.

"Mmfff!" Aunt Sue mumbled as she lapped up her niece's flowing pussyjuices.

She licked lewdly and sloppily, and soon her face was soaking wet. Even her nostrils were clogged with the sticky fuck-juices. But she kept lapping up the cum as fast as it flowed.

Finally, Aunt Sue had had enough and lowered her head for a much deserved and much needed rest. As she licked her lips clean, she looked up at a sparkling plum-colored pussy. From her own experiences the woman knew that Terry's pussy was tingling hotly. She couldn't resist reaching up with one hand and massaging the swollen pair of cunt-lips.

"Mmmm! You eat pussy so well, Aunt Sue. Are you a lesbian?"

"Well, let's just say that I prefer the company of women."

"Don't you like boys at all?"

Aunt Sue hesitated. "Young ones, perhaps. Very young ones."

"We have a lot in common. I don't mind young boys, either. It's the older ones that I can't stand-except for Daddy."

"So, you love your father, do you?"

"Very much. I'd do anything for Daddy."

"Lucky him." Then Sue said, "Right now, I want you to do something for me."

"Yes, Auntie?"

"I want you to return the favor and eat my pussy until I come."

"Sure, Auntie. I was hoping you'd ask."

Chapter 3

Janice didn't find the twins in the living room or the dining room, and she was getting worried. Where could they be? She was determined to keep looking, especially for Kim's sake. That kid was too big-titted to be allowed to run loose around so many rowdy men.

As Janice moved toward the den to continue her search, she noticed buckets of rain beating against the windows, and occasional flashes lighting up the sky outside.

She stepped into the den and found herself in the midst of more of her neighbors, all in evening dress and with drinks in their hands. A tall raven-haired beauty who lived down the street came up to her and smiled. "Janice, I've been looking all over for you."

"And I've been looking all over for my twins. Have you seen them, Joy?"

"No, but I've seen Larry. That's what I wanted to talk to you about."

The woman's blue dress clung like a grape skin. Joy was one of the few women at the party who could match Janice curve for curve.

"Larry? What's he done?"

"He's grown up, that's what he's done. Your Larry isn't a little boy, anymore. He's been hitting on many of the older women here, me included, telling them that he's got a ten-inch surprise for them if they want it. Hell. I would've accepted the offer if my husband weren't here. But you know how jealous Tom can get."

"Where is Larry now?"

"I don't know, maybe someone accepted his offer." Joy winked and nudged Janice, then continued on her way, swinging her hips as she walked.

"Bitch!" Janice said under her breath. "I wish she could accept an offer from my son, I'd hang her up by her toes!"

Did her teenaged son really think he was old enough to fuck grown women? Jan wondered. Or was this simply a case of too much wine?

Ten inches!

Janice never once considered the possibility that her son just might be old enough to make his own decisions. That thought never crossed her mind. No, to her, he was still a boy. Her boy. Why, it seemed like just yesterday that she was giving him baths and helping him dress for school.

Still, there was some doubt. Could it be that I just don't want Larry to go to bed with any woman but me? she wondered.

Nonsense, she decided.

"Janice, are you asleep on your feet? I was just talking to you. Hey, anybody home?"

Janice came to her senses and turned her head to discover a tall mustached young man grinning down at her. "Oh, I'm sorry, I was thinking about something. What did you say?"

It was Roger from across the street. He had already made five passes at her in the six months she had known him. She hoped this wasn't another.

"I merely asked you if you were aware that your twins are running around loose in their pajamas. I mean, I know it's none of my business, but that Kim is something else, and if some guy catches her alone somewhere-"

"Where are they?"

"Well, I'm not sure, but I believe they ran down that hallway a few minutes ago." He pointed to another doorway on the other side of the den. It led into a hall, which ran toward the rear of the house, where the locked study was located.

"Thank you, Rog. I'll find them."

"Would you like some help?" He reached behind her and pinched her on the ass. "You know how eager I am to help you."

"Not now, Rog. Enjoy the party." Then, to keep him interested, she said, "Maybe later. When I have more time."

She gave him a sexy smile then crossed the room through a noisy crowd.

Before she reached the doorway, Janice noticed Uncle Jack sitting on the sofa with two other couples. He wasn't with Sue as Janice had hoped; instead, he had his arm around a little blonde. Janice was mildly shocked to see such a big handsome man snuggling up to a girl obviously young enough to be his daughter. It just didn't seem right, somehow.

Janice wanted to give him a piece of her mind, but was afraid she'd disrupt the party. In any case she wasn't sure if she could now trust him to be alone with her own two daughters, his nieces.

It was some time later when Janice finally found the twins. She happened upon them outside the study door in the rear of the house, where no party guests were to be seen. She had heard soft giggling and whispering; and when she looked around the corner, there they were. She was about to call to them, until she realized what they were up to. The sight shocked her.

The two of them were on their knees, peering through the keyhole of the locked door. Their blonde heads moved back and forth as they took turns peeking. And while they peeked, Teddy's right hand moved at will beneath his sister's nightie, fondling her round ass; while Kim's left hand moved around inside her brother's pajama bottom, groping at his cock.

"All right, you two, that's enough of that." Janice's sudden appearance in the hallway scared the shit out of the twins.

They jumped to their feet, open-mouthed and red-faced. Teddy had an obvious hard-on; his sister had swollen tits. Janice couldn't have been more surprised; she had always thought of the twins as her babies. She was now at a loss for words.

"Naughty! Naughty! Naughty! You-you've disobeyed me. I want the two of you to go up to bed this instant! Do you hear me?"

"Yes, Mommy," they said in unison.

"Then go! In the morning your father and I are going to have a long talk with you both. Count on it!"

Shit, I don't believe it. One moment they're babies, and the next moment they're interested in sex. Well, the first thing I'm going to have to do is place them in separate bedrooms.

She watched them climb the staircase at the end of the hall, then said to herself, "Now, what on earth were those two looking at?"

The blonde hiked up her dress so it wouldn't split then got down on her knees on the soft carpet and peeked through the keyhole. It took a while for her eyes to adjust to the dim light inside, but when the picture finally came into focus, she was greeted with another shock.

Her son Larry was in the study. The boy must have gotten hold of the key and let himself in. He was not alone. The widow, Jill, who lived across the street was with him. The two of them were naked and lying on the carpet in front of the desk. They were not sleeping.

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