Hank Borden: A Wild Family Party

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Hank Borden A Wild Family Party
  • Название:
    A Wild Family Party
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  • Жанр:
    Эротика, Секс / на английском языке
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    3 / 5
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"I told you that I was."

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"It's not my big cock!" Dan said, reaching up to grab hold of her tits,

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"Keep trying!" Janice said. "Fuck me good!"

Dan squeezed her tits in both hands until her soft tit-meat began to ooze between his fingertips.

He pulled at the huge mounds of flesh, stretching them out of shape.

The tits blushed pink. The nipples swelled before Janice's eyes. She moaned and groaned ecstatically, then gasped suddenly when he yanked her closer to him and flattened her tits like pancakes.

His chest hairs now scratched her bare back. His cock-hairs scratched her ass-cheeks. His balls throbbed hotly against those sweet asscheeks. When she realized how tightly plugged she was, she let out a long sigh and began to writhe sensuously, enjoying the big hunk of cock that was wedged inside her shit-hole.

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"Will do, you big bitch. You're going to feel all of it!"

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The big blonde could feel her asshole stretching but could do nothing about it-nor did she want to. She was enjoying the crazy heat and shocking pleasures that were spreading through her guts. Her husband's cock was now like a corkscrew, and, boy, she was getting screwed!

But she could also sense something building, and that something was her husband's orgasm. His cock started throbbing more wildly than ever.

Even his nuts seemed alive as they rolled around and around her asscheeks, threatening to expel their load of cum. And Dan's rhythmic movements were becoming more and more erratic as he banged his prick around and around her asshole.

"Yes!" he cried, throwing back his head and tightening his grip on her tits. "I'm done, baby, I'm done! I can't hold back any longer."

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