Hank Borden: Hot family affairs

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Hank Borden Hot family affairs
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    Hot family affairs
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    Эротика, Секс / на английском языке
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    3 / 5
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Hank Borden

Hot family affairs


Janice Holt, a beautiful, big-titted blonde, looked across the breakfast table, where her daughter sat flipping the pages of the morning newspaper. Janice could tell from the smile that suddenly showed on the girl's face that her daughter had found something in the jobs' section that interested her. The woman, now a thirty-eight-year-old housewife, could still remember searching for her first summer job. Time does fly, she thought as she studied her daughter's face.

"Guess what, Mom?" said the girl, lifting her head from the paper. "There's an opening for typists down at the office building where Dad works. Wouldn't that be something if I could get a job there? Dad would be so surprised!"

"I'm sure he would be, Laura," said Janice. "Why don't you get dressed and go on down there? You got good grades in typing in school. I'm sure you'll get a job."

Janice knew how much Laura loved her father. And Laura had always been her father's favorite. If they could work together it would no doubt mean a great deal to the girl – and to Janice!

No matter how hard Janice tried not to, she couldn't help but feel that her husband was fooling around with some of the girls down at the office. Why else was the man neglecting her so often lately? And why did he come home late from work so many times this month?

And so Janice was happy to hear that her daughter might get a job at the same office building where her husband worked. Surely the man wouldn't try anything with the girls as long as his daughter was nearby. But Janice wouldn't mention any of this to Laura, for she had no proof of her husband's cheating and did not want to destroy Laura's love of her father. Besides, Janice was still hoping she was wrong.

"Yes, Mom," said Laura, rising from the table. "I'll hurry down there and get that job! I just know this is going to be a fantastic day for me! Especially with Tim coming home this evening! Oh, I can't wait!" Laura then fled from the kitchen and up the stairs to her room, the hem of her bathrobe bouncing wildly to expose her plump young ass.

Janice smiled at her daughter's enthusiasm but she wondered if her daughter couldn't wait for her brother to come home from college or if she couldn't wait to get a job at her father's office building. Probably both, thought Janice as she raised her coffee cup to her lips.


"Come on in, Dotty. I've been waiting for you."

The tall, handsome, dark-haired man pushed his chair away from his desk, then turned the chair sideways to greet the tall redhead.

"I came as fast as I could," said Dotty, closing the door to the office behind her. "We're very busy down in the personnel office today. I almost couldn't get away at all. There must be a dozen or more young girls applying for the typists' positions."

"Well, I hope you send a few of them my way. You know how much I like to break in the new help." He held out his arms and welcomed the redhead into his lap.

"You bet I do, Mr. Holt. My very first day here I had to suck your cock five times."

Dotty wriggled her shapely ass until she was nestled perfectly in Mr. Holt's lap. Then she crossed her long shapely legs and drew her skirt up to the tops of her stockings. With a suggestive smile, Dotty then dug her blouse-popping titties into Mr. Holt's chest and wrinkled his tie.

"Yes," said Mr. Holt as he reached out and cupped a big tit. "I am the number one stud around here, aren't I? And all the girls know it. Now, let's you and me get it on right now. Hell, your lunch hour will be up soon!"

They stood and when he was naked below the waist and she was nude except for her stockings and garter, he pulled her to him, ass first, and wrapped his strong arms around her waist. She giggled and ground her curvy ass into Mr. Holt's hard cock, tempting the married man beyond his limits. The heat was intense between them, but. Dotty knew from experience that this was just the beginning.

"You've got a half hour to make me come, lover," she said. "Then it's back to work I go."

Mr. Holt held her tight to him with one hand then reached up with his other hand and stroked her bulging tits. His fingers sank into the soft flesh easily and Dotty groaned with pleasure.

With cock hairs scratching her bare ass, Dotty threw back her head and let the married man have his way with her. Shivers raced up her spine, one after another. She bit her lower lip and rolled her eyes joyfully. She always felt so good in his arms.

Mr. Holt, conscious of his hard cock head slipping inside the personnel director's ass crack, moved his hips just a little and pushed his cock down to the woman's cunt. Then, as her soft cunt hairs caressed his cock shaft, he continued to make her titties burn.

"Eeeeee!" she squealed. "Your cock feels so fine there."

Taking his time, he slowly rubbed his cock shaft up and down the woman's open cunt crack, teasing her. As he did this, he worked his finger this way and that, pinching and rolling her soft tits. He made her tits swell and throb and grow red with passion, and soon they began to burn his sweaty palm.

Then he moved his hand down her body, leaving her tits to throb in the open air. He caressed her flat belly, explored her belly button with one finger, then reached for her plump, ripe cunt mound.

When his thick hand delved between her open thighs and closed around her cunt, Dotty reached both her hands down and covered Mr. Holt's hand. Then she tried to move his hand about so she could feel the most pleasure.

"Mmmmm!" she sighed, "oooooh!" Her long flowing hair partially hid her eyes, but he could still see the dreamy look on her face.

"You've got a hot pussy!" he told her as he tightened his grip on her.

"Your hand is making my pussy even hotter," cried Dotty, now swinging her head this way and that. "If I don't feel your cock inside me soon, I'm going to explode." Then she reached around and dug her long nails into Mr. Holt's hard hairy ass.

"Ouch!" he cried. "Just for that I'll shove my cock into your asshole. That'll tighten you up for sure, you bitch!"

"Yeessss!" cried Dotty. "Do that! Slam it into me!"

Mr. Holt thought for a moment, then he said, "No, I want to fuck your tight pussy. Hold still, while I fuck you from behind."

Mr. Holt pushed his greasy cock down the length of her asscrack and in between her luscious thighs. When he felt her soft cunt mound yield to his cock head, he lunged forward, driving his prick head into her cunt hole. Dotty winced, then gasped. Then she pushed her ass back into him and spread her legs wider.

"Ahhh!" he groaned, throwing back his head. "That feels so fucking good! What a hot pussy!" He kept pushing until his prick was buried balls deep inside her cunt hole.

"Oh, baby!" cried Dotty, unable to get her body tight enough against Mr. Holt's. "I can feel your cum all over my ass crack and thighs. Fuck me, baby, fuck me!"

Mr. Holt, forgetting his wife and family for the moment, concentrated on the big redhead in his arms. He held her hips tight and guided her back and forth on his cock, enjoying the way her gripping pussy walls massaged his cock shaft and tugged on the tiny cock hairs that covered its root.

"Mmmmm!" moaned Dotty. "Oh, yeeesss! Fuck me, you bastard!"

She rocked back and forth, like a kid on a fun ride at the carnival. Her cunt was stabbed repeatedly. Her asscheeks plopped noisily into Mr. Holt's groin again and again. As shivers of delight raced up her spine and into her brain, she reached up and dug her nails into her titties.

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