Kathy Harris: The wildest family

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Kathy Harris The wildest family
  • Название:
    The wildest family
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  • Жанр:
    Эротика, Секс / на английском языке
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    5 / 5
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Kathy Harris

The wildest family



Holly Lawrence stood, unseen, at her bedroom window on the second floor of her family's big, rambling house outside town on the edge of the woods.

She was hiding behind the curtains of her window but she had a clear, unobstructed view of her handsome uncle as he unloaded suitcase after suitcase from his van.

Oh, Uncle Richard, Holly thought, you are one sexy hunk of a man! Her hands wandered down to her crotch and she began to rub her little virgin pussy hard through her very short shorts.

As the girl continued to rub her cunt, growing hotter and hotter, she kept her eyes fastened on her uncle. He was her father's young brother and very handsome and sexy. He had thick, wavy dark hair, snapping blue eyes, and a build that was so powerful and muscular, it made Holly drool with excitement.

Moaning with growing lust, the virgin slipped her hands beneath her shorts and stuck two fingers of her right hand between her swelling cuntlips and as far up her pussy as she could without breaking her cherry. Her left hand found her twitching clit and began to rub the small cock-like piece of cunt-flesh as she grew more and more aroused.

For, even enough Holly was a virgin, it was a state the teenager was eager to change! All, of her friends had had their cherries popped a long time ago, and the beautiful blonde was beginning to feel like a freak.

But it wasn't only because she wanted to be "one of the gang" that Holly wanted to be fucked. No, it was mainly because the girl's passions had grown so hot during the last year or so that it had become all she could think about. Her desire to be fucked by a big, hard cock was, by now, consuming her every thought and dream as she went about her daily business.

Almost every night now, Holly awoke with an orgasm crashing through her pussy, an orgasm which still didn't give the teen the relief she needed so badly. She knew that only a cock could give her the kind of orgasm she really wanted.

And, during the day, the blonde walked around with her crotch moist, her panties soaked with the juices of her desire. It had gotten so that everytime a man touched her – even if it was just on the hand or arm – she all but creamed her jeans!

Something had to be done – and soon. She sensed that once she had gotten her cherry popped she would be far more relaxed. And, even though she knew she would still get horny, maybe even hornier, it wouldn't be this kind of frustrated unrelieved longing that filled her mind night and day now.

As the virgin continued to look through her window, her breathing quickened with excitement. For, even from the second story, she could see her uncle's powerful muscles rippling in his brawny arms as he unloaded all the baggage from his van.

She closed her eyes and moaned as she continued to finger-fuck herself. She was so excited about the next few weeks! Her parents had won a trip to Europe and her Uncle Richard and Aunt Laura and her cousin, Gary, were moving in with Holly, her sister, Karen, and her brother, Jeff. They would be staying there to take care of the kids while Holly's parents were gone.

Holly moaned again, trusting her fingers in and out of her juicy pussyhole faster and harder as she strained for release. The fingers of her other hand continued to strum her jerking clit and she could feel shudders of excitement course through her entire body as she finger-fucked herself with a frenzy that she knew could be relieved only by an orgasm.

Suddenly, as Holly felt the beginning of her climax jolting through her spasming pussy, she made a decision, possibly the most important decision of her life. During this time while her parents were gone, Holly would get her cherry popped – at long last. She would experience, first-hand, the joys and excitement of fucking. And what better person to teach her than her sexy uncle?

With that forbidden thought, Holly's orgasm reached its peak, and the girl cried out as she felt an incredibly raw, hot pleasure sweep through her pussy, releasing torrents of warm pussyjuice which trickled down the girl's thighs and completely waked her panties.

As her climax raced through her steaming virgin cunt, Holly pretended that it was not her fingers but her uncle's big cock that was thrusting itself in and out of her little pussy. That hot thought made her come again as she screwed her fingers deeper into her cunt.

When her orgasm ended, Holly sighed happily and took her wet fingers from her cunt. As she licked them off one by one, savoring the taste of her own pussyjuice, she thought of her uncle once again and felt her cunt beginning to burn and itch with desire as though she had not just come!

"I promise, Uncle Rich," the girl murmured, "that before your visit is over, I'll somehow get you to pop my cherry!"

"Will I do in the meantime, Sis?" her brother's voice came to her from the open doorway.

Holly whirled around and gasped at the sight of her older brother, Jeff, standing there naked, his hardening cock in his hand!

"Jeff! What are you doing?" the girl cried.

Jeff laughed and shut the door behind him. Then, he walked slowly toward his sexy little sister, his prick bobbing and weaving before him, completely capturing the girl's attention.

"What does it look like I'm doing?" he asked, laughing again as he stroked his big cock.

"Your cock! It's sooo big, Jeff! I've never really seen it before!" Holly yelled, feeling her pussy growing hot and wet with excitement.

"Yeah, it's big all right. A full nine inches. All the chicks love it when I fuck them with this cock," he said, grinning at his kid sister as he ran his hand up and down the length of his bursting prick rod.

"Oooh, Jeff," she said as she unconsciously began to rub her crotch again.

Jeff grinned. "Wow, you're really turned on, aren't you?"

"I… I guess I am, Jeff," she said, looking away in embarrassment.

"You guess?" Jeff hooted. "Hell, honey, I heard what you said bout wanting Uncle Richard to pap your cherry!"

"No… no, Jeff, you misunderstood," Holly said. "I didn't mean that!"

"Oh no? Let's find out," Jeff said as he reached out and tore the girl's halter tap off, revealing her super-large, firm tits, their big rosebud nipples already hard and stiff with lust.

"Mmmmmm, nice," Jeff said as he rubbed the girl's tits, pressing with both together, then pinching and twirling the nips between his fingers.

"Ohhh, Jeff, that feels soooo good," Holly moaned, thrusting her chest up and out so that her brother's hands could capture even more of her hot tit-flesh.

"Yeah, feels good to me, too, Sis," Jeff said, as he suddenly lowered his face to her chest and sucked hard on her big, throbbing tits.

"Ohhh, Godddd!" she cried, beside herself with desire and excitement now.

She swayed drunkenly on her feet. Jeff caught her by the waist and, almost before she knew what her brother had in mind, he stripped her shorts from her trembling body.

"Very, very nice," he murmured as he stared at her panties, now soaked through with her hot pussyjuices.

"Take… take…" Holly whispered through parched lips.

"Take what, Holly?" Jeff asked with a grin, knowing exactly what his sister was trying to say.

"For God's sake, Jeff, take my panties off, too! Tear them off if you want! I don't care!" she cried, tears of frustration streaming down her beautiful face.

"You got it!" Jeff laughed as, with one brutal yank, he tore her skimpy panties off of the virgin's lush, ripe body.

Jeff pulled his little sister up hard against his muscular body and thrust his big middle finger right up the girl's pussy.

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