Kathy Harris: The family_s hot fun

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Kathy Harris The family_s hot fun
  • Название:
    The family_s hot fun
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    Эротика, Секс / на английском языке
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    5 / 5
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Kathy Harris

The family_s hot fun



"But, Daddy," Sally Mathews pouted, "why do you have to go away?"

"Honey, I already explained," Gary said with exaggerated patience, "your mom and I are separating. We'll probably be getting a divorce. At any rate, we just don't get along with each other at all anymore and we both need this separation."

"But, I'll miss you soooo much!" Sally wailed as tears filled her eyes. "What will I ever do without you, Daddy?"

"I know, baby. I'll miss you too. A lot. But let's not waste anymore of our precious time talking. Let's fuck for one last time and then I'll tell you an idea your mom and I came up with so you and your sisters won't be without aman around."

"Okay, Daddy. Let's fuck!" Sally cried happily.

Sally was the oldest of four daughters and she had always been her father's special little pet. Her daddy had been her first lover, and he was still her best fuck, which was why the young teenager knew that she would miss him terribly.

Gary liked to dress Sally like a little girl half her age when they fucked. Hidden in a trunk in his walk-in closet were the many outfits and costumes he had bought especially for their fuck sessions together.

Now, as the father and daughter stood nakedly in the master bedroom, Gary handed the young girl the outfit he wanted her to wear for what might be their last fuck together.

Moments later, the man was sitting in his most comfortable armchair, holding Sally on his lap. Her dress was pink satin and white lace, with short, puffed sleeves. Her hair was done up in a pair of pigtails which made the girl look even younger than she was.

"Ooohh, Daddy," she squealed as she perched her ass squarely on the man's lap. She had lifted her skirt and petticoats so that her panties pressed directly against his crotch.

The wide round circle of her skirt fanned out from her, and, in one hand, she clutched the handle of an all-day sucker which her daddy had given to her.

Sally licked very slowly and suggestively, caressing the sucker with her tongue while her father watched her. He bounced her up and down on his knees, gripping her tightly. He ran his hands all over her body.

As she sat on her daddy's lap, Sally wriggled this way and that, rolling her asscheeks back and forth over his cock which was fully hard now. Sally moaned excitedly as she felt the hardness of her daddy's prick through her panties.

"Ohhhh, baby, you sure know how to turn your daddy on," Gary groaned as he squeezed his daughter's tits. His massive hand all but covered her tit.

"Mmmm, Daddy," she cooed.

"Just keep licking your lollipop, little girl." He fondled her tits through her dress, and her nipples stiffened against his lewd touch. His fingers trembled with desire as they plucked at the rows of small pink buttons on the front of her dress. Opening them, he slipped his hand inside her dress.

"Daddy, you're so naughty," Sally said with a laugh.

"I know, baby, and so are you!"

"Yeah, I am, aren't I?" Sally giggled.

Inside her dress, the girl was braless, so her father could caress her naked tits. He cupped one tit in each hand, squeezing her stiff nips. Sally squirmed on his lap, rubbing her ass against his prick.

Still fondling and pinching one of his little girl's tits with one hand, Gary moved his other hand beneath the teenager's flaring skirt and stiff petticoats.

Sally wore thick pink panties that were something like rompers, with pleated folds of material, baggy in the seat, tight at the waist and the leg openings. Other than that, her long legs were naked down to the tops of the thin white ankle socks she wore under her mary jane shoes.

Her petticoats crinkled and rustled as her daddy reached under her dress. He wedged his meaty hand between her thighs, parting them, while Sally lapped and licked her lollipop with faster and harder tongue strokes.

Her father rubbed her pussy through her panties and she squirmed violently on his lap, squealing with excitement.

Through Sally's panties, her daddy caressed her horny little cunt, making her hotter and hotter. The hotter she got, the more she squirmed her ass against his hard-on. And the more she squirmed the hotter and harder the man got. Still stroking his daughter's pussy through her panties, he pressed them between her pussylips. Oozing cuntjuice soaked into the crotch of Sally's panties.

Now, Gary's fingers moved down, slipping inside one leg opening and fondled the girl's naked pussy.

"Ooohhhh, Daddy," Sally squealed.

Gary's fingers parted her puffy pussylips, pressing inside.

"Oh!" she cried, gasping with excitement. With his other hand, Gary fumbled one of the girl's naked tits out of the opened dress front. Her nipple was so swollen that it looked red and raw.

"Oh, baby, you look so sexy," Gary groaned as he took the lollipop out of her hand and put it down on the table next to his chair.

"Daddy!" Sally cried protestingly.

"Don't worry, honey, Daddy's got something even better and sweeter for you to suck!" he said with a husky laugh.

He clamped his mouth to hers and kissed her. Her lips tasted sweet and sticky from the lollipop. Gary put his tongue inside his little girl's mouth and tasted her sweet saliva. His hand fondled her naked nipple.

"Ummmm!" the teenager cried excitedly.

Each time her daddy touched her nip, lust-filled sensations shot through the girl's loins. She groaned over and over, still squirming on the man's naked lap.

All the while, Gary's other hand continued to stroke Sally's naked pussy inside her panties. A shower of cuntjuice seemed to rain down on his hand.

Sally felt breathless with incestuous lust now, gasping as her father tongue-kissed her over and over.

Moments later, Gary pulled his mouth away from Sally's so he could press his face against her tits. His bushy beard tickled and excited her.

As he nuzzled her tits, he finger-fucked her, the crotch of her panties pulled over to one side. Her asscheeks were taut, and they trembled as she rocked her hips in response to her daddy's finger.

His mouth fastened on one of her throbbing nips. He gently sucked her nip between his lips, tonguing and chewing. Meanwhile his finger was still rapidly fucking in and out of her pussy, arousing the girl beyond belief.

"Daddy! Ohhhh, Daddy!" she shrieked.

She sat bolt upright on his hard-cocked lap, her entire body going rigid with the force of the orgasm that crashed through her. As she came, her daddy held her in place, steadying her gasping, trembling body.

Then, very gently, Gary eased his daughter off his lap. Sally felt dazed and weakened by her orgasm and she swayed in his grasp. Leaning forward in his chair, Gary put his hands on her hips as she faced him.

"Lift up your skirts and petticoats, darling," he said with a tender smile at his little girl.

"Yes, Daddy," she said obediently. She peered down between her father's legs where his cock rose up, stiff and hard. She lifted her garments high, past her waist, baring herself below.

Gary pulled down his daughter's panties and she eagerly stepped out of them. Then he stood up and she fell onto her knees.

"You promised me something sweet to suck, Daddy!" she cried wantonly.

"I know I did honey, and you know that your daddy never goes back on a promise," Gary responded.

Sally didn't have to lick her lips – they were already good and wet from her father's lewd kisses. But her mouth continued to water with anticipation as she gazed at his huge prick which bobbed obscenely in front of her face, its flared head only inches from her mouth.

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