Kathy Harris: The family hot daughter

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Kathy Harris The family hot daughter
  • Название:
    The family hot daughter
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    Эротика, Секс / на английском языке
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    5 / 5
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Kathy Harris

The family hot daughter



When a girl becomes a woman, she is usually subjected to biological and psychological forces which are totally unfamiliar to her, and, usually, over which she has no control. Some times it can seem to a young girl that entering the world of sexuality is tearing her apart, ripping away her emotions and exposing parts of her which were totally unknown before.

In America, young girls are further frustrated by the fact that they are forced to hide what they are feeling, to deny the desires they feel. Oftentimes, the feelings of frustration and guilt which girls are forced to carry end up being more damaging than their newborn sexuality.

Marge Randall, the young girl in THE FAMILY'S HOT DAUGHTER, is also a victim of passions and desires beyond control. Unlike others, though, she has given in to them, has let them take control of her actions.

Drawn into the web of lust which she has weaved about herself is her family. They find themselves objects of Marge's lust, and there is very little they can do to change what is happening, to alter the dangerous course they are all following.

THE FAMILY'S HOT DAUGHTER is the story of a young girl whose passions have run wild. Whether Marge is right or wrong in what she does is something to be decided on an individual basis.

The Publisher


"Ohhh, Uncle Andy," Marge whispered as her uncle finally pulled away from their incestuous tongue-kiss.

The man had given his niece a ride home from school. Somehow, the sexual longing they had always felt for each other had caught fire as he had leaned across the lovely, young girl to open her car door.

They had embraced and kissed each other hotly before Andy Randall had finally managed to pull away, a little shocked by his own desires and by his young niece's eager reaction.

"Sorry, baby, that shouldn't have happened," he murmured.

"And why not? I'm glad it happened, and, if you're honest with yourself, you'll admit that you're glad too!" Marge said, flinging her long blonde hair over her shoulder.

She got out of the car.

"I'll tell you what, Uncle Andy," she said with a smile, leaning down and looking in at him through the car window. "There's no one home right now. Why don't you go on home and make up some excuse to Aunt Helen about why you have to leave right away again?"

"What do you have in mind, Marge?" Andy asked hoarsely, hardly able to talk past the knot of lust he felt in his throat, lust for this gorgeous teenager who was standing there about to offer him what he had been horny for years now.

"What do you think, Uncle Andy?" Marge laughed, knowing that she had her uncle right where she wanted him. She could see that he was so hot for her that there was no way he would pass up a chance to be alone with her.

"Say it, Marge. Just what do you want?"

Andy demanded between clenched teeth, trying desperately to stem the tide of desire that hardened his cock painfully.

Marge moved closer to the car window and draped the top part of her body over it so that her huge tits were hanging over into the car's interior, big tits crowned with long nipples which were stiffly poking through the girl's sheer blouse.

Andy stared at his niece's huge tits and swallowed hard, vainly trying to compose himself.

"What I want," Marge began in a firm tone as if he were a naughty child trying to get out of doing something that was good for him, "is for you to go home now and let Aunt Helen know that you won't be home until late. Then, while you're gone, I'm going to undress and stretch out on my bed and wait for you to come back so you can fuck me!"

"Oh, God, Marge, we can't."

"The hell we can't!" Marge exclaimed, moving back from the car a bit and balancing her school books on one hip. Her big tits punched their stiff nips against her blouse. "Don't play games with me, Uncle Andy. I see that huge hard-on you've got there! There's no point in denying that you want to fuck me! And I want to fuck you! So what's the big deal? I expect you back here in half an hour at the latest, and I don't want you to keep me waiting!"

"I don't know, Marge," the man said uncertainly, struggling with his feelings of guilt for wanting so badly to fuck the shit out of the young girl.

The girl's eyes, narrowed and her full-lipped mouth became a straight line of determination.

"If you don't do what I want now," she said through clenched teeth, "I'll see to it that you never get another opportunity! This is your only chance. Don't be a fool and throw away what half the men in town are hot for I've got a great little pussy."

With that, she turned and started walking toward her house. Halfway there, she paused and looked back over her shoulder with a sexy smile.

"Don't miss the hottest piece of ass you've ever fucked, Uncle Andy!" she said.

She deliberately swayed her hips temptingly as she let herself into her house, leaving her uncle to deal with the cruel hard-on that continued to grow inside his pants.

As he finally pulled away from the curb, the man had no doubt that he would do exactly what his sexy little niece had demanded of him. He would return as soon as possible and fuck the hell out of her!

Inside her house, Marge quickly undressed and took a steaming shower and toweled her body until her flesh was tingling. Then, she applied her favorite erotic perfume to all the pulse centers of her body, paying particular attention to the valley between her tits and her inner thighs.

A short time later, Andy walked up to Marge's house. He started to knock on the front door, but his hand froze in midair. She had said she would be on her bed, naked and waiting for him. With an excited grin, he gripped the knob and twisted it, easing the door open and stepping quickly inside, hardly able to contain his fuck-lust for the young girl.

He walked upstairs where the bedrooms were and moved toward Marge's room.

"You in there, baby?" Andy called huskily as he paused outside her room.

"Undress out there, Uncle Andy," Marge's voice said from her bedroom.

Andy quickly tore his clothes off, his cock swelling more and more by the second.

"Hurry, Uncle Andy! I can't wait! Are you undressed yet?" Marge called.

"Are you already undressed, honey?" Andy called, swallowing hard as he imagined the girl's naked body all spread out on her bed, just waiting for his cock.

"I told you I would be," Marge responded impatiently. "Now hurry up and get in here!"

Completely naked now, Andy stepped through the door, his cock thrusting upward in complete rigidity. For a long moment, Marge and her uncle just stared at each other, their eyes feasting on their naked bodies.

"Wow!" Marge cried, her eyes glazing with lust as she stared at the man's enormous prick. "Your cock's even bigger than I thought… or hoped."

Andy's eyes drank in the tempting sight of his niece's long legs and the firm thrust of her big tits. His eyes were drawn to the blonde triangle of fuzz covering her pussy.

"You're gorgeous, darling," he said huskily, "and it's your sexy little body that's made my cock so big and hard… just for you."

"Come here, Uncle Andy," Marge murmured, extending her arms out toward him.

Andy moved toward the bed and in seconds he was lying next to her, drawing her warm nakedness against his hard muscular body and trying to touch her with every single inch of his naked flesh. His lips found hers and the young girl thrust her tongue inside his mouth.

The man's hands slid over Marge's lush curves, cupping her straining asscheeks. He pressed his throbbing prick against the warm underside of her fiat belly.

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