Janet Mccoy: Hot bed brides

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Janet Mccoy Hot bed brides
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    Hot bed brides
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    Эротика, Секс / на английском языке
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Janet Mccoy

Hot bed brides


Ken Tate pushed himself away from his typewriter and went to the front window. He had had enough of writing for one day. His latest spy thriller was going well. He was pleased. With any luck, he'd have it off to the publishers in another couple of weeks.

Right now, Tate had no heart left for spy plots and secret weapons and bodies in alleys. His thoughts were turning to fair damsels, and the building distress in his aching balls.

His wife Annie would be home soon. Tate had plans for her. Just the thought of her lush young body jerked his cock up to half-mast inside his pants.

Tate would be forty-five next birthday. He was in the midst of respectable middle-age. The big muscular writer congratulated himself on the zest for life that had kept him free of the chains that usually went with his age… a nagging, middle-aged wife, screaming kids; a mortgaged house; headaches and more headaches.

Instead of wallowing in misery, Tate was looking forward to the return home of his beautiful nineteen-year-old wife. Annie was in college, and she was always bursting with energy and ideas when she got home from school. He enjoyed listening to her. She was so lovely, with her flushed pink cheeks, her sparkling eyes, her bubbly personality that kept Tate thinking young.

Tate considered himself a very lucky man.

Just this morning, Tate had had a letter from an old buddy. Sam and he had been in college together. They had renewed their acquaintance on and off over the years. It had been a good five years since they had seen each other. Sam had just returned from Europe with a brand-new French wife. They would be arriving for a visit in a couple of days.

Tate could hardly wait to see his friend, and to show off his own beautiful wife. He could not help gloating at the thought that Sam would be jealous. French mam'selle or no, Tate was sure Sam's wife couldn't be any more spectacular than his own sexy Annie.

He forgot everything else as he caught sight of her through the window. She had a way of bouncing when she walked that made her large round tits reach out and grab a man's attention.

At first, Tate had been jealous of the fact that she always wore thin T-shirts, and never a bra. No man could resist ogling her. Her nipples prodded pertly against the thin material of her shirt. Her breasts swayed, just enough to indicate there was nothing artificial holding them in place. Those big firm globes were just Annie… All Annie!

When she had teased him about his jealousy, he had learned to laugh at himself. Now he grinned when he saw men straining their necks out of car windows to get a closer look… when he saw them trip over their own feet to get a few inches closer to her on the sidewalk. He liked to see she was admired. It gave him a secret thrill to know she was alibis!

His cock was throbbing noticeably as he watched the steady bounce, bounce as she hurried toward their comfortable cottage home. She was wearing a short skirt with her T-shirt. Her legs were long and shapely, though just the slightest bit awkward in their movements. That awkwardness sent an extra jolt to Tate's cock. It reminded him that she was still unfinished, still a girl right on the verge or full womanhood. The child-like quality she still bore made him hunger for her. He loved to mold her, to shape her… to make her eager cunt spasm for more of his lusty instruction on the facts of life.

The neighbors' cat Puss was sitting on the sidewalk just outside their gate. She bent over to stroke him. Her ripe round ass-cheeks burst into view. Her white buttocks were separated by a thin wisp of white panties that had been pushed up into the crack between by her day's activity.

Tate's cock was rock-hard now. His fingers could almost feel that smooth supple flesh yielding under their grasp. "Get the hell in here," he grunted aloud. He was ready for Annie.

She straightened up and entered the gate. She saw him watching her through the window and waved gaily. She started to run.

As soon as she entered the front door, Tate grabbed her. "Hello, beautiful! You got here just in time! Bend over, baby!"

While she squealed with delight, he bent her over the back of a chair and pushed her skirt up to her waist. He fondled the curves of her buttocks, relishing the reality that a moment before had been only taunting pictures. Her flesh was cool, from the breeze that had swirled up under her skirt and teased her most sensitive parts. Roughly he pulled on the panties, tearing them, pulling them right off her. She shrieked and wiggled her ass encouragingly.

"Oooohhh, what a nice warm welcome!" She grinned back over her shoulder at him. Her curly long blonde hair fell across her face. She looked wanton and desirable… naughty, in her girlish way. Tate's hand started to caress her wet cunt-slit. "Oooohhh… Tate darling… have you got something in there for me?" She looked significantly at the bulge in his pants. He could see the lust cloud her vision. He shoved two fingers deep into her hot wet pussy.

"Boy, have I, baby! Christ, this cunt is wet! What have you been thinking about all day? Does history turn you on, beautiful?"

"Don't be silly! What turned me on was remembering your nice hard cock slipping into my cunt this morning when I was still half-asleep. I've been walking on Cloud Nine all day… and all because of you… Mmmmmmmm…" She rotated her buttocks lewdly backward, shoving her cunt down deep onto his impaling fingers. "Uuuuuuhh! I like that!"

Having a nineteen-year-old wife kept Tate young and in shape. He knew that to keep such a greedy young creature satisfied, he had to be on his toes all the time. They made love two or three times a day. Yet it never became boring or routine. Annie inspired him. All she had to do was move a leg, wiggle a toe… and his cock leapt to attention. She was better for him than a drink straight out of the Fountain of Youth! She was his own private piece of the Rock!

He pulled down his fly and freed the tingling shaft of his stiff cock. He guided the bloated head up between her ass-cheeks. With one smooth motion, he replaced the two fingers in her cunt with hard filling cock. His cock-tip slipped all the way up inside, until it collided with her rubbery cervix.

"Aaaaiiieeeee! Ooooohhh, it's soooo ni-i-i-ice!" His sudden entry had knocked the wind right out of Annie. She felt weak, defenseless, filled to brimming with pleasure. As he began to stroke his cock in and out of her clutching cunt, she gradually started to move back to meet him. She mewled wantonly as she relished the delicious hot urgency that was forcing her cunt-walls wide apart. All day long – any time she had a free moment – Annie thought about cock and cunt, screwing and sucking. She considered herself a very sensual girl. She loved to make love. Any time Tate gave her his cock, she was happy. "Ooohh Ta-a-ate! Screw meeeee! Make me feel good-d-d."

Tate could feel the sweat beading on his forehead. He willed his muscles to obey him as he gathered up the strength to screw the young beauty senseless. The sight of her firm squirming ass-cheeks, her blonde hair flying wildly around her head… the feel of her hot cunt-walls… all these combined to give him the courage of a man of steel. He was in control now. He would make his own pleasure out of watching her come unglued. He loved the feverish way she responded to his lusty pounding.

They were far enough from the window that Tate was confident they could not be seen from outdoors. But they had a clear view of the odd passerby on the sidewalk beyond the wire mesh fence. Tate could see that Annie was too aroused to pay any attention to the view. He himself got a prurient thrill out of watching business as usual on the street while he sent his long cock deep up into his wife's tight young hole. "Uuuuuhhh Christ… baby… there's no pussy like your pussy!"

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