Janet McCoy: The Unfaithful Fiancee

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Janet McCoy The Unfaithful Fiancee
  • Название:
    The Unfaithful Fiancee
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    Эротика, Секс / на английском языке
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    3 / 5
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Janet McCoy

The Unfaithful Fiancee

Chapter 1

Sue had always loved screwing Dan, right from the very first time.

In fact, each succeeding time seemed even better than the one before.

The whole history of their sex life had been like one building orgasm.

Neither of them had the slightest idea where it all would end, and frankly, they didn't give a damn.

"Oh God, Dan… screw me harder! Shove that big cock of yours deeper inside my pussy! Uuuuuuhhh, l love it… I love it!"

They had planned to go to a jazz club that night. The place was usually jam-packed, but Dan had managed to wangle a couple of tickets from a friend who had other plans for the evening.

When she had greeted him at the door, Sue was all dressed. She wore a tight-fitting white top that swooped down off one shoulder over the half-exposed swell of the opposite tit. Her skirt was skin-tight, highlighting every curve of her well-shaped ass. Dan could not resist a grab as she led him into the living room of her apartment.

She giggled and turned around to face him, hands on hips, her blonde hair bouncing onto her shoulders. "Just what do you think you're doing!" she demanded sassily.

"Pinching your ass, beautiful! Just what the hell do you expect me to do when you come to the door looking like that? You're not going out in public that way, are you?"

He was teasing her, but there was a nervous strain of truth in his mock-anxiety. It seemed almost too good to be true sometimes, that he should have such a good-looking woman all to himself. He wished she would not dress in quite such provocative clothes. He could not stand the thought of losing her to some fast-talking Romeo with a smoother pitch than his own.

Not that Sue acted like a woman interested in other men; she always appeared to have eyes only for him. She always responded wantonly and wholeheartedly to his amorous play.

"Sure, I'm going out like this!" she told him, and she pulled her skirt up over the twin globes of her ass to give him a better view of her costume. She wore only pantyhose underneath. The sight of her smooth-fleshed ass-checks under their thin lewd covering made Dan's cock jerk hungrily in his pants.

That was how it had started. Dan had bent her over the big buffet under the hall minor, so she could watch herself while he was screwing the hell out of her. He pulled her pantyhose down to her knees, heedless of her screams: "Oh… no! You're going to give me a run! Don't hurt me!"

She was loving every minute of it!

His thick, hard-swollen cock drove deep into the hot channel of her cunt. She was already sopping wet inside her pussy.

"You sexy bitch! What's been turning you on! Go on! Tell me!" He shoved his cock as far into her clinging cunt-hole as he could get it. His eyes moved from the thrilling sight of his cock soaring between her squirming ass-cheeks to the view in the mirror of her pleasure-slackened face. Her jaw hung open. Her eyes roamed lazily around in her sockets, with no clear goal in sight. Her pink tongue-tip darted out to wet her lips from time to time. The sight of her abandoned excitement made him shove his cock into her deeper. "Well? Are you going to tell me you got that wet just waiting for me to come over?"

Her eyes closed lazily as she wriggled her ass back against his filling cock, taking every last inch of him deep in her belly. "Ooohhh… I did, lover! All day at work, I was thinking about how much fun it would be to screw you tonight! And you know it turns me on not to wear any panties!

It feels sooo… oh I don't know! Just screw me, Danny! I need it so bad! Mmmmmm…

Dan did not think there was a man alive who could have resisted an eloquent plea like that one. He did just what his girlfriend asked. His hands grabbed firm hold of her ass-cheeks, until they made the skin turn red. Instead of protesting, she cooed with pleasure and rotated her hips back to meet his next solid thrust. Her cunt-muscles spasmed around the turgid girth of his cock. The big man grunted with his own building pleasure.

"Jee-zuz, Sue, you've got a hot cunt! There's nothing like it anywhere, baby!"

Dan felt he was pretty well qualified to make such a statement. He had had a lot of women in his time – most of them beautiful, all of them eager lays. But not one had the special qualities to make his cock rise to quite the rigid peak of excitement that Sue inspired. As far as Dan was concerned, the blonde was a woman in a million – at the very least.

He wanted to make damned sure that she did not get away from him. He was determined to make her wet clutching cunt his very own.

"Oh, Danny… your cock feels so hot and hard inside! You're the greatest, lover! Aaaaahhhh!"

Sue could not have said exactly what it was that made that special chemistry between her and Dan. But there was no doubting that it was there by the barrelful. Just the touch of his finger on her elbow was enough to bring her close to cumming. The thrill of feeling his stiff cock impaling her pussy was indescribable. All the blonde knew was that for the past four months she had been enjoying the best, most intense, most wanton lovemaking of her whole twenty-three years. She had never felt so hungry before, or so repeatedly satisfied.

The nights she and Dan spent together, they did not get much sleep. But both of them spent the next day with idiotic smiles on their faces. The lovers were convinced that they had discovered an erotic combination that had never been known before. They felt like explorers in a new land. The experience was a heavy one, an intense one. And it just seemed to go on and on…

"Screw me, Danny! Oh, screw-w-w me!" She looked at her passion-distorted face in the mirror and a new wave of pleasure swept through her. The good-looking blonde secretary had never been afraid of indulging the needs of her ripe shapely body. She had lost her virginity when she was eighteen to a boy hired by her father to help lay the foundation of their garage. Rather than questioning her youthful surrender to lust, Sue had recognized right from the start that she just plain loved to fuck. She had done a lot of it, and enjoyed it all.

It had come as a surprise to her that anyone could affect her with quite the intensity that Dan Walker exuded. It had been like being born again to a whole new, higher level of sexuality. It had been an intense thrill for the young woman to realize there was so much she had not learned yet, and to make the realization just at a point when she had thought she knew it all and might be getting a little bored.

The fury of her gyrating motions had made one of Sue's big round tits bust right out of her top. The pink areola was swollen to aching tenderness by the woman's arousal. Her nipple was hard, sticking straight out at her reflection in the glass. Dan took one look at that rich swelling globe and had to have a feel of it. While he held his cock buried in Sue's cunt, he clasped her tit and tugged on the nipple roughly.

She proved a match for him. Instead of crying for mercy, she squealed with delight. She rubbed her buttocks obscenely back against her boyfriend's loins, trying to force him to get on with his fucking rhythm. She thrust her tit willingly into his hand, looking for more of the inciting pain-pleasure signals.

"Christ, Sue, you're too much, baby! You like it all, don't you! I couldn't hurt you if I tried when you're like this!" While her pussy-walls struggled to keep him captive within her cunt, he started to fuck her with quick, deep, even strokes. "God, I think your twat's trying to eat mealive! It's good, baby! Good!"

She could tell by the dreamy quality of his voice that the big man's self-control was hanging by mere shreds. It didn't disturb her. It was fine with Sue if her lover wanted to cum. She knew the first swelling of his cock, as it surrendered to explosion, would drive her to climax. It happened that way with them often, particularly when they were as frantic in their lovemaking as they were now. It was as if they were two sticks of dynamite, both working off the same fuse.

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