Janet McCoy: The coach_s hot wife

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Janet McCoy The coach_s hot wife
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    The coach_s hot wife
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    Эротика, Секс / на английском языке
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    4 / 5
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Janet McCoy

The coach_s hot wife


"Oh Steve darling! Your cock's so hard! It feels so good in my mouth! Mmmmm…"

They made a striking contrast. The boy, no more than eighteen, was well tanned and his thick hair was black as jet. The woman was in her mid-twenties. Her skin was the palest of unblemished alabaster. It was so fine and smooth; it was the kind of skin one can't help wanting to touch, just to see if it is real. Her hair was long and thick, a startling shade of red-auburn. It flowed over her back and the boy's thighs and belly as she labored over his erect cock. Her pink lips slipped up and down along his cock-shaft. They left behind them a coating of saliva that shone in the light that filtered in through the boy's bedroom window.

There was no doubt it was a boy's bedroom. A display of hunting knives hung on one wall. Pictures of major league football stars covered most of the rest of the walls, from waist level up. On the floor was a pile of clothing. On the very top of the pile was a pair of lacy pink panties.

The ass of the red-headed lady, like the rest of her, was bare.

"God, Miss Pope… that feels great!" His eyes were shut tight as he rocked his head from side to side on the pillow. His lips were drawn back tightly over his teeth. The resulting expression was an intriguing struggle between joy and agony. "Oh yeah… do it like that…"

She had speeded up her bobbing pace over the boy's cock. He began to thrust his hips up off his bed to meet the downslide of her puckered lips. His response seemed only to egg the woman on to greater efforts. Her ass ground wantonly in the air behind her as she struggled to serve well the blood-engorged cock in her mouth.

Little bleats and moans of pleasure escaped her lips as she moved her head up and down, up and down over the fleshy cock-shaft. She was tireless, pausing from time to time only long enough to stab her tongue into the slit in the tip of the boy's cock. When she managed to find a savory sample of his cum-juice, her moans grew more wanton than ever. "Oh Steve… Your cum tastes so good, darling! I love to lick up your hot cum!"

Excited by her abandoned words, she dropped her head once again over his cock. She took all of it deep into her mouth, pausing only when his cock-tip was pressing against the back of her throat!

The boy had opened his eyes. He watched fascinated as the older woman did rousing lip-homage to his tingling cock. Though he had felt her mouth on his cock many times before, he never failed to be intensely impressed by the zeal and the talent of the woman who was his father's private secretary.

Once again the boy gave silent thanks for the good fortune that often called his father out-of-town on business. It thrilled Steve to think how shocked his father would be if he had any idea what good care Miss Pope took of his only son. Steve often wondered that his father took Miss Pope so much for granted. She had been working with him at his home office and downtown for over five years. Steve was convinced that his father had even forgotten what a beautiful woman the redhead was. Whenever Steve saw them together, his dad was barking out orders and Miss Pope had her head bent over her steno pad.

Even as an eleven year old, Steve had had a crush on Miss Pope. On her big round tits. Her ripe ass. Her beautiful face. He had never dreamed then that one day his most forbidden longings would be wanton reality.

He watched her pink lips form their lusty oval around his pulsing cock. His eyes searched out her breasts and watched them swaying beneath her as she moved. The large firm orbs were the same smooth white as the rest of her, except for her nipples. They were a very pale pink. They were excited now, and they stood out hard and proud from her bobbing spheres. He wanted to reach out and touch them, but they were just a little bit out of his reach. In his erotic abandon, Steve could not find the energy to move even that far. She was sucking his cock just right. He did not want to break her rhythm by moving.

His hips were the only part of him that he found the strength to move. He used them to shove his cock deep into Miss Pope's throat. He used them to drive a groan of unnerving passion from deep inside her.

Gwen Pope was as much aroused by the thought of what she was doing as by the actual sensations involved. It thrilled her to take the cock of the handsome young teenager and to suck it until he was a quivering mass of excitement. It had been three years since she had first seduced Steve. She and the boy had been carrying on their illicit affair right under the boy's father's roof. It pleased Gwen to think she was getting back at Rex Manners, Steve's father, by being lover to his son. She and Rex had been lovers in the early days of her employment. They still were, from time to time. It hurt her pride that he so often ignored her as a woman, turning instead to the part of her that was his efficient, tireless secretary. The boy gave her all the tenderness and gratitude that she longed to have from his father.

Steve's cock was long and slender in her mouth, and hard as a rock. She swirled her tongue around its bloated tip, then slipped the tight oval of her lips down until his crotch-hair made a bushy mustache on her upper lip. It made her pussy flare with moist excitement to hear his trembling moans of satisfaction. To taunt herself, she repeated the technique again and again, until the warm juices from her cunt were trickling down along the insides of her thighs. She ground her thighs together lustily as she labored.

The longer he watched her work, the more excited the boy felt. It was enough stimulus just to watch her wriggling whorishly over his cock, as though there were nothing in the world she would rather be doing. It was almost overwhelming to be able to feel her too. To feel her up close around his cock-tip as though they were making him prisoner to her greedy lust. To feel the darts of pleasure shoot through his entire naked body as her willing mouth sucked up his cock to the very end.

"Uuuhh!" He found the erotic energy at last to reach for her pink nipple. He pinched it cruelly, but she only whined with pleasure and moved her tits closer into his reach. His hand flew from one to the other, relishing the way the hard nipples grazed his palm as they circled over him.

"You sure are excited, aren't you, Miss Pope! I bet your pussy's excited too!" He could imagine how hot and wet her eager twat must be. The thought made him want to screw. He felt a sudden irresistible urge to take control of her building sexuality… to thrust his cock deep into her moist cunt until she was mewling in ecstatic forgetfulness.

The boy wasted no time in converting his thought to deed. He pulled his cock roughly from her mouth as he sat up. She accepted meekly his decision to change the tempo of their lovemaking. She let him maneuver her around so her firm flaring ass became a bare target for his hard cock. He could feel her trembling with anticipation as he parted her ass-cheeks to make way for his rock-hard cock.

His cock-tip found the fleshy yielding opening to her cunt. At that moment, restraint totally abandoned Steve. He knew only that he had to feel his cock buried in hot wet pussy.

He thrust forward. "Uuuh…" Every time it happened, he could not believe how tight her cunt felt. The first wave of pleasure almost robbed him of his self-control. But he gritted his teeth and he hung on. Then he began to screw her.

Gwen always got particularly aroused when the boy indicated his sexual preference as masterfully as he just had. It pleased her to think she had brought him from shy and awkward to a confident skilled lover. She realized there were probably plenty of young girls around who ought to be grateful to Gwen for what she had taught him. But Gwen did not want to hear about them. When she and the boy were together, she liked to pretend there was no one in the whole world but just the two of them.

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