Janet McCoy: Librarian with the hots

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Janet McCoy Librarian with the hots
  • Название:
    Librarian with the hots
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  • Жанр:
    Эротика, Секс / на английском языке
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    3 / 5
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Janet McCoy

Librarian with the hots


"Christ… I'm going to miss you when you're gone, Cathy!"

"I'll miss you too, Larry! I'll miss this nice big fat cock of yours! I… Oooooohh… sock it to me, baby!"

Larry had the pretty, brown-haired librarian backed up against the wall between two long rows of books. He was sending his herd cock deep up into her wet pussy in stroke after rhythmic stroke. She was standing on tiptoes, tilting her cunt upward a little to give him easy access to her greedy snatch. Her pussy-muscles seemed to spasm around his rigid penis each time he filled her. It was as if she never wanted to let him go. The feeling made him grunt with eager excitement.

"Jee-zuz, Cathy… they'll never get another librarian around here like you! Just the sight of you always makes my cock hard as a rock! And the nice part is…" He leered into her lust-dazed eyes.

"Oh Christ, screw me harder!" She felt his penis surge more urgently up into her tingling pussy. Her lower lip drooped as her face became a slack mask of arousal. "Oh, God-d-d… yes, that's the way! My cunt's so hot for you, lover!"

She had said nothing to indicate she had heard what the young man had said. But his words had registered. They had sent sharp little thrills of excitement darting through her half-clad body. They had told her that. Larry thought she was lewd, bold, whorish even. She turned him on. That was why Cathy enjoyed daring stunts like screwing customers right in the library.

She liked to be, lewd. She liked to be thought lewd. She liked to turn people on… especially people with fine hard cocks like the one Larry was shoving into her cunt right now.

"Ohhh yesss. So good! So good! So good!" Her pussy ground up to meet the hard-driving cock on each lunging impalement. Cathy was like a machine – a machine tuned to pleasure. She stared wild-eyed up at the wall clock at the other end of the double line of books. It said eight-twenty. She pulled her skirt up higher over her hips, until she was naked from the waist down. She enjoyed the cool rush of air over her sensitive belly. What did Cathy care what time it was! Cock – stiff, filling cock – that was all she cared about! That was all that existed for the moment in her private little universe of lust.

The incredible maneuvers of Cathy's loose jointed hips made Larry grit his teeth. Her belly was grinding round and round in tight little circles. Every move she made brought a new pang of pleasure-agony from his palpitating penis. The student had never known a woman who could make everything work at once, the way Cathy could. Once again he regretted the hard fact that she would soon be out of his life. Soon, study nights at the library would have lost all their special attraction.

Cathy wasn't always on duty when he came. She didn't always let him wait until after closing time for a quick forbidden tussle in the stacks. But there was always that delicious possibility, every time he walked in through the heavy oak front door. Soon Cathy and her antics would be only a sweet aching memory.

"Ooooohh, Cathy… I want to screw you and screw you and screw you! Shit, you drive me wild, baby! Your pussy drives me wild! Everything about you is just too damned much!" The young man came dangerously close to blowing his load right then. The hot, wet, clinging caress of her pussy threatened to pull the life-juices right out of him. But he wasn't ready to give in just yet. He had a hungry, squirming woman to satisfy first. And since this would probably be their last time together, Larry wanted to make it something special to remember.

The brown-haired beauty clutched eagerly at the younger man's arms, his torso, his clenching buttocks. She was trying to draw him even deeper into her cunt. His blood-engorged cock felt awfully good in her pussy. But, greedy nymph that she was, she wanted even more. She wanted to be filled so full she couldn't take any more. "Oh Larry," she grunted, her voice sounding more animal than human, "I want to eat you up! I want all of you inside me! Jee-zuz, you've got me so hot, I just want more and more!"

A little unnerved for a moment by the woman's boundless desire, Larry soon hit upon an inspiration. Roughly he pulled his cock out of her pussy and turned her around, facing the wall. She tried to speak to protest, but he silenced her by forcing her to bend over, hands against the wall, ass waving high. He pushed her skirt up over her hips, so the naked half-moons of her ass-cheeks were undulating white and delectable beneath his gaze. He dug his fingers into the smooth flesh and worked his cock in along her wet pussy-silt. He found her yielding cunt-hole and drove his penis deep up inside.

"Uuuuuuhhh!" Pleasure ripples made goosebumps stand out on his arms. "How's that, baby! Feeling better?"

"Oooohhh! Yessss!" When Larry had pulled his hard cock from her pussy, Cathy had experienced a moment's panic. Now that his penis was safely back up in her cunt, harder and more filling than before, she could only shriek with delighted glee. There seemed to be so much more of him this way. And she loved the perversion of being bent over in front of him like this, taking his cock up in her cunt as if they were a pair of animals. Now she could slain her buttocks back against his loins with all the strength she could muster. Spreading her legs to give herself purchase, she drove backward to meet his every lusty in stroke.

"Whhhoo-eeee! Look at that ass move!" Larry was proud of himself. He had found a way to give both of them more pleasure. By the deeper penetration of his cock and by providing the lurid visual stimulation of her hard-working buttocks. Cathy had just about the nicest ass he had ever seen anywhere… and that included all those girlie magazines he bought faithfully every month at the newsstand.

Her churning ass-cheeks demanded every bit of attention the young man could give them. He ran his hands eagerly over their ripe contours, relishing the way the flesh quivered with her excitement. The single brown eye of her asshole caught his attention. It seemed to challenge him to do something about its bald stare.

There was his cock, sliding wet and slick in and out of that slippery pink hole beneath. On impulse, he moistened a finger in her plentiful juices and stabbed it against her puckered sphincter. The little hole gave way almost at once, letting him penetrate her nether depths with his obscene probe. He was amazed at the tightness of the hot clinging flesh that engulfed him.

This new violation only made the woman writhe harder beneath the relentless pummeling of Larry's cock. Her whole body welcomed the finger he had plunged into her asshole. As she lunged back onto his hard purple cock, her asshole gobbled up his finger again and again. "Ooooohhh, your finger feels good in my asshole, baby! Oh shit, Larry, you really know how to get me going!" Her voice was low-pitched and thick, as though the intensity of her passion made it difficult for her to speak.

Larry's twin impalement seemed to have snapped something in Cathy's raunchy libido. She grunted and groaned and squirmed like a crazed creature, wriggling like a love-slave to make the most of the dual instruments of her pleasure. The young man continued to screw her with penis and finger. His actions were almost automatic. He was overwhelmed by the violence of the librarian's responses. His cock throbbed non-stop as her cunt nibbled it greedily. His finger worked in obscene tempo with his cock-strokes. His cock was aware of the finger working only a membrane away. The pleasure was growing steadily in his balls. It wouldn't be much longer now before he would have to give way to the intense sensations soaring through his hard-working body. And by the looks of the writhing woman, she too was on the verge of a crisis.

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