Janet McCoy: Librarian with the hots

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Janet McCoy Librarian with the hots
  • Название:
    Librarian with the hots
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    Эротика, Секс / на английском языке
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    3 / 5
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"Good-bye, library!" she moaned. "I hope the next girl can live up to my memory! God knows this place needs a little life!" She felt an amused affection for the old building that had witnessed so many wanton scenes of abandonment. In her ecstatic delirium, she dared to hope that someone else would come along who could appreciate just what a fine haven of delights this library could be.

Cathy knew she was getting close to orgasm when her mind started entertaining absurd notions. She was losing her grip on reality. To her addled mind, the whole world became a dizzy playground of sex and merriment. She wanted everyone to have a good time, even Miss Doober. It was so easy, really, to have a good time in life. All you had to do was get it on!

"Oh Rick! Rick! Harder! Faster, baby! Ooooohhh… that's the way! I'm coming! You're making me commmmme!"

Pleased with his success, Rick relaxed his self-control for a moment. He was not to recover it this evening. "Ooooohh! I'm comming too, Miss Coke!"

Their pleasure in each other had been intense. It took them some time to recover their senses.

She would really miss him. It felt good to know there were people in life she could genuinely miss. It made being human a more moving experience.


When Miss Doober was interviewing young women in search of Cathy's replacement, she kept one thing constantly in mind. She wanted a girl who knew her place, who knew how to respond to orders.

It wasn't that Cathy Coke hadn't done a decent job. She was a hard worker, and an efficient one.

But she had always had that little smile on her face that said she knew something no one else did. It drove Miss Doober to a frenzy. She had never learned how to get under the younger woman's skin. Nothing she could say or do seemed to bother her.

The new girl had to be someone who knew how to say "yes, ma'am" and mean it… sincerely. When she asked twenty-year-old, blonde, blue-eyed Jane Friesen if she thought she was the kind of girl who could take orders without resenting them, Jane replied: "Oh, yes," The look on her pretty young face was so obviously sincere that Miss Doober couldn't help but hire her right on the spot.

"You can start Wednesday, if you like."

"Oh, that's wonderful, Miss Doober. I'm very grateful."

The head librarian smiled broadly, basking in the awesome shadow of her own generosity. She felt she had made, a very wise choice in hiring Jane Friesen. The only point she could find against her was that she was a bit too pretty. But Jane seemed modestly unaware of her striking good looks – a sign that indicated to Miss Doober a woman of good character.

Jane's performance on the job immediately justified the older woman's choice. Jane proved to be a very eager, obedient employee. She was at home in a library, having worked part-time in one even before she took the course in library science. Within a week, Miss Doober felt comfortable with entrusting to the girl the boring task of shooing out the last customers and closing the library for the night.

It was only Jane's second night alone when she came upon a very upsetting situation at the back of the library, amid the stacks of books that were kept in the building for reference only. She had thought she was alone. Whispered voices coming from the next aisle told her differently. They also made the blood flow cold in her veins.

"Oh God, Rick, that feels so good! Eat my pussy some more!"

"I sure will, baby! Your cunt tastes terrific!"

At first, the blonde wanted to believe she had not heard the lewd exchange. But the lusty female moans that followed drove home the upsetting fact that there was something going on back there that she was going to have to do something about!

Carefully, she pushed aside a couple of books and looked through her peephole at the young couple in the next aisle. The girl, who looked no more than sixteen at most, was leaning back against a wall of books. She was holding her skirt bunched up around her waist. Her panties had fallen in a puddle around her ankles. She had her legs spread as far as the confining hold of the panties would allow. Her knees were bent slightly, to give her boy lover easier access to her naked cunt!

The brazen wantonness of the girl took Jane's breath away. When she had been that girl's age, she hadn't even let herself dream about doing anything so depraved!

The boy's shaggy head was buried busily between the girl's parted thighs. By the violence with which he was moving his head, Jane guessed that he must be tonguing the girl's pussy to frenzied ecstasy. For just a second she experienced a jolt of excitement inside her own panties. She damped her thighs tightly together and chided herself for her abandon. Though she was alone, her cheeks blazed bright red. Instead of angrily driving the intruders out, she was letting herself be aroused by their lust! How could she be so disgusting!

Upset by the violence of the feelings warring inside, the blonde forced herself to look away from the inciting scene. Her self-control lasted only a moment, however. Then, overcome by curiosity, she returned to her peep-hole. Her one concession to her conscience was that she refused to let herself think any more sexy thoughts. Her mission was to decide how to rid the library of these shameless people!

Almost at once, Jane found herself captivated by the look of rapt ecstasy on the girl's face. She was a redhead and she tossed her luxurious thick hair back over her shoulders as she gazed, unseeing but blissful, up at the plastered ceiling. Her tongue darted from her mouth, licked anxiously over her lips. The gesture made Jane think of someone dying of thirst. But no such unfortunate ever wore such a pleased grin!

The girl's smile grew broader from time to time. The times usually coincided with the clenching of her fingers that pulled the boy's head closer into her twat. He must have been driving his tongue deep into her tender hole. "Oh Rick! Your tongue is doing such nice things to me! My pussy's getting so hot, baby!"

The boy raised his head and smiled at the girl. "I know, Cindy. Your juices are giving me one hell of a face-wash!" He chuckled lewdly, obviously pleased with himself. He extended his tongue, then it disappeared back up into the red nest of her pussy.

The watching blonde remembered the youth now. He came into the library regularly. Several times, he had tried to strike up conversations with her, but she had discouraged him. The library was no place for chit-chat. She had noticed Miss Doober smiling approvingly in her direction the first time she silenced the boy. Prom then on, she had automatically responded with the same cold smile and the finger held to her lips. Not once had he appeared discouraged by her reply. Bach time she served him, they went through the same routine. Once she had even giggled in spite of herself.

Jane had never imagined that youth – or anyone for that matter – would have the nerve to engage in such an outrageous display right here in the library! What could the two of them be thinking? Weren't they afraid of getting caught?

Though she tried to motivate herself to go out and interrupt the lewd twosome, deep in her heart Jane knew already that she could never do it. The very idea of telling the boy to stop sticking his tongue into that girl's pussy made her turn deep red all over. Even a self-righteous display of anger would never conceal her embarrassment. She simply did not want them to know that she knew what they were doing.

Realizing the next best thing for her to do was to abandon her peep-hole and let the teens sneak out in their own good time, the blonde tried to tear herself away from the lust scene.

It was no good! She was rooted to the spot. The sight of the boy's head working rapidly between the girl's thighs, the rapture on the girl's face, her hushed little mewls of pleasure mingled with his grunts of passion. All these combined to create a spectacle that held her attention as surely as a magnet holds a nail. She couldn't leave. She had to see what happened! Though she wouldn't admit it, Jane was fascinated by such a primitive display of lust.

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