Janet McCoy: Librarian with the hots

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Janet McCoy Librarian with the hots
  • Название:
    Librarian with the hots
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  • Жанр:
    Эротика, Секс / на английском языке
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    3 / 5
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Realizing the next best thing for her to do was to abandon her peep-hole and let the teens sneak out in their own good time, the blonde tried to tear herself away from the lust scene.

It was no good! She was rooted to the spot. The sight of the boy's head working rapidly between the girl's thighs, the rapture on the girl's face, her hushed little mewls of pleasure mingled with his grunts of passion. All these combined to create a spectacle that held her attention as surely as a magnet holds a nail. She couldn't leave. She had to see what happened! Though she wouldn't admit it, Jane was fascinated by such a primitive display of lust.

Jane herself was no virgin. But she was the next best thing: a woman who hadn't yet discovered her capacity for pleasure. Her few experiences with men had left a bad taste in her mouth. She had been raised strictly by church-going parents, and her brief affairs seemed to prove everything they had ever taught her. A boy will never respect a girl who doesn't respect herself. Respecting herself meant waiting for marriage.

There was a problem in that. Jane felt she was far too young to marry. She hadn't let herself think too much about a possible long empty future without sex or companionship. She was living just one day at a time, and keeping as far away from men as she could. She was lonely, but she didn't know what to do about it. Men all seemed to want only one thing.

Her wide blue eyes drank in the obscene abandon with which the boy tongued his girl friend's willingly parted pussy-lips. He'll never respect her, she thought. But that thought seemed small consolation for the ecstasy she knew she was missing.

"Oh God, Rick! Your tongue in my cunt feels just like a little cock! All hard and slippery and yummy. My pussy feels so nice, baby! Mmmmmm!"

Again Jane's cunt throbbed with muted passion.

This time, she didn't even think to reproach herself. She simply clasped her hand over the swell of her pubic mound and held on for dear life. She didn't want it to feel good, but at the same time, it did feel so good. For an instant she thought about raising her skirt and slipping her hand into her panties.

No! No! She mustn't do that. That would make her as bad as they were! So she held quietly onto her pulsing pussy and watched.

"Your cunt tastes great, Cindy!" Rick leered up at his girl friend before stabbing his tongue once again deep into her wet hole. He enjoyed the look of uncontrolled desire on her face. Cindy was the hottest chick at school. She'd been chasing him ever since basketball season started. She wasn't Miss Coke, but Rick had to admit the girl had a lot of potential. She really knew how to let go!

The boy had convinced the redhead to let him eat her pussy here in the library by lying. He said the librarian always worked in the back for an hour after dosing time. He said he'd stayed late lots of times, and then snuck out just before the woman on duty was ready to leave. She had been nervous at first. But the idea of getting her pussy eaten under such lewd circumstances had finally gotten the better of her. Rick had been sure it would. Knowing Miss Coke had taught him a lot about the way a woman works. He knew how to make her want it as much as he did.

Rick had his own devious reasons for wanting to eat Cindy's cunt in the library. The ambitious teen-ager had his sights set on the beautiful blonde who had replaced Miss Coke. Though she had discouraged his every overture so far, Rick was self-confident enough to believe that she liked him. He was intrigued to see how she would react to his shameless act between the book-shelves. As his tongue danced expertly over the pink folds of his girl friend's pussy, he imagined Miss Friesen concealed somewhere nearby, watching them. The way Cindy was moaning, though she was trying to keep it down, made him confident that the blonde couldn't help but discover them.

It didn't surprise him that Miss Friesen hadn't interrupted them. He knew she was shy. It would be much more her style to watch and make observations about his style as love maker. As his cock throbbed inside his jeans, Rick wondered how she was enjoying his performance. Was her pussy wet inside her panties?

What it came right down to was: Rick was advertising for the seduction of the new librarian. He had enjoyed his affair with Miss Coke more than anything in his life. He saw no reason why he shouldn't repeat the experience with her pretty successor. Once Miss Friesen saw that he was a young man who knew his way around, perhaps she would look at him in a new light.

And if she didn't? Well, that would be too bad, but Rick would have had his fun anyway.

Charged with the excitement of his bold scheme, Rick stabbed his tongue again and again deep up into the clasping warmth of Cindy's twat. He clamped his lips around her slick pussy-lips and sucked hard. She squealed with delight. Her red-thatched cunt-mound ground encouragingly into his face.

"Ooooohhh, Rick! You do it so good!"

He glowed with pride at the girl's eager praise. His tongue darted down one side of her pussy and up the other, mixing his saliva with the generous sheen of her cunt-juices. Again he darted his tongue-tip into her hole, then down and up into her asshole. She squirmed urgently against him. By the way she was working it out, Rick guessed it wouldn't be much longer before she would be coming like crazy.

Without realizing why, Jane noticed it was becoming unbearably hot in the library. She tossed her hair back from her face, seeking some relief from the fires that were assailing her unwilling body. Though she continued to deny her arousal, there was no mistaking the sticky dampness of her panty-crotch that had ridden up into the slit of her cunt. Still her palm clutched her pubic mound, trying to stop the throbbing there. Her excitement only increased. It was horrible! She felt she couldn't stand it any more!

Still she stayed, her eyes pressed to her peephole. She watched the redhead growing more and more abandoned as her passion increased. Beads of sweat stood out on Cindy's forehead. She was hot too. But there was no question about what was heating her up. It was the talented tongue that stabbed again and again deep into her hot pink cunt-hole.

"Ooooooohh, Rick! I'm coming, baby… I'm commmmm-ing-g-g!"

It was all Jane could do to keep from moaning aloud in chorus with the wanton teen-ager. She hadn't realized how closely she had been identifying with Cindy until the moment of her climax. It was then that she felt an incredible surge of contempt, of anger – of jealousy. What that girl was doing was wrong! Cindy was a depraved, shameless girl! A little voice deep inside persisted in asking: Why can't I feel that way too? If she's so bad, and I'm so good, why is it her who feels so happy? She began to wonder about the dubious rewards of virtue.

By the time Jane got home, she was exhausted. She had had to stay in the library another half-hour, to be sure the teen-agers had left. Vivid memories of all she had just seen and heard tortured her for the rest of the evening. She tossed and turned restlessly, trying to sleep. Finally, the rhythmic grinding of her pussy-mound against her mattress lulled her to the land of sweet, forbidden dreams.


There was another young man at the library who had been paying attention to Jane. He was older than Rick, older in fact than Jane by about a year. His name was Larry and he was an accounting student.

Jane thought he seemed very nice. Though stand-offish at first, she finally agreed to let him take her out for lunch. They talked several times after that. At last Larry coaxed her into accepting a date.

Jane was nervous about letting a male get so close to her. Though she had tried to drive memories of Rick and that awful night from her mind, it was difficult. Rick was in the library almost every day, and still trying to be friendly. No longer able to remain cool and aloof, Jane found herself blushing furiously every time he came near. She usually rushed off on some excuse and let one of the other women wait on him. Bright in her mind was a picture of his shaggy head buried between the girl's thighs, backed by the ghostly murmur of their passion-moans. Worst of all, she couldn't shake off the eerie conviction that he knew that she knew.

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