Janet McCoy: Librarian with the hots

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Janet McCoy Librarian with the hots
  • Название:
    Librarian with the hots
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  • Жанр:
    Эротика, Секс / на английском языке
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    3 / 5
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"Oh, Rick! I want you too! So much! But there's something special you've got to let me do first! I want to remember the taste of you forever!"

His heart pounded with excitement. He knew what she meant. The first time they had ever gotten together she had sucked his cock to distraction! "Oh yeah, Miss Coke! Anything you want is okay with me!" He could practically feel her lips on his cock already.

Her fingers caressed the bulge in his pants as she fell to the floor in front of him. So aroused was she by her lewd intention, it took her hands several moments to figure out the workings of his zipper. She reached into his fly cautiously, her face aglow with anticipation. His cock emerged. It was long and hard and thick, almost purple with the pressure of the blood pounding through it. She stared at its tumescent girth as though she had never seen anything so fine in her entire life.

"Oh Rick, darling! How I'm going to miss this beautiful cock of yours!" She stroked the head of his cock with short, feather-light little flicks of her fingertips.

Automatically, Rick leaned back against the heavy door. He was going to need some help if he was going to stay on his feet for this one. The light filtering into the room through the transom windows overhead was fading fast. But the moonglow allowed him a satisfying view of her dark head as she bent over his cock-head and took its mushroom-tip into her mouth.

"Uuuuuhhh, Jee-zuz! That mouth of yours is something else, Miss Coke! Christ, I love it when you suck me!"

She opened her mouth wide and took his whole penis deep into her throat. "Mmmmmm" was all she said, but it was such a lusty sound that it sent shivers up and down the boy's spine. The thing he liked best about the way Miss Coke sucked cock was how much she obviously liked it. It made him feel on top of the world to see a beautiful woman enjoying making love to his penis with her mouth. There was no question then about whether he had made it yet to grown-up status. He would have fought lions for Miss Coke and her good loving! He was sure even his old man had never done any better than this! What was there better than this?

Reveling in her own depravity, Cathy began to work her lips back and forth along the penis that filled her mouth. She nibbled every contour with greedy skill. Her lips clung to the fleshy surface of his cock like a second skin. Their pressure was just enough to keep Rick feeling a little bit off balance every second. She was making the blood pound faster through his cock. She was provoking a lewd tingling in his balls, still tucked safely away inside his pants.

Impatiently, she dug into his fly and pulled out the hairy sacs of his testicles. Her tongue lapped hungrily all the way down the underside of his penis. When she reached his balls, she took the heavy globes into her mouth, one after the other, and sucked them eagerly.

"Aaiiieee! Jeez-z-z! Holy shit, what are you trying to do to me!"

He grabbed hold of her hair and tugged on it savagely. Too much more of that ball-sucking and he'd be shooting his load into her mouth right now! She wasn't going to get off that easily! "Come on, Miss Coke! Suck my cock! Do it to me!"

With the cruel guidance of his hands, she bobbed her head up and down over his turgid cock. She enjoyed even the pain that the strain on her scalp brought her. His urgent movements indicated, he was enjoying her cock-sucking as much as she was. She loved making herself slave to a penis this way! She loved the ever-present threat of quarts of thick hot juices over pouring, spilling down the back of her throat. She liked to revel in the masculine presence in her mouth – hard, demanding cock!

Rick smiled as he watched the shadowy picture of her head making its obscene way back and forth along his penis. She was so totally absorbed in what she was doing. She was like a willing slave come to worship at the altar of cock. There was something that would make the picture even more perfect for him. "I want to see your tits, Miss Coke! I want to watch them move while you suck me!"

She closed her eyes at the hot flash of pleasure his words brought her. Without taking her mouth from his cock, she hurriedly removed her blouse and her bra. She caressed the generous firm mounds of her tits for a moment, bringing the tips to rubbery erection for him. The sensations only added to the excitement already gushing from her neglected pussy. Again she gripped his cock firmly at the base and worked her mouth more avidly back and forward.

Wide-eyed, the boy watched her lush breasts sway with the rhythm of her slavish exertions. She had large nipples, larger than he had ever seen on any girl. The way they were poking saucily out at him now made him grunt with intense desire. What a woman! What a shame she was going away! "You're so beautiful, Miss Coke! I hope the people at your new place appreciate you as much as I do!"

Though the hands tangled in her hair bespoke a man's passion, the words belonged to the boy that was still half of Rick Morris. She felt genuine pleasure from the obvious admiration he had for her. She might well miss his kind of artless praise in the gaudy world of advertising that was about to claim her. "No one will ever be exactly like you, Rick! You're the greatest!"

He forced her head back onto his cock, but she knew the compliment would please him. She felt she had helped make a boy into a man. She almost regretted she would not be around to see the finished product. It would be something!

Much as he was enjoying the feel of her mouth on his cock, Rick felt that it was time he took the woman in hand and gave her a sound fucking. Her compliment reminded him that, to deserve that kind of boost, a man had to know when to be a man. He could not let Miss Coke do all the work during their last time together. "I want to screw you now, Miss Coke! I can't wait any longer!"

It was exactly what she wanted to hear. Her cunt was sopping wet under her skirt. Her breasts still tingled from the reckless handling she had subjected them to a short while ago. She wanted to give herself up to her own pleasure now. She wanted to feel her cunt filled to overflowing with potent cock!

Rick knew that she liked it best from behind. And he liked to do it to her that way. It made him feel complete master over the woman.

Raising her to her feet, he led her to one of the work-tables, and bent her over it. He pushed her skirt up over her ass and caressed the swelling mounds of her ass-cheeks. His cock stuck out like a poker from his fly. No more time for preliminaries. He had to have her now!

Spreading her ass-cheeks wide, he drove his cock deep up into the hot wet tunnel of her cunt. Her pussy-muscles clasped eagerly around him, welcoming him to the forbidden delights of her greedy honeypot.

"Oooohh! Yeah, Rick honey! Your cock is delicious in me! Screw me, baby! Screw me!"

Her wish was his command. Without pausing, he began to establish a solid stroking rhythm in and out of her moist hole. His penis felt like it had just slipped into a hot vat of syrup. It slipped in and out of her cunt with lusty ease.

With all the build-up of her skillful cock-sucking, his penis was more than ready to enjoy a rowdy assault on her quivering eager pussy. Rick sank his knuckles into the smooth flesh of the near-naked woman and braced himself for an all-out effort. He grunted lustily each time his cock was buried to the hilt in her warm wetness. His growls mingled with her unceasing moans. They fucked like alley cats. There was no rule in the book that was going to put a rein op them now.

A crazy grin stretched over Cathy's features as she braced herself against the wooden table beneath. There was the smell of the library – of a year of her life – in the wood. She was saying good-bye to all that in the way she most liked to round out any celebration – with a hard-driving cock working its way ruthlessly into her cunt.

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