Ray Todd: Incest wife

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Ray Todd Incest wife
  • Название:
    Incest wife
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    Эротика, Секс / на английском языке
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    5 / 5
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Ray Todd

Incest wife


Nadine Crawford was idly fingering her cunt as she lay in the big king-sized bed in her lavish home. It was mid-morning and she was waiting for the phone to ring. Rex Barker usually called about this time to give Nadine her afternoon assignments.

"Hi, Rex," she answered in a soft melodic voice when the phone rang.

"Hello, doll," said the voice on the other end of the line. "Do you want to take a trick this afternoon?"

"Where?" she asked.

"Room twenty-eight at the Hillview Motel," was his answer.

"What time does he want me?"

"Is he one of my regulars?"

"No," answered Rex. "He's a businessman from out of town, but Joe Tanner recommended him to us."

"It's fine if Joe recommended him," Nadine giggled, recalling Joe's big thick cock. "I hope he's got a nice big dick like Joe has."

"You're not being paid to enjoy it," he laughed. "That's what you think," she smiled. "If I didn't enjoy my work, I wouldn't be whoring for you."

Hanging up the phone, Nadine lay back in the soft pile of pillows. Being married to a very wealthy man, she certainly didn't need the money, but she did need a variety of hard cocks.

Nadine had been fuck-crazy since the age of twelve and had been knocked up by her present husband at the age of sixteen. He was ten years older than Nadine at the time, and the son of a rich department store owner. Now at the age of forty-two, Nadine was a beautiful woman with a fabulous big-titted figure and the mother of a two young adult children.

Nadine had always enjoyed a terrific sex life with her husband, Kent, but no one man had ever been able to please her. During the years of their marriage, unknown to her husband and their friends, Nadine had spent most afternoons cruising for strange cocks.

She discreetly stayed away from their friends and acquaintances, picking up strangers in supermarkets, laundromats or any other public gathering place.

This had gone on for years until she overheard a conversation one evening during a cocktail party at the country club. A woman she barely knew was quite drunk and grumbling about her impotent husband. She was blabbing to anyone who would listen to her.

"I don't care if he can't get a hard-on," she giggled when she had Nadine cornered. "I get plenty of fuckin' from other guys."

"That's nice," said Nadine, trying to get away from the woman.

"And I even get paid for it," the drunken woman babbled on.

"How?" asked Nadine, suddenly curious about this woman who she knew was married to a wealthy contractor.

"Promise not to tell?" the woman slurred.

"I promise."

"Well," she hesitated, taking a big gulp out of her drink. "Rex Barker fixes me up with dates who pay to fuck me."

"What?" gasped Nadine.

"Sure," bragged the woman. "Rex has a big clientele of out of town businessmen who want to spend the afternoon with a woman."

"Sounds interesting," grinned Nadine.

"It is," she giggled, taking another sip from her drink. "His customers don't want professionals, so Rex furnishes them with housewives who like to fool around."

"How much do they pay?" Nadine asked.

"A hundred bucks," she grinned. "I get fifty and Rex keeps fifty."

Before the conversation was over, Nadine got Rex Barker's telephone number and called him the next day. He invited Nadine to his apartment, and after trying her out in his bed, he said he'd call her when he'd checked her out to make certain she wasn't involved with the vice squad. He called her back a few days later and gave her an assignment. That had been two years ago and Nadine had been entertaining men three or four times a week since then, and was thoroughly enjoying it.

Lying in bed thinking about it, Nadine was curious, as always, about what her date would be like. During the two years she'd been working with Rex, the man had pretty well screened the customers and Nadine had found most of them very enjoyable. In her arrangement with Rex, it was understood that her body was available to him at no cost whenever he was in the mood, and Nadine had no objections to this as the man was one hell of a cocksman.

Thinking about big hard cocks, Nadine's thoughts drifted back to her very first fuck. The beautiful woman had literally been screwed by hundreds of pricks since then, but that first one always seemed to have been the best.

Nadine had been twelve years old at the time and had never seen nor touched a boy's thing. She had a girl friend a bit older than Nadine who was fooling around with her big brother. It always made Nadine's pussy wet and itchy when her friend described her brother's cock. She explained how hard and hot it felt when she played with it, and though her brother had never fucked his sister, he used to let her jack him off. It always aroused Nadine when her girl friend described the way his hot wet cum would shoot out from the end of his hard prick. Listening to her friend discuss it, Nadine decided that seeing and touching a boy's dick must be the most wonderful thing in the world.

Nadine could vividly recall the afternoon when she finally saw her first real cock. She'd been quite a tomboy and she'd been playing in her back yard with two kids from the neighborhood. Teddy and Shorty were a year or two older than Nadine, and the three of them were doing hand stands and somersaults on her back lawn.

Standing on her head with her short dress falling down around her shoulders, Nadine suddenly became conscious of the way the boys were staring at her nearly-bare ass. They'd played together like this for years, but today she noticed a new expression in their eyes as they looked at her panty-covered bottom. Nadine could remember how it strangely excited her to see the boys staring at her butt.

"What's the matter?" she asked, sitting back down on the grass.

"Nothin'," blushed Shorty, glancing over at his friend.

"You're naughty," she giggled. "Haven't you ever seen a girl's panties before?"

"Sure," stammered Teddy. "But we could almost see your bare bottom."

"So what," laughed Nadine. "My panties cover it."

"Not much," grinned Shorty.

"Maybe not," the girl grinned. "But you couldn't see my pussy."

"Almost," said Teddy.

"Nadine," stammered Shorty after a long pause, "Will you show us your pussy?"


"I've never seen one."

"And you're not going to see mine," she laughed.

"Please," Shorty persisted.

"Well," Nadine whispered. "Maybe, if you'd let me see your things."

The two boys stared nervously at each other. "Okay," Shorty finally agreed. "Then let's go in the house where no one will see us," she said, leading them toward the back door.

Knowing that her mother was visiting a friend for the day, Nadine had taken them up to her bedroom.

"Now let's see it," said Shorty when she'd closed the door behind them.

"Show me your pricks," she giggled. "Not 'til we've seen your pussy," Teddy argued. Feeling deliciously naughty, Nadine had lifted her skirt and rolled her panties down over her narrow hips.

Her sweet cunt was all pink and slippery from the hot pussy juices that were oozing out from between her soft coral-tinted cuntlips. They'd never seen anything as cute as the growth of soft downy pussy hairs that sprouted delicately around her luscious young snatch. The chestnut colored hair was a beautiful contrast to her smooth white skin.

"God," panted Shorty, moving his face within inches of her dripping twat. "May I touch it?"

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