Ray Todd: The eager wife

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Ray Todd The eager wife
  • Название:
    The eager wife
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  • Жанр:
    Эротика, Секс / на английском языке
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    5 / 5
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Ray Todd

The eager wife


They had waited all year for this Hawaiian vacation, and they were determined to have a fucking good time. The group stood around the hotel lobby, chattering excitedly, while Paul Gamer, sales manager of Trojan Textiles and their leader, completed their final room arrangements at the desk.

"Oh," said pretty Jan Olsen, brushing her long, blonde hair back from her face. "I just can't believe I'm really in Hawaii!"

"I can't either," beamed Eric, her handsome, blond husband. In his mid-twenties, Eric Olsen was the youngest salesman in his company's history to win this sales-incentive vacation. The other winner this year was Martin Mitchell, in his early forties.

"Well, darling," Martin smiled to his lovely wife, Sheila. "It's been a long time, but we finally made it."

Martin and Sheila were accompanied by their eighteen-year-old daughter, Kelly, at their personal expense. Their pretty blonde daughter had always wanted to visit the islands, but she had been a bit reluctant about coming, on this trip. She and her boyfriend had recently discovered the joys of sex, and Kelly would much rather have stayed home and fucked.

Standing with the contest winners while her husband was making arrangements, Jackie Gamer was telling them about all the exciting things they would see and do in Hawaii. She and Paul had accompanied the winning salesmen and their wives on these trips for the past few years, and she was very well acquainted with the islands.

"And you'll love it, too," Jackie said to Sheila's blonde daughter. "Wait'll you meet some of those handsome young boys on the beach!"

"I hadn't thought of that," grinned her dad. "I'll probably have to keep an eye on her."

"Don't be," laughed Sheila. "Kelly's getting old enough to take care of herself."

While the others chatted, Jan and Eric Olsen stood holding hands, still unable to believe they were really here. Staring excitedly into each other's eyes, the young couple was completely awed by the whole thing.

"Well," beamed Paul Gamer, returning from the desk with their keys. "The luggage has been sent to your rooms, so we might as well freshen up a bit. That was a long plane trip."

"It sure was," smiled Jackie. "I could sure use a shower."

"Me, too," beamed Sheila.

"Fine," Paul smiled. "We can all meet at the pool side bar for a drink a little later."

When the Gamers reached their room, Jackie threw her shapely body across the bed, her long, red hair cascading over the pillow.

"Well," she beamed up at her husband. "What do you think?"

"I don't know," he smiled. "That young Olsen couple seems a bit too naive to fool around."

"So did the Bradfords last year," giggled Jackie, "but they were swinging like crazy before the trip was over."

"I sure hope you're right," sighed Paul, removing his shirt and pants. "I'd really like to fuck that cute Jan Olsen."

"I'd like to mess around with her a bit myself," giggled Jackie. "And I'll bet that beautiful Viking she's married to could give me a helluva fuck if I could get him alone."

"What do you think of the Mitchells?" Paul asked as he dropped his shorts, displaying a thick, soft cock.

"Well," mused Jackie. "That Sheila is cold and beautiful, but if you could ever rev up her motor, she'd fuck you to death."

"How about her husband?" asked Paul. "What's your opinion of him?"

"Shit, honey," giggled the lovely redhead. "I'll bet anything that he's never once cheated on his wife, but if I had him alone for ten minutes, I'd have his cock in me."

"What makes you so sure of that?" asked Paul.

"I know his type," Jackie grinned. "He's been dying to fuck around for years, but doesn't know how to go about it."

"And you're going to show him how to go about it?" laughed Paul.

"You can bet your ass on that!" smiled Jackie, getting up from the bed to remove her blouse and slacks. "I'll have him in bed before the week's over."

Paul and Jackie Gamer had been swingers for years, and they loved to get the salesmen and their wives into group sex with them on these trips. Jackie was an exceptionally beautiful redhead in her early thirties who had a voracious appetite for sex. She thoroughly enjoyed it with her handsome husband, but a variety of strange cocks and even an occasional pussy added zest to her sex life. Paul, in his late thirties, had the same lust for new women, and they both respected each other's needs and desires.

"I sure hope this will be a neat fucking vacation," smiled Jackie when she'd removed her last, stitch of clothing, and was spread out deliciously naked on the bed.

"It will," smiled her handsome, dark husband, sitting on the edge of the bed.

"Oh, darling," giggled Jackie, tenderly wrapping her soft fingers around his thick, limp cock. "I'd sure like a nice drink of your hot cum before we go back down and join them."

"And I have just the fountain to serve you with," he grinned, rolling over next to her.

"God, Paul," whispered Jackie as she began gently stroking his limp cock. "I sure love this fuckin' cock of yours!"

As always when he gazed at her naked body, Paul was almost overwhelmed by Jackie's beauty. They'd been married eight years, and she seemed to grow more beautiful with every passing day. As with many redheads, Jackie had that soft, white skin that glistened like ivory. She had a smooth, curvaceous body, topped by two firm tits with the biggest fucking nipples Paul had ever seen. The beauty of her face was enhanced by a light dusting of freckles across her nose, and her amber eyes glowed with an ever-burning lust. Jackie's gorgeous features were crowned with a thick head of red hair that fell below her dazzling white shoulders.

Paul's eyes moved down over the soft, smooth plane of her tummy to her flaming triangle of pussy hair between her slightly-parted thighs. The quivering lips of her moist cunt were dripping with the hot juices that seemed to continually flow from her aroused pussy.

When his thick prick began to thicken in her grasp, Jackie slowly moved down and, sucked it into her mouth. After only a few swipes with her tongue, Paul's cock was as hard as a rock, glistening like wet marble as she lustily licked it. Placing his hands behind his head, the man sprawled out on his back while his wife lay on her belly between his legs, her mouth and tongue slavering excitedly over his throbbing cock. Except for fucking, there was nothing in the world that Jackie enjoyed more than sucking a man's hard prick. The feeling and flavor of a hard, drooling cock in her mouth was pure heaven to her, and the taste of thick, slippery cum drove her wild. Just thinking about the mouthful of jizz she'd soon be getting made Jackie suck harder on his thick, meaty cock.

Paul's entire body was quivering with excitement as Jackie licked up and down over his tingling cockhead. There was a sweet, teasing expression on her face that told him how much fun it was to suck him off. Her naughty eyes stayed riveted on his as she increased her sucking tempo. The sight of her sucking on the end of his prick was driving Paul wild.

"Oh, God!" Paul gasped. "You sure know how to go down on a guy!"

"I should," she giggled. "I've been suckin' you off for years."

Sucking more tightly on the fat hardness of his cock, Jackie took his cock deeper and deeper until she could feel his blunt knob probing the back of her throat. After swirling her tongue wetly around his juicy, big cock, while her lips nibbled around the meaty hardness of his cock, Jackie began rhythmically pumping up and down.

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