Ray Todd: The wifes vacation

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Ray Todd The wifes vacation
  • Название:
    The wifes vacation
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    Эротика, Секс / на английском языке
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    3 / 5
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Ray Todd

The wifes vacation

(tb – 1013)


Martin Fielding was watching his wife, Jan, sitting in the living room, surrounded by suit cases as she carefully went over her check list. Jan was a very practical woman and he knew that she would have everything in perfect order before she and their two daughters would leave for Pine Ridge the following morning.

In their eighteen years of marriage, Martin's wife had been very practical in everything she did. Not believing in frills, she always bought good long-lasting shoes that would give her lots of wear and comfort. She always bought dresses and skirts at a sensible length, never following the fashion trends. When short skins were in style, Jan's always looked too long, and when lower hem lines than in vogue, hers were a bit too short. She considered the practical length as just below the knees, and whatever fashion might dictate, that was always her length. She never bought anything except the finest fabrics and received many years of wear from her clothes.

As the years passed and Martin Fielding became a prosperous businessman, Jan had remained a very practical housewife who ran the home in a smooth prudent manner. Everything Jan did was orderly and well planned, like fucking every Saturday night unless she was having a period.

Jan was a very attractive woman in her mid-thirties with big smokey-grey eyes and long dark hair that she pulled back over her head and kept tied in a practical bun. Martin loved her very much, but his marriage was becoming more boring with every passing year. That was the reason he'd suggested that Jan take the girls up to Pine Ridge for a few weeks. Martin wanted some freedom with Judy Gordon, his secretary.

Judy was, about the same age as Jan, but that was where the similarity ended. His secretary was a vivacious divorcee with a wild love for fun and adventure. Her luscious big tits flopped freely around under her blouses and sweaters. The girl's short, tight skirts boldly revealed her wiggling ass and smooth curvaceous legs.

Martin had fucked the girl only twice, once in his office and later at a downtown motel, but he was aching to spend a few weeks with the horny little sex kitten while his family was out of town. Martin had no intention of breaking up his marriage, but he knew he'd blow his mind if he didn't spend a few weeks in total debauchery with his hot-cunted secretary. His ever-throbbing cock was testimony to his sexual frustrations, and he was going to get it out of his system.

He slowly turned his attention from his wife to Bonnie, his little twelve-year-old daughter. She was an extremely cute little kid with the same long dark hair as her mother, but with big blue eyes. Bonnie was a lively child who was always bubbling with fun and excitement. She was thrilled about their vacation at Pine Ridge and she was busy helping her mother check the list.

Next he turned his attention to their eldest daughter, seventeen-year-old Linda. Linda was a beautiful girl with long blonde hair and built like a brick shit house. Even Martin was very much aware of what a sexy body the girl had. Watching her sitting quietly in a chair, Martin couldn't understand why Linda wasn't more excited about the upcoming vacation.

Slumped in her chair, Linda's thoughts were more involved with fucking than the dumb trip to Pine Ridge. Now that she and Ken Turner had just discovered the joys of fucking, she certainly didn't want to leave town. Staring silently down at the floor, Linda was thinking about that first wonderful fuck she'd had only six days ago.

She and Ken Turner, a handsome young man of nineteen, had been attending a swimming party over at Gladys Conner's pool. While Linda had been in the kitchen filling glasses with punch, Ken had walked up behind her and put his arms around her. He was an older boy who was extremely popular and Linda was a bit flustered and excited when she realized who was holding her.

Linda vividly recalled the strange, tingling pleasure that rippled through her loins when she felt his stiff prick pressing against the crack of her ass-cheeks. Even though their swim suits separated their bare flesh, the feel of his rigid cock made her pussy burn and itch with excitement. With trembling hands she placed the glasses on the counter and slowly turned to face the handsome youth.

She pressed her body against his as he took her into his strong muscular anus. Since he was only wearing trunks and Linda a bikini, their bare stomachs burned deliciously against each other. With his hands moving sensually up and down her bare back, he kissed Linda.

Sifting in the living room with her parents and little sister, Linda vividly recalled her first French kiss. With their fiery lips locked in passion, Ken had boldly pushed his tongue into her mouth. It had, at first, shocked her. But then a delicious feeling flooded her body as she felt a hot wet seepage oozing out of her trembling slit. She could feel that big hard bulge in his trunks pressing against her flaming cunt as their excited bodies writhed together. Feeling his cock against her trembling belly, Linda wondered what it looked and felt like.

With their lips and tongues locked in a long deep kiss, Ken's experienced fingers deftly unfastened the strap of her bikini top, letting the cups drop down from her firm young tits.

She began trembling anew as she recalled how his warning hands moved over her rib cage and up against the rounded mounds of her young tits. The warm strength of his fingers caressing and kneading her pink pert nipples sent wild flames surging through her body. Hot juices began oozing out from between her trembling legs. He lowered his head and sucked one of her hard nipples into the moist warmth of his mouth.

Linda recalled how they'd suddenly heard someone entering the back door, bringing their delicious moment to an abrupt end. Slip had quickly scooped her bikini-top up from the floor and scuffled into another room to rearrange herself while Ken carried the glasses of punch out to the pool.

"Linda, why are you so quiet tonight?" her father said, bringing her back to reality.

"Fm just relaxing," she smiled at her father as Bonnie and her mother continued checking over the list.

"Aren't you excited about your vacation?" asked her dad.

"Sure," Linda grinned. "We're gonna have a ball."

"I'm sure you'll meet some handsome young men at Pine Ridge," her father teased, knowing that boys were of great interest to girls of Linda's age.

When her father mentioned handsome young men, Linda's thoughts quickly returned to that afternoon at the swimming party when she'd nervously returned to the pool, disappointed to see that Ken had casually joined a group of his friends. He had seemed to pay little attention to her until it was time for the party to break up.

"Linda," he'd said, walking up to her. "May I drive you home?"

"Sun. I guess so," she excitedly answered. "If you'll wait until I change."

Ken had waited in the car for her while she went into the house to dress.

"DO you have to get right home?" Ken asked as he started the car.

"Not for a while," she'd answered.

He drove directly to Grant Park and stopped in a thick grove of trees near the lake. When he turned off the engine, Ken quickly drew the lovely young girl into his arms. As Linda let out little gasps of pleasure, the young man slipped his hand up under her short skirt, running his fingers lightly over her thighs.

"Ooooooh," she mewled as his thick middle finger slipped beneath the elastic of her nylon panties, lightly probing at her hot juicy slit. She automatically squirmed up against him when she felt the hardness of his finger slipping into the hot moistness of her quivering cunt.

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