Ray Todd: Incest niece

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Ray Todd Incest niece
  • Название:
    Incest niece
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    Эротика, Секс / на английском языке
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Ray Todd

Incest niece


It was a lovely summer evening, and everyone on Dave Harper's patio was half drunk. The warm night air was filled with the sound of music from the blaring stereo, the tinkle of glass and the shrill laughter of the guests. Dave, father of an eighteen-year-old son, was sitting at a table with Greg and Shirley Morton, who lived next door.

His lovely wife, Susan, was mingling with the guests. While he was making small talk with Greg and Shirley, Dave was having a hard time keeping his eyes away from his young niece's shapely bare legs as she moved around the patio in her white tennis shorts. Barbie was a leggy young blonde who was spending the summer with them. Even though Barbie was his own sister's daughter, the sight of her shapely young body never failed to excite him.

Later in the evening, when most of the guests were quite drunk, Dave noticed that his niece was no longer on the patio, but he paid little attention to it because Shirley Morton had captured all of his attention. Sitting next to him at the table, the beautiful thirty-year old redhead had been persistently rubbing her thigh against his for the last several minutes. Shirley, who was married to a man fifteen years her senior, was a notorious flirt, but this was the first time she'd ever been so bold with Dave.

Dave's wife, Susan, was also sitting at the table with them, but she didn't seem to notice the advances Shirley was making toward her husband. Moments later, when Susan excused herself to look after some of the other guests, Shirley slipped her hand under the table and brazenly rested it on the crotch of his pants.

"Oh, Dave," Shirley giggled when she felt his prick starting to swell under her caress. "You're getting a hard-on, you naughty man."

"Hey, take it easy," he whispered. "Someone will see you."

"Don't you like having your cock rubbed?" teased the beautiful redhead.

"Of course I do," he nervously answered, "but not in public."

"Then let's go somewhere where we can be alone," she said in a throaty whisper. "I'm sure in the rood for your cock."

"Where would we go?"

"Don't be silly," she giggled. "You have plenty of bedrooms in this house."

"But what would the other people say if we disappeared?" he asked, becoming more and more excited as Shirley rubbed and squeezed his throbbing prick through the thin material of his pants.

"They're all too drunk to even notice," she answered, giving his dick another loving squeeze.

"Okay," he finally agreed. "You go into the kitchen and I'll join you in a few minutes."

Glancing around for his wife after Shirley had gone, he saw that she was deeply engrossed in a conversation with a group of people. Joining Shirley in the kitchen, he quickly led her up the back stairs to the guestroom.

Just as they stepped through the door, Dave pulled the beautiful redhead into his arms. Kissing her soft, wet mouth, he ground his stiff cock against her loins, feeling the heat from her cunt radiating through her clothes. With his tongue passionately exploring her mouth, he began humping his groin against her pussy. Panting excitedly, he clutched her softly rounded buttocks with both hands, pressing his fingers into the deep crevice between her asscheeks. He pulled her tighter to him, pumping his cock against her in a hunching motion, like a rutting animal.

"Oh, God, Dave," she hotly whispered, pressing her billowing tits against his chest. "I just wanta be fucked to death with your beautiful big prick!"

Both were so filled with their depraved lust that neither of them saw his niece lying on the bed in her nightie. Barbie had first gone to bed in her own room, which overlooked the patio, but there was so much noise that she'd come to this room to sleep. She watched her uncle and Shirley lewdly embracing by the door, and knew they'd soon be heading for bed. Not wanting to embarrass them by her presence, she quickly crawled out of bed and slipped into the closet so she wouldn't be seen.

"Oh, baby," she heard Shirley whisper. "I'm gonna make your big cock hum tonight."

Then, reaching down between their squirming bodies, the redhead grasped his thick boner through the thin material of his pants.

"Oh, give it to me, honey!" she sobbed. "Give me your beautiful prick!"

She began to feverishly squeeze and pull on his thick meat, her hands trembling with anticipation.

"Take it out," she panted. "Pull out your Goddamn prick!"

When he didn't respond quickly enough, the excited woman yanked down his zipper and thrust her hand in through the gaping opening of his fly.

"Jesus, this is a nice big cock!" she panted, stabbing her hot wet tongue into his mouth as she curled her fingers around the throbbing length of his thick, naked boner. Lustily jerking it up and down, she tightened her grip on his shaft until she felt the head of his cock swelling even larger with a throbbing passion.

Pulling his hands from her ass, Dave leaned back against the doorjamb and cupped his fingers around the firm mounds of her luscious breasts. He thrilled to the delicious feel of her tits against his palms. Excitedly squeezing and pulling on her beautiful boobs, Dave could feel the hard stiffness of her erect nipples through the thin material of her dress.

Peeking from the closet, Barbie watched Shirley pull his big cock out of his pants. His long, thick shaft was colored almost a milky white at the base, but the head was a shiny lavender color, one of the most exciting sights Barbie had ever seen. The pretty young blonde could feel herself getting all hot and wet between her legs as she watched Shirley's hand slowly sliding his thick rubbery foreskin up and down over the length of his bloated tool. This was the first cock that Barbie had ever seen, and she couldn't believe the size of it.

Suddenly releasing his big prick, Shirley moved across the room and threw herself onto the bed.

"Dave, honey," she whispered, lifting her skin, exposing the scanty white panties that just barely covered her pussy. "Please come here, and lick my cunt!"

The man slowly walked toward her, his big naked cock jutting out from the opening in the front of his pants. His breath was coming in hot, short gasps as intense excitement churned throughout his body. The beautiful woman's creamy thighs were spread wide apart for him as he dropped to his knees between hers. Lowering his face, he could see the soft tangle of red curls that were easily visible through the wet crotchband of her almost transparent panties.

"Lick me, honey!" she squealed feverishly, pulling his face hard to her cunt, shoving his open mouth firmly onto her swollen pussymound.

Inhaling the heavenly scent of her twat, he began running his tongue up and down, licking at her oozing cunt through the thin material of her panties. Her pussy was leaking the hot juices into the crotch piece of her brief undergarment, and her softly rounded belly was jerking spasmodically as she squeezed her deliciously naked thighs against his face.

"Take 'em off," whispered Shirley. "I want your tongue in my cunt!"

Barbie was staring excitedly as her uncle hooked his fingers into the waist of the panties. Shirley thrust her hips upward to assist him. The closet was very near the bed, and Barbie could clearly see Shirley's twat when Dave pulled her pants off. Her cunt was swollen, puffy with desire, and was fringed with a soft growth of lustrous red hair. The lips of her slippery twat were spread open like the petals of a flower as the moist, pink flesh quivered with anticipation. Barbie could see hat juices leaking from her oozing slit, running down over the crack of her shapely ass. When her uncle lowered his face down to Shirley's swampy, naked crotch, Barbie suddenly wished that it was her own twat he was licking.

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