Ray Todd: Incest and neighbors

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Ray Todd Incest and neighbors
  • Название:
    Incest and neighbors
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    Эротика, Секс / на английском языке
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    3 / 5
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Ray Todd

Incest and neighbors


It was a warm summer afternoon and little Susan Caldwell was walking home from the park. Susan was a very attractive youngster with an exceptionally cute figure and long light-brown hair that flowed halfway down her back. The pretty virgin had a glow in her eyes because her little boyfriend, Chuck Warren, had just been finger-fucking her in the park while she jacked him off.

Her mother had passed away almost four years ago and her dad, Keith Caldwell, was raising Susan as well as her sister, Kelly, and her brother, Ron, who was eighteen. Susan liked her big brother very much, but it pissed her off that Kelly was her father's pet. Ever since their mother had passed away, he'd shown favoritism toward her older sister, and Susan usually got the blame and was punished for things Kelly had actually done.

As Susan approached her home, she waved to Sharon Reed who was trimming some shrubs in her front garden.

"Hi, Mrs. Reed!" she called.

"Hello, Susan," answered the redhead whose attractive figure was well displayed in the shorts and halter she was wearing.

Sharon Reed was an exceptionally attractive thirty-five-year-old divorcee with a teenage daughter named Lori who went steady with Susan's big brother.

As she entered her own house. Susan was pleased at how nice and cool it was inside. The girl thought she was alone in the house until she heard Kelly giggling in her bedroom. Susan was about to enter her older sister's room when she was suddenly stunned by what she beard.

"Oh, Daddy," she heard Kelly pant. "I just love your nice hard cock."

The door was slightly ajar, and, unable to believe what she was hearing, Susan peered through the open crack. The teenager breath caught in her throat when she saw her father and sister spread out naked on the bed, but the thing that really shocked her was the huge cock Kelly was holding in her hand. Susan had just finished jacking off Chuck's five-inch prick, but she couldn't believe anyone could have had a hard-on as big as her dad's. His cock was at least ten inches long and as big around as her wrist.

Sprawled out next to her father, Kelly was lazily sliding the tightly stretched cock-skin up and down over his naked prick while he lovingly caressed her hard, swollen nipples.

"God, darling!" the man whispered as he lovingly stroked her luscious tits. "I don't know what I'd ever done if you hadn't come to my bed after your mother passed away."

"I instinctively knew you needed a female body."

"You were sure a naive little virgin." He smiled. "But it didn't take you long to learn what to do."

"That was because you were such a neat teacher," murmured Kelly, giving her father's big prick an extra loving squeeze. "And now I think fucking is the neatest thing in the world. I let two guys fuck me on the patio last night."

"That's fine, darling," answered her father. "Did it feel good?"

"Of course it did, silly," she giggled. "All fucks feel good, but yours are the best of all."

As the beautiful young blonde lowered her face closer to her father's throbbing cock, her nostrils flared excitedly from the delightful musky aroma that was rising from his hairy loins.

Watching with disbelieving eyes, Susan was completely stunned to see Kelly's tongue come out and swipe wetly across her dad's big plum colored prick-knob. She couldn't imagine anyone touching a man's pissy cock with her mouth. Susan almost puked as she watched her older sister's tongue swirling around her father's big shiny prick.

"Oh, you sweet child," panted her father.

Kelly's hand held the thick root of his prick. The man's cockhead pointed straight up toward her mouth as the teenage girl's tongue wetly lashed at his prick. Leaning back on his elbows, he excitedly watched as his lovely little daughter's soft moist lips slid down around the sensitive head of his cock.

Standing by the doors Susan could clearly hear her dad panting excitedly as Kelly licked and sucked on the end of his throbbing prick. With her initial shock turning to fascination, Susan watched the way her dad was unconsciously twisting and pulling on Kelly's long blonde hair as she passionately sucked and licked on his big steaming cock.

With her eyes closed in rapture, Kelly rhythmically moved her head up and down, her wet lips gliding over his thick cock as she affectionately squeezed and rolled his balls around in her hand. Taking his delicious naked cock deeper and deeper into her mouth as she sucked, Kelly had her dad twitching with joy. He continued unconsciously digging, nibbling around his bloated cock again while she thoroughly washed his prick with her tongue. Not taking his prick inside her mouth, she just ran her lips and tongue up and down over the length of his cock until his prick was obscenely coated with her frothy spit.

Knowing she had successfully postponed his climax for a little while, Kelly brushed her long blonde hair back from her face and lowered her mouth down over his lurching prick again. Gently cupping his lusty balls in her free hand, the depraved little blonde sucked her father's cock deeper into her warm slavering mouth.

God, how the horny teenager loved the feel of the crinkled skin on her father's big hair covered balls. The thrilling texture of his bloated ball-sac always sent delicious little tingles streaking through her always-horny little cunt. There was something about the weight of any man's big swollen balls in her hand that always turned her on.

"That's it, baby," he choked with pleasure. "You cute little cock-sucker."

It always made Kelly happy when she knew she was pleasing her father, and little beads of perspiration stood out on her upper lip as her hot slurping mouth sucked deeper and harder on his throbbing cockhead. As her father always did when he got excited, the man began slowly rocking his hips back and forth, fucking his prick in and out between his daughter's sucking grasping lips.

Knowing what he was waiting for, Kelly released his balls and reached back under them until she found the deep sweaty crevice between his sinewy asscheeks. Probing through the hair around his asshole as he'd taught her to do years ago, her naughty middle finger finally discovered the tight ring of his quivering asshole.

"D'ya like that?" she giggled, aware of how much he always enjoyed what she was doing.

Knowing how much it thrilled him when she screwed her finger deep into his asshole, she probed the tip of her finger around his tightly puckered shitter, feeling his lean muscular asscheeks quivering with anticipation.

"Give it to me!" he roared, unable to stand the suspense any longer.

As she passionately sucked on his big juicy prick, she slipped the tip of her finger through the tight ring of his asshole.

"That's it, baby! That's it!" he shouted with glee.

Ramming her finger all the way up his asshole, Kelly sucked even harder on his fucking cock, aware that he was on the verge of shooting his wad.

"In here!" she suddenly squealed, releasing his prick from her mouth as she rolled onto her back and spread her shapely legs for him. "Shoot your hot jism in here!"

"Are you ready?" he excitedly panted as he crawled up between her delicious splayed thighs.

"You better bet your sweet ass I am," Kelly giggled. "I'm ready for everything you've got, Daddy."

Little Susan couldn't believe what was happening. It was bad enough that Kelly had been sucking and licking her dad's big cock, but the idea of him fucking his own daughter was outrageous. Susan could hear her heart pounding loudly in her breast as she watched her father's huge prick slowly advancing toward Kelly's cunt.

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