Ray Todd: Mom,Dad and daughter

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Ray Todd Mom,Dad and daughter
  • Название:
    Mom,Dad and daughter
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    Эротика, Секс / на английском языке
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Ray Todd

Mom,Dad and daughter


Waiting for her date to pick her up, Melanie Gage was sitting in the living room with her mother and father. There was a heavy silence in the room as all three of them were immersed in their own private thoughts. Martin Gage, Melanie's father, was thinking about the new sales campaign he was going to put into operation at his store, but Melanie's thoughts were on her boy friend, Dean Palmer.

Melanie was a lovely girl of eighteen with bright blue eyes, long brown hair and a pair of tits as large as her beautiful big-breasted mother's. The one thing that mother and daughter had in common was beauty and big tits. Thinking about Dean, her boy friend, Melanie was wondering if he would try to fuck her again tonight. Her parents had only allowed her to start dating a couple of months ago, and at first Dean had made no sexual advances toward her, but lately he was getting more and more aggressive, letting the girl know that he expected her to sooner or later put out for him.

Having been screwed by two of the neighborhood guys, Melanie had found the experience a bit unpleasant and wasn't particularly anxious to start an affair with Dean. She was quite worried about it because she was very fond of the big blond boy and didn't want to lose him to some hot-cunted chippie. AS much as she enjoyed being with Dean, she wasn't looking forward to that nightly struggle in the boy's parked car.

Anne Gage, the girl's beautiful dark haired mother was also in deep thought. She'd received a very disturbing phone call today from Michael Lockhart, a man who'd been her lover before she married Melanie's father over eighteen years ago. She'd had a torrid romance with the handsome man the summer after graduating from high school. Michael had popped her cherry on their second date, and the two of them had fucked morning, noon and night until he'd been drafted into the army.

Anne had met and married her husband, Martin, while Michael was in the service, and she'd never heard another word from him until he'd called her on the phone this morning. Hearing his voice again, after all these years had stirred up the wild passions she'd felt for him so long ago. Michael had been living in the Midwest with his wife for the past several years, and when they were recently divorced, he'd returned to his home town for the first time. One of the first things he'd done on his arrival was to call Anne, and the beautiful woman had almost creamed her panties when she heard his still familiar voice on the other end of the line.

Thrilled that he'd called her after all these years, she'd excitedly asked him to drop over for coffee tomorrow morning, and now she was regretting her action. Anne realized she shouldn't have asked him to come aver when her husband and daughter would be away, but she had this overpowering desire to see the man alone.

With Martin working such long, hard hours at his store, much of the bloom had rubbed off their marriage, and the thought of seeing Michael again was very intriguing to the woman. She felt a bit deceitful for having invited the man over, but she just had to see if he was still as handsome as she'd remembered him to be.

Her deep thoughts were momentarily interrupted when she saw the lights of Dean's car turning into the driveway.

"Here he is," beamed Melanie, jumping to her feet.

After kissing her parents on their cheeks and promising to be home early, the lovely girl hurried out the door.

"Hi, honey," she smiled, jumping into the boy's car.

"How's my doll tonight?" grinned Dean, putting the car in gear and backing out of the driveway.

As she'd expected, he drove directly to the secluded area near the river where most of the local people went to make out. Turning off the ignition and lights the handsome teen gasped Melanie in his arms and drew her close to him without making any preliminary advances.

"Dean… please?" she giggled, turning her lips away from his. "Take it easy for a minute."

"Why?" panted the teen, pulling her closer to him.

"Don't rush me so fast," she whispered, smiling up at him with loving eyes. "Now just kiss me tenderly."

A delicious warmth flowed through her body when her soft yielding lips met his. Squirming excitedly, Melanie began sucking passionately on the tongue he slipped into her sweet moist mouth. Her soft body pressing against his confirmed to the teen that she was without a bra, as usual. Slipping a hand between their closely pressed bodies, he began exuberantly fondling her tits through the material of her blouse as their parted lips passionately clung together.

As long as Dean didn't go too far, Melanie secretly enjoyed it when the handsome man messed around with her boobs, but tonight it seemed to excite her more than usual. She was responding heatedly to his aggressive caresses and to the way his tongue was frenching her sensuously opened mouth. Usually she pretended distaste when he began fooling around with her boobs, but tonight as they passionately kissed, she was excitedly squirming up against his hands, letting her big titties roll deliciously in his palms.

When the deep passionate kiss finally ended, she lay back in his arms, allowing him to unbutton the front of her blouse for the first time. She felt all hot and wet between her legs as he parted the front of her blouse, letting her luscious big tits spill out.

"Oh, Melanie," whispered the teen as he got his first look at her big naked boobs and her hard goose-bumpy nipples. "Those are the prettiest tits in the world."

A delicious warmth washed through her body when she saw the impassioned expression in his eyes as he lovingly gazed at her creamy globes under the bright light of the moon. Melanie's pink turgid nipples were swollen and erect from the way his fingers had been caressing them.

"Oh, Dean," she whispered as she melted against him, anxious to feel his hands on her bare naked tits for the first time.

Completely removing her blouse, Dean gave the trembling girl another passionate tongue sucking kiss as he ran his hands up and down over her smooth naked back. Finally removing his tongue from her hotly panting mouth, his lips moved down over her chin and along her throat and then to the deep cleavage between her heaving tits. Cupping his hand beneath one of her soft full tits, he lifted the quivering globe of naked flesh until his lips moistly covered her hard tingling nipple.

As Dean sucked deep and hard on her tits, Melanie was writhing passionately on the seat of the car, her fingers excitedly threading though the teen's thick head of blond hair. She was getting sopping wet between her legs as the handsome man's mouth pulled and sucked first on one nipple and then the other, sending delicious tremors streaking through her body. Melanie had never let Dean go this far with her before, and right now the aroused teenager was secretly hoping he'd go even further.

Because her pussy was getting so hot and wet, Melanie had to spread her sticky thighs apart, and that was when Dean thrust his hand up under her skirt. The girl realized she should stop him, but in her high state of arousal she didn't have the will to do it. The beautiful girl was trembling with excitement as she felt his hand creeping up along the tingling flesh of her bare inner thigh, and when his fingers touched the thin hot crotch of her wet panties, Melanie almost fainted.

"Oh, Dean, darling," she passionately whispered. "Please fuck me."

"What?" gasped the unbelieving teen.

"Please fuck me," she panted, suddenly realizing how much she wanted to be laid. After all, she wasn't a virgin and she suddenly felt hot to fuck. It had been silly to fight him off for such a long time when she secretly wanted to screw as badly as he did.

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