Ray Todd: Incest niece

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Ray Todd Incest niece
  • Название:
    Incest niece
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  • Жанр:
    Эротика, Секс / на английском языке
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    5 / 5
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His earlier embarrassment now completely gone, Stan filled his mouth with her creamy tit. His tongue swirled deliciously around her tingling nipple, making her body writhe madly with an intense pleasure. When her boob was completely lathered up with his spit, he turned his attention to her other tasty tit.

"Oh, honey!" she whispered hotly when he finally lifted his face from her nipples. "Please, finish undressing me!"

Quickly lowering the zipper of Barbie's shorts, he peeled them off as she wiggled her hips to help him. Next, he curled his fingers into the waistband of her panties, and rolled them down over her smooth shapely legs, deliciously revealing the pink cunt slit that peeked out through her golden triangle of pussy hair.

Letting out a soft groan, the excited young man drew her delightfully naked body into his arms, mercilessly mashing her full tits against his smooth, bare chest. Writhing wildly against her, he felt his hard cock burning into the smooth flesh of her flat belly.

Completely overwhelmed by the silky feel of her naked flesh, he quickly rolled over on top of her, his swollen cock pounding urgently against her thighs. Passionately kissing her moistly parted lips, he moved his hands down until he found the soft bush of cunt hair between her slightly spread legs. Moving his face downward, he gobbled up one of her swollen nipples, making her squeal with wanton pleasure.

"Oh, honey!" she moaned with rapture, her hips jerking upward when his finger made contact with her oozing slit. "Stick it in me! For God's sake, ram your finger up my cunt!"

Spreading the loose, wet lips of her hot pussy apart with his fingertips, he could feel her slippery juices oozing out. Completely overwhelmed by what was happening to him, Stan wormed his thick middle finger between the soft slippery lips of the first twat he'd ever seen or touched.

"Oh!" she squealed, her body stiffening with lusty joy.

"Am I hurting you?" he gasped, starting to withdraw his finger.

"Fuck no! You're not hurting me!" she whimpered. "Ram it in deeper!"

His heart pounding madly in his chest, he shoved the entire length of his finger right into her hot, slippery slit. As his thick middle finger twisted and screwed around in the fiery depths of her cunt-hole, Barbie wantonly undulated her hips, writhing her pussy all over the length of his invading digit.

The beautiful blonde shivered with ecstasy as his lips left her tits and slowly kissed their way down to her adorable little belly button.

"Oh, honey," she heatedly whispered. "Will you kiss my pussy?"

"What?" gasped the inexperienced young man.

"I want you to lick my twat," she excitedly panted. "I love a big, thick tongue in my cunt."

The idea of licking a hairy cunt seemed a bit dirty to him at first, but he decided to do whatever his pretty girlfriend asked.

"Oh, God, yes!" sobbed Barbie when Stan lowered his face down toward her steaming crotch.

A delicious warmth flooded the little blonde's naked loins when she felt his warm breath waft over her open cuntlips. Staring down through half-closed eyes, Barbie watched the young man's face disappear between her widely spread thighs. She let out a soft whimper of delight when Stan's tongue first made contact with her feverishly hot pussylips.

"Oooooh, yes!" she cried, almost losing control of herself when his tongue suddenly stabbed into her hot, juicy slit. Frantically humping her hips around on the couch, Barbie reached down and curled her fingers into his hair, pulling his mouth down tighter into her swampy twat.

Excitedly licking a cunt for the first time in his life, Stan seemed to instinctively knew how to bring her the most pleasure. Swirling his tongue around the most sensitive parts of the young blonde's overheated cunt, Stan reached down under her lush butt and slipped the tip of his middle finger into her tightly fucked asshole.

"Oh, you sweet baby!" whimpered Barbie, feeling Stan's tongue lapping her tingling clit as his finger twisted around so deliciously in her hot little ass.

Sobbing and moaning from the intense joy she was feeling, Barbie squeezed her soft, naked thighs more tightly over his juice-slickened face. The overpowering rapture was racing so rapidly through the horny blonde's body that she could hardly comprehend what was happening. As Stan's tongue brought Barbie closer and closer to a climax, her entire body began tensing, and jerking with intense lust.

"Oh, honey!" she cried, shoving his face away from her smoldering crotch. "Now, shove your cock into my cunt! I'm ready for a nice, hot fucked."

No longer the least bit shy, Stan quickly moved up her body, lowering his hips between her widely parted thighs. Softly moaning, Barbie slipped her hand between their bodies and wrapped her fingers around his pulsing cock. Shivering with anticipation, she guided the bloated cockhead toward her hotly waiting cunt hole.

"Easy darling," she whispered as she parted her slick, slippery twat lips with the big purple knob of his throbbing shaft. "Just relax, and take it easy. Just push slowly until it's all the way in, up to your balls." Clinging tightly to the young man, Barbie could feel his delicious thick dong sinking deeper and deeper into her wet fuckhole.

"Oh, God," he moaned into her ear when the entire length of his heavy dork was completely buried in her tight little cunt. "Jesus! It feels so and squishy in there!"

"You can bet your sweet ass it's hot and squishy," giggled the girl. "Just wait till you start fucking your cock in and out!"

After laying still for several moments, they began to move. It was an almost imperceptible motion at first, gradually growing as he began swirling his hard young cock around in her squeezing little hole. He continued to increase the tempo and power of his thrusts, until his cockhead was banging into the depths of her scalding cunt.

Then, just as Barbie started fucking back to him, she felt his body starting to tense and stiffen, signaling that he was about to come, much too soon. Not wanting their first fuck to be just another quickie, Barbie decided to quickly suck off the inexperienced young man. Then he'd be able to last a lot longer in her cunt with his second erection. Uncle Dave had just recently taught her how to give him a blow-job, and Barbie was anxious to taste Stan's cum.

"Get off," she whispered, gently pushing his chest.

"What's the matter?" gasped Stan, his voice filled with disappointment.

"Nothing." She smiled when he pulled his thick, cream-coated prick out of her grasping little hole. "I have a nice treat for you before we start fuckin' again. Just roll over on your back."

When he'd done as she suggested Barbie moved down and lowered her mouth to his thick cock, delightfully lapping her tongue over the sensitive underside, just as Uncle Dave had taught her. Then, raising her head up slowly, she slid the bloated head of his hard cock across the roof of her mouth while lightly tickling it with her tongue. Then she plunged her lips back down again, thrilled at the way his cock probed the very back of her throat.

Staring wide-eyed at the beautiful girl's sucking face, Stan could hardly believe what was happening to him. The sight of Barbie sucking his prick was almost as exciting as the feel of it. She looked so beautiful, her lovely face bobbing up and down as her deliciously ovaled lips sucked and slurped on his wet, glistening tool.

Trembling with intense sensual pleasure, Stan clutched the edge of the cushion as her lips and tongue traveled all over the sensitive skin of his naked prick. Nothing else mattered to the young man except the hot suction of her soft, wet, and warm lips around his cockhead.

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