Oliver Bowden: Renaissance

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Oliver Bowden Renaissance
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Oliver Bowden


Chapter 1

Shining and flickering torches on the top of the towers of the Palazzo Vecchio, the Bargello, and only a few lanterns Destedresser was in the cathedral square, slightly towards the north. Some more lighted docks along the banks of the Arno River where late it out for a city where most people would retire to his home with the arrival of the night, were distinguished in the darkness a few sailors and longshoremen. Some of the sailors still working on their boats and boats, urgestwo to bring out the latest gear repairs androllar adequately covers the ends of freshly scrubbed dark, while dock workers rushed dragging or carrying loads to enclose them in the safety of nearby stores.

Also in the taverns and brothels twinkling lights, but very few people roamed the streets. Seven years had elapsed since the Lorenzo de Medici, who was then withtobacco twenty years, was elected to govern the city, bringing with him at least some sense of order and calm to intense rivalidity exists among the main families of bankers and merFlorence hip had become one of the richest cities in the world. However, the city had ceased to be in constant turmoil, as the factions have fought ceaselesslyCERSE with control, some of them changing their alliances, while remaining as other eternal and implacable enemies.

Florence, in the year of our Lord 1476, even on a spring night permeated by the sweet smell of jasmine, when it was almost possible to forget the stench of the Arno if the wind was blowing in the diright direction, it was the safest place to stroll after sunset.

The moon had appeared in a cobalt blue sky, dominating over a host of stars who accompanied him. DerraMaba its light on the square where the Ponte Vecchio, their crowded tents in the dark and silent now, united with the north bank of river. Its light also discovered a black-clad figure standing sober the roof of the church of Santo Stefano al Ponte. A young man of only seventeen, but tall and proud. Looking to concentrateconcentration in the neighborhood, put a hand to his mouth and whistled, a mild but penetrating sound. In response, first one, then three, desas a dozen, and finally a minimum of twenty men, young men like him, dressed mostly in black, some wearing hoods or hats blood red, green or dark blue, all with swords and daggers in his belt, emerged from the dark streets and arcades towardsGreg on the square. The young band of dangerous aspect desFan-folded, his movements sure and arrogant.

The young man looked down at the faces of impatience, under the pale moonlight, watching him. He raised his fist above his head as a defiant salute.

– Stand together! He shouted, and they also raisedwere the fist, some drew their weapons and soft, and cheered:

– United!

The young man fell at full speed, like a cat, by the faChada unfinished, from the roof to the porch of the church, and from there jumped up, his cloak flying, to land squatting and smoothly through all of them. They gathered around expectantly.

– Hush, my friends! He raised his hand to silence a single and aloneio cry. He smiled grimly.Do you know why I have gathered here tonight, to you, my closest aliatwo? For help. I have stayed too long on whetherlence while our enemy, you know who I mean, Vieri de 'Pazzi, this city has come to slander my family, arrasstrating our name through the mud and trying to ma patheticdegrade manner. Not normally stoop to herd mehe kicked a mangy stray dog like that, but…

Was interrupted at the time that a large stoneof, timing, launched from the bridge, landed at his feet.

"Just as with your nonsense, grullo Shouted a voice.

The young man returned with his group, like a unitca person, in the direction of the voice. I knew who it belonged to. CruZande bridge from the south approached another young band. Their leader strutting his head, his red cloak, fastened by a gold brooch adorned with dolphins and crosses on a blue background, covering the black velvet suit, hand on the hilt of his sword. He was tolerably attractive appearance desfigured by a cruel mouth and a weak chin, and even being somewhat coarse, the strength of his arms and legs was beyond doubt.

"Buona sera, Vieri said the young man quietly. Just then we were talking about you. "And made a reveence with exaggerated courtesy, simultaneously adopting a formershock pressure. But you must forgive me. Did not expect you personally. Pazzi always believed that they hired others to hiciesen them the dirty work.

Vieri came and stood up when he and his troop detusaw a few meters away.

– Ezio Auditore! You're a darling puppy! I would say that is your family of pen pushers and accountants who always comes running to the guard as the weakest peeps sign of trouble. Codardo! -Tight grip on the handle ispada. You're afraid to address the situation, I think.

"What can I say, Vieri engaged. The last time I saw your sister Viola seemed quite satisfied with the treatment I gave him. -Ezio Auditore gave his enemy a wide smiledsa happy to hear the giggles of his fellow obscured his isPalden.

But I knew I had gone too far. Vieri was already red with rage.

– Enough is enough, asshole! Let's see if you can fight as well as sputtering! He turned his head toward his men, his sword and shouted, "Kill those bastards!

Then another stone spun through the air, but this time it was a challenge. Ezio gave a glancing blow in the brakingyou, opening a bloody wound. Ezio staggered for an instantSo while fans threw Vieri a storm of stones. His men barely had time to recover before having the band over Pazzi, who ran across the bridge to pounce on Ezio and his men. Took the fight up so suddenly that they hardly had time to swing swords, daggers and even less so that both sides clashed inTRADA only with his fists.

The battle was hard and unrelenting, brutal kicks and punches connected with the sickening sound of broken bones. For a while he could have opted in either way, but then Ezio, his vision slightly affected by the blood from his forehead, he saw two of his best men take a wrong step, falling and being trampled on by bullies de 'Pazzi. Vieri laughed and Ezio near, prepared to stoke a new blow to the head with a large stone. Ezio was set cucliTthe and dodged, but the danger had been too close to feel calm and now band Auditore was taking the brunt. Ezio got, before joining the whole, draw his dagger and stab blindly but successfully, musas a robust Pazzi henchman threatening him with his sword and dagger drawn. Ezio's dagger pierced tissue, muscle and tendon and the man let out a howl of agony and fell bendsdo, dropping their weapons and taking both hands to a wound that continued to sprout blood.

Desperately struggling to his feet, looked around Ezio. Pazzi saw that had surrounded his men, who had cornered against a wall of the church. Noting that forces recovered his legs, he headed for his teammates. Dodged the cutting edge of another henchman and got connected Pazzitar a punch to the jaw of that bearded guy. Had the satisfaction to see fly a few teeth and his opponent to his knees, stunned by the blow. He shouted to his men giving AniWe, though in reality his thoughts were focused on finding ways to beat a retreat with the greatest dignity possible. At that time, exceeding the noise of the conflict isspoon a loud voice, cheerful and very familiar calling him from behind the band Pazzi.

"Hello, fratellino, What the hell are you?

Ezio's heart leapt with relief and managed to say in a broken voice:

– Hi, Fred! What are you doing here? I thought you'd be partying as usual!

– Nonsense! I knew you had something planned and I decided to seening to see if my brother had learned at last to take care of himself. But I think you still have to learn a few lessons!

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