Эндрю Маккей: Star Cat: War Mage

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Эндрю Маккей Star Cat: War Mage
  • Название:
    Star Cat: War Mage
  • Автор:
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    Chrome Valley Books
  • Жанр:
    Фантастика и фэнтези / sf_space_opera / на английском языке
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  • Рейтинг книги:
    4 / 5
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Our universe is a mother. Don’t be fooled by her adorable exterior. The heart of a vicious killer lies within Jelly Anderson. Soon, she’ll be fighting for two… It impregnated her with a gift she must protect at all costs. Jelly and her crew on Space Opera Beta are outnumbered and outgunned. Aliens have invaded the ship and are on the hunt for fresh blood. They’re waiting for their sister ship to come and save them. Rescue or death. Only one will come first. The crew will train Jelly to defend herself. Wool will teach her to suppress her catty instincts. Jaycee will teach her how to use weapons. Bonnie will teach her how to kick ass. It’s their only shot at survival. In training an animal, they may have created a monster. Prey is about to become predator. Jelly Anderson came to save the universe and kick some ass. Now, she’s all out of universe… Scroll up and one click Star Cat 3: War Mage right now. The young adult sci-fi action behemoth that sinks its claws in and refuses to let go… The STAR CAT Series: Star Cat: Infinity Claws Star Cat 2: Pink Symphony Star Cat 3: War Mage Star Cat 4: Killer Instinct (Coming Soon: July 2018.) Star Cat: Origins - The short story prequel (Download this book for FREE here: )

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Samuel’s chest opened in a hail of blood and fragments of flesh and bone. He slumped to his knees and clutched at his heart, bringing Kaoz’s smoking gun to sight a few feet behind him.

The board members gasped in terror and kept their arms in the air.

Samuel slumped face-first to the ground, dead.

“Six for six. A unanimous decision,” Maar returned to his chair and folded his arms, “Anyone got a problem with that?”

The board members shook their heads with great enthusiasm.

“Good. You can put your hands down, now.”

Crain looked up from the desk and winced at the executed corpse bleeding across the floor. He felt like throwing up as he distributed the papers along to each person around the desk.

“My colleague, Crain, here, would like you to sign these NDAs,” Maar said to the board, “If anyone discovers my whereabouts, I will know it was one of you who told them. There will be ramifications for violating these non-disclosure agreements.”

The board members could barely keep their hands still as they signed the papers.

“Sign them.”

They jumped in their seats as Kaoz hovered over them, “You want me to start executing them one by one, Maar?”

“Kaoz, bad doggy!” Maar joked. “Be nice to our friends.”

Each board member signed the document without reading a single word. It was either that or risk getting shot.

“It’s unlikely we’ll all see each other again, of course,” Maar nodded at Crain to collect the papers. The old man did as instructed and collected them up from each person.

“Sorry. Can I just take this, please?”

Maar watched as he moved on to the next board member, “My colleague, Kaoz, will escort you back to your cars. If you’re feeling nervous about your association with USARIC, then fair enough. I can’t say I’d be surprised.”

Kaoz rounded the six board members up and pointed at the door, “Move.”

“Yes, okay,” they hastened over to the door, hoping not to get killed.

“See you idiots later,” Maar rubbed his hands together and looked at Crain at the other end of the desk, “Good?”


“I’m going insane cooped up in here, man,” Maar kicked the table.

Crain jumped in his seat with fright, “I know y-you are, Maar.”

“You have no idea.”

“You do realize that you’ve just contravened every rule in the Infinity Clause, don’t you?”


“And rendered the Bering Treaty practically useless?”


“If any of this gets out it might star War World Four.”

“It won’t get out.”

“There are six chances making their way to their cars right now,” Crain slammed the signed documents on the desk. The feeling of guilt tugged at his insides.

“Ah, when Charlie returns with the goods and we’re celebrated as heroes, I’m sure their stock going up by three points at least will dampen the blow.”

“Who else knows what’s going on? Other than them, and you and me?”

“Just this imbecile,” Maar kicked Samuel’s bloodied body, “I don’t think he’s going to open his mouth, though.”

“I want you to know something, Maar Sheck,” Crain backed up to the door, “I knew nothing. Don’t you involve me in this. If anyone asks, I’ll tell them you put me up to it.”

Maar chuckled as he watched Crain exit the room, “Fair enough. Oh, and by the way, can you send some lackey down here to clear this corpse away before it stinks the room up?”

“You’re a madman,” Crain slammed the door behind him.

* * *

Kaoz watched each of the six board members climb into the back of their waiting limousines. He held his mouthpiece in his fingertips and watched the first two cars drive off.

“This is Kaoz. Do you read me?”

“I read you,” Oxade’s voice came through Kaoz’s earpiece, “Have they left yet?”

“Yes, they’re leaving R&D, now.”

“Good. How did it go?”

“All good. We got a unanimous decision to go and blast Opera Beta into the next multiverse…”

USARIC Headquarters Cape Claudius, South Texas, USA

“Yes! That’s amaziant,” Oxade punched the air as he made his way into the animal compound. He clutched the grip on his rifle and held out his glove to the panel on the wall.

“Signatures all down?”

“You know it,” Kaoz’s voice beamed into his head.

“How did he get them to agree?”

The door to the animal compound slid open. The illuminated control hub loomed in the middle of the room, “I guess you could say it was his persuasive personality.”

“Ha. He’s got bundles of persuasion, that guy.”

“Look, don’t play around,” Kaoz continued. “Maar wants the team assembled within the hour. Some new recruit is joining you. You’re leaving one week ahead of schedule.”

“Good. Let’s get this show on the road,” Oxade reached the central control deck. He made eyes at a tall woman in a lab coat. She pressed her forearm against a plate glass surface turned to Oxade. A bizarre-looking telescopic monocle took place of her right eye. It somehow complemented her bright purple lipstick.

“Nutrene, where are the subjects?”

“Just loading the capture data into the bank. They’ll be here any moment now,” she looked up at the panel and observed the green light loading across the screen.

“How much damage did the protesters cause?”

“They nearly got everything. If it hadn’t have been for the intervention, they’d know everything.”

Oxade glanced at the technicians at their computers. They turned away and continued working, hoping to avoid contact.

“Yeah, that’s right, you lackeys. Keep crunching those numbers.”


A dozen chimpanzees slammed against their cages in the right-hand corner of the compound. Oxade did his best to block out the noise, “Those damn monkeys, man. I swear to God, I dunno why those activists didn’t just shoot them all.”

“Why don’t you put a bullet in the back of their heads?”

The chimpanzees hopped around, snarling and wailing at Oxade as he made his way past their cages.

“Hold on, good buddy,” Oxade turned to them and clanged the butt of his shot-gun along the cage bars, further antagonizing the animals, “Hey! You vicious turd bags. Shut the hell up.”

Kaoz’s chuckles flew through the earpiece, having heard his colleague’s malicious taunting.

Oxade arrived at the second of three doors, “Byford?”

“Don’t call me by my surname. You’re not the boss of me.”

“Not true. I’m your new captain, sweetheart.”

“Really? We’re on?”

“Yup. Now, let’s get these little critters returned to their cages.”

Nutrene’s monocle twisted at the console as she hit the green button. The wall by the computers slid into the ground, startling the staff at their workstations.

“Right, good people. Keep back. Let the vehicles in, please.”

The wall opened out into the delivery area of the parking lot. Two forklift trucks rolled in on their conveyors. Each carried a metal cage rammed to the brim with captured felines.

Oxade approached the second bay and pulled the door across its sliders, “Offload them here.”

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