Эндрю Маккей: Star Cat: War Mage

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Эндрю Маккей Star Cat: War Mage
  • Название:
    Star Cat: War Mage
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    Chrome Valley Books
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    Фантастика и фэнтези / sf_space_opera / на английском языке
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Our universe is a mother. Don’t be fooled by her adorable exterior. The heart of a vicious killer lies within Jelly Anderson. Soon, she’ll be fighting for two… It impregnated her with a gift she must protect at all costs. Jelly and her crew on Space Opera Beta are outnumbered and outgunned. Aliens have invaded the ship and are on the hunt for fresh blood. They’re waiting for their sister ship to come and save them. Rescue or death. Only one will come first. The crew will train Jelly to defend herself. Wool will teach her to suppress her catty instincts. Jaycee will teach her how to use weapons. Bonnie will teach her how to kick ass. It’s their only shot at survival. In training an animal, they may have created a monster. Prey is about to become predator. Jelly Anderson came to save the universe and kick some ass. Now, she’s all out of universe… Scroll up and one click Star Cat 3: War Mage right now. The young adult sci-fi action behemoth that sinks its claws in and refuses to let go… The STAR CAT Series: Star Cat: Infinity Claws Star Cat 2: Pink Symphony Star Cat 3: War Mage Star Cat 4: Killer Instinct (Coming Soon: July 2018.) Star Cat: Origins - The short story prequel (Download this book for FREE here: )

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“You what, now?” Samuel pulled at his collar trying to cool himself down, “You can’t just change Opera Charlie’s without proper consultation—”

“—Yes I damn well can, Samuel,” Maar spat and thumped the table. “I’ve been trapped in this godforsaken bunker for two months. I’ve been told I can expect to be here for months, maybe even years. Don’t talk to me about consultation, you imbecile. Look at the damned vector.”

The Space Opera Charlie image continued to revolve. An exact replica of Beta and Alpha before her, it contained a control deck, fit room, botanical garden, and medician center. The board noticed its reduced size when held up against its predecessors.

“No N-Vigorate chamber?” Samuel asked. “You’re not taking any canaries on board?”

“No. No need,” Maar said. “Are you getting the picture, now?”

Samuel spread his fingers and enlarged the entirety of the second level on Opera Charlie; USARIC Weapons & Armory.

“The whole of level two is Weapons & Armory?” Samuel swallowed hard and leaned back in his chair, “It’s not a rescue mission, is it?”


“It’s a suicide mission.”

“Not quite.”

“What is it if not a suicide mission?”

Maar nodded at Crain, who turned to the board and rose out of his chair.

“After Dimitry Vasilov’s assassination, and the expulsion of twenty-three diplomats from US soil, we feel we should exercise damage limitation. I want there to be no doubt before we seek approval from the board for the new motion.”

Crain played the recorded video message sent by Opera Beta. Tripp’s face fizzed to life above the table.

“Commence playback, please.”

Tripp appeared to speak to the members of the board. In reality, it was his recorded message to the lens on the N-Gage control panel.

“This is Tripp Healy, assumed captain of Space Opera Beta. We have lost her captain, Daryl Katz….”

The board watched as the lens caught sight of Saturn and her revolving rings through Opera Beta’s windshield.

“Shortly before boarding Space Opera Alpha we deciphered enough of Saturn Cry to ascertain that it was, indeed, sending a distress call. Baldron Landaker and Tor Klyce are in incarceration. Dimitri Vasilov, I hope you can hear this. Maar, I hope you’re with him. This has been a deliberate sabotage of our mission. I hope USARIC finds the powers it has to rectify the situation.”

Tripp shifted the lens. The board, and Maar and Crain, peered into the holographic video. A beautiful pink shaft of gas stretched out from the middle of Enceladus.

“Is that what they found?” Samuel asked.

Crain paused the video and enlarged the image with his fingers. He traced the pink light coming from Enceladus with his fingertip.

“Yes, this is what he was talking about. Resume playback, please.”

Tripp’s recording played on, “Alpha was destroyed. Most of us made it back, but we seem to have contracted some sort of virus. The same extends to Anderson—”

“Anderson?” Samuel asked.

“The cat,” Crain said. “Jelly Anderson. From the UK.”

“Ah, right. Yes, of course. The limey cat.”

“—Botanix has been compromised,” Tripp continued. “I am waiting on Manuel to report back on the severity of the damage. I do not expect it to be positive.”

Tripp lifted his head. The light show coming from Enceladus reflected across his pupils. Two pink tears rolled down his cheek, “Oh m-my. Look at it. It’s beautiful…”

The video paused for a couple of seconds and snapped away, leaving the vector of Charlie rotating above the table. All eyes averted to the image. Most in the room predicted what Maar wanted. It made them nervous.

“So?” Maar finished.

Everyone turned to him, including Crain and Kaoz.

“Let’s establish the facts, shall we?” Maar left a pregnant pause and made his way behind each of the seated board members, “Opera Beta found Alpha and destroyed it. It would appear the cat has decoded the distress call. They’ve all caught some hideous disease. I ask you, members of the board, does it make sense of Opera Charlie to go and rescue them?”

“For the sake of the crew?” Samuel chanced. “Yes, I think—”

“—No,” Maar said. “You think incorrectly, Samuel. The insurance claims alone will sink us.”

“You can’t be suggesting we—”

“—Beta is missing and contains the key to Saturn Cry. The crew are running out of oxygen. They’ll be dead by the time Charlie reaches them. We can’t take the risk of bringing them home. But we can go in there, destroy everything and come back home with the answer.”

“You w-want Charlie’s remit to go from search and rescue to… search and destroy?”

“Indeed I do.”

Maar waved his hand over the conference table. The images of three mercenaries appeared above the table – two men and a woman.

“Since news of the compound breach got out, we’ve seen the value of our stock plummet. We lost nearly half of our subjects.”

“This is insanity.”

Maar didn’t care for the board member’s response. He threw Kaoz a signaled wink.

“This is necessary,” Maar said. “The three crew members before you are the cream of the crop. Highly-trained, merciless killing machines. At the very top of their game. It is these five who will be manning Opera Charlie to get our property back. Namely, Jelly Anderson and the answer to Saturn Cry.”

Kaoz cocked his gun and aimed it at the board members. Crain, who was used to more due diligence, closed his eyes and allowed the inevitable to play out, “God help us all.”

“All those in favor of Opera Charlie’s remit being change to search and destroy raise your hands.”

No one dared move a muscle.

“Okay, let me put this another way,” Maar kicked the table in fury, “Those of you who wish to remain alive. Raise your hands, please.”

Six board members reluctantly put their hands in the air, leaving Samuel to freak out.

“This is asinine,” Samuel barked. He couldn’t believe his fellow colleagues would bow down to Maar’s demands, “This is improper. You can’t threaten us like this.”

“I think you’ll find I can,” Maar’s eyes crept behind Samuel’s shoulders. Kaoz marched a few feet away from the door, “All those in favor of Opera Charlie’s change of remit… keep your hands raised.”

The board members kept their hands in the air, eager to satisfy Maar and Kaoz.

Samuel refused to relent and screamed at his colleagues, “Are you serious? You’re just going to sit there and cave in while he—”

“—He’s got a gun, Samuel,” the female board member whispered, “Just do it.”

“I am not going to be bullied into turning a philanthropic endeavor into a wanton act of barbarism.”

“No?” Maar gave the man a final chance.


“How very disappointing. We have six out of seven ayes at the moment,” Maar said. “Would the ascension of the value of your shares not compel you to vote the way your conscious tells you?”

“No, it would not.”

Maar nodded at Kaoz and returned to the chair at the head of the table, “That’s a pity.”

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