J. Watson: High school swingers

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J. Watson High school swingers
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    High school swingers
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J. T. Watson

High school swingers


The Publisher Diane Christopher was immediately aware of the looks she was getting from her new math teacher. She was used to getting such looks from boys her age.

She was eighteen years old and she already had the full figure of a woman. Her body combined with her shoulder-length, black hair, clear blue eyes, and delicate features had been attracting boys for as long as she could remember.

This was the first time she had ever found herself looking back with interest. Mr. Kinkaid was not at all like the rest of the men teachers around the school. He was well over six feet tail, and he looked more like an athlete than a math teacher. His hair was blond and his eyes wow almost as blue as hens.

"My," Debbie Fisher whispered. "He is handsome."

"Hmph," Diane said. "You think anything that wears pants is handsome."

"I do like boys," Debbie admitted, with a shake of her long blonde hair. "But there's something a little special about Mr. Kinkaid. Now don't tell me you don't feel it."

Diane turned her face away so that her friend couldn't read her expression. The truth was that she did find something disturbing about Mr. Kinkaid.

Mr. Kinkaid ended class early and the students slowly filed out of the classroom. She was thinking about Mr. Kinkaid and hardly listened to Debbie's flowing chatter.

She was suddenly aware that somebody was standing in front of her.

"Hi, Diane," Bobby Pattern said.

Bobby Pattern was a shy, young man who had been Diane's friend as long as she could remember. She was surprised to see him because he hardly ever spoke to her while Debbie was nearby. Debbie made him feel uncomfortable, and Debbie was aware of it. She would get very close to Bobby so that her pointy breasts poked Bobby softly in the chest. Debbie would speak softly and flutter her eyelashes and Bobby would turn a deep red.

"Why, Bobby," Debbie said, drawing close as usual. "I didn't think you liked me anymore. You never come around."

Bobby blushed a fierce red as he cleared his throat.

"Diane," he said. "I was just wondering if you'd go to the dance with me."

"I'm sorry, Bobby," Diane shrugged. "Bill Top has already asked me."

"Maybe you'd like to ask me," Debbie suggested.

Even Diane had to laugh at Bobby's pained expression as he turned on his heels and hurried away. "I don't think he likes me." Debbie pouted.

"I think you make him nervous," Diane said. The next bell rang and Diane cursed softly as she realized she'd left one of her books behind. She waved Debbie on as she hurried back into the math class to get it. There was no math class that period. She reached into the desk to get her book. As she started to straighten up, she heard a voice coming from Mr. Kinkaid's office.

"Mr. Powers was never really fair with my Ronnie," a soft voice said.

"I'm sure he was doing what he felt was right, Mrs. Jones," Mr. Kinkaid said. "Ronnie is not a very good student."

"He's just a little slow," Mrs. Jones said. "I'm sure if someone took a little time with him…"

Diane knew she should be going to her next class, but for some reason she stood still. She already knew the woman who was talking to Mr. Kinkaid.

Ronnie Jones' mother was one of the most talked about people in town. She was a full-breasted redhead, slightly plump, and she had a reputation of being a little freer than she should. Her husband was always out of town and there had been talk of strange men going into her home.

Diane's mother found such talk disgusting, but there was something in Diane that was excited by it.

That same something was telling her to stand still and wait because something was going to happen.

"Couldn't you take a little more time with him, Mr. Kinkaid?" Mrs. Jones asked.

"I'm sorry," he answered, "I have a full workload now. Taking more time with him would only hurt my other students."

"I could make it worth your trouble," Mrs. Jones purred softly.

Diane tried to will herself to leave, but instead she found herself drawing closer to the office. She found that she could look through the crack of the door and see everything in the room. She waited in breathless expectation.

Mrs. Jones sat on the couch in a tight-fitting skirt raised high enough to reveal some of her plump, creamy thighs.

Mr. Kinkaid sat on the edge of his desk and it was evident that he was interested in her thighs.

"I'm sorry," Mr. Kinkaid said. "Teachers in this school are not allowed any extra jobs. I suppose the administration is just being careful. They don't want us to get used to having extra money."

"Money wasn't exactly what I had in mind."

Diane felt her heart pounding. There was an obvious invitation in Mrs. Jones' voice and in her eyes. Diane could feel the tension that suddenly filled the small office.

"Yes," Mr. Kinkaid said, "What exactly did you have in mind, Mrs. Jones?"

Stephanie Jones licked her dry lips. This was not an offer she would have made to any other male teacher in school, but her son's new math teacher was handsome and had an aura of animal sex about him.

"What would you like?" Stephanie asked.

The late bell rang but Diane couldn't have moved if she'd tried. There would be some explanations due to her teacher, but she didn't care. She had a feeling she knew what was going to happen in the next few minutes.

"Come here," Mr. Kinkaid said.

Diane watched as Stephanie Jones stood up. The redhead's face had a look on it that puzzled Diane. Mrs. Jones' soft red lips were parted and her eyes shone with an intense light.

Mrs. Jones came so close to Mr. Kinkaid that her large breasts nudged softly against him.

"I'm over here," Stephanie said. "What now?"

Matt Kinkaid didn't get off the desk. He simply spread his legs so that Stephanie was standing between them. He reached around her waist and pulled her close to him. His hands dropped to her full, round bottom and he gave her a gentle squeeze.

"Mr. Kinkaid," Stephanie said, pretending shock. Her eyes were laughing and she made no attempt to pull away.

His hands squeezed her again before he released her. He put his hands flat against her large breasts and squeezed them.

"Nice tits," he said softly. "You have a very nice pair of tits, Mrs. Jones."

"Why, Mr. Kinkaid," she said, laughing. "I didn't think you'd noticed."

"I noticed, honey," he said.

Diane felt a strange tingling as she watched her math teacher press his face into Stephanie's soft tits. Diane wondered what it would be like to have a man's face there, to have a man's hands stroking her body.

Evidently Mrs. Jones enjoyed it because she gasped softly as she pushed Mr. Kinkaid's head away.

"Let me make it easier for you," she said. Deftly her fingers unbuttoned her blouse and she shrugged it off her shoulders. She wore a pale white bra that barely contained her creamy tits. Reaching behind her back, she unhooked the bra and also shrugged that off.

Diane could not suppress a soft cry of astonishment as she stared at Mrs. Jones.

Mrs. Jones had such enormous tits. Her creamy flesh was topped with large, brown nipples that were already growing hard under Mr. Kinkaid's hot eyes.

"Gorgeous," he said. "You really do have fantastic tits."

"Taste them," Stephanie Jones begged.

He pressed his face once more between her creamy globes. This time Diane saw his tongue touching her tit-flesh. Stephanie's hands clutched his head fiercely.

"Suck them," she begged. "They feel so hot. It's been so long since a man's lips have been there."

His hands clutched at Mrs. Jones' rounded asscheeks again. His lips traced a wet pattern all around the hard, brown nipples.

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