Ron Taylor: First Time In The Behind

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Ron Taylor First Time In The Behind
  • Название:
    First Time In The Behind
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    Эротика, Секс / на английском языке
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    3 / 5
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She slid down off the edge of the table.

She dropped to her knees, the two young guys facing her from either side, and she waited for them to unzip. They got the message, hauling their semi-rigid cocks out. Nicole smiled, took one in each hand, and began to stroke them with a sensual rhythm.

They weren't entirely hard yet, and that was good. She enjoyed the feel of a prick getting stiff in her hand, or inside her mouth. She caressed them a few more times, then leaned toward Ken and stroked her tongue across the end of his prick.

It throbbed on her tongue. She pulled it into her mouth, sucking like a guppy in little thirsty swallows that moved his cock-knob in and out.

His cock stiffened quickly, until the fatness of his cock-head almost gagged her. She sucked it across her tongue, making it wet, and making him horny.

"Another one over here, baby," Joey said, and she turned quickly, releasing Ken's cock and sliding her moist lips down over the tip of Joey's.

They were pretty well-hung for such young guys, and their cocks pulsated with the freshness and vitality of youth. Her mouth slid lower and lower down the rising shaft of Joey's cock. It expanded between her lips, across her tongue, beginning to simmer with the heat of lust.

She was playing with Ken's prick while she ate Joey's, but she ached for another taste of him. Nicole turned again, and opened her mouth to Ken's prick, purring as it slid home. Her fist moved erotically on Joey's cock, making sure he stayed good and hard.

She got a glimpse of Bill Archer. Ben Adams, the boy had called him.

Why was he using a fake name? Oh, God, she thought, he must be on a case! Undercover! But what would he be doing at the Schroyer Electronics warehouse?

She didn't really have time to worry about it. She was eating two hot hard cocks, one after the other, her head bobbing back and forth from one prick to the next. They glistened with her saliva, and their taste coated her tongue.

She squirmed a bit where she knelt, bringing her thighs together so they could squeeze against the excited bun of her pussy, and she felt wetness down there that compared to the drool she had spilled on Ken's and Joey's cocks. As she sucked, she rocked herself up and down, accentuating the pressure on her pussy.

"Shit, what a mouth!" one of them sighed, fucking deep into Nicole.

She gagged at the thrust of his cock, but she made her throat open, and suddenly she was gulping him straight to the balls. She made gasping, throaty noises around his prick as it began to fuck in and out quickly.

Nicole gagged again, hardly able to keep up with him but too horny now to make him stop.

It was Joey. He had a long, fairly thin cock, but it felt and tasted gigantic as it fucked her throat. She eased her face out of the way and let her tongue slide up and down on his prick as it swished back and forth before her mouth.

"Get your fucking pants off, I wanna suck your balls, too!" she gasped, taking Ken's cock in both hands and lapping like a hungry dog at the bulbous tip.

He wasn't circumcised, and she played with the foreskin while she licked on him.

"Now you get naked too," she said, releasing his cock and turning her attention to Joey, who was stripped to his socks and T-shirt. He had a really slim waist, and a skinny ass, and his prick stuck out like a pipe. His balls were huge, and Nicole went straight for them.

She leaned down, turning her face upward.

He opened his legs, standing spraddled, his hands braced on her head.

She nibbled his balls, pulling the hair with her teeth. Her fist was full of his prick, and she masturbated him energetically while her tongue slid around the base of his balls, up into the crack of his ass, then down again.

She licked his hard cock, moving up and down the shaft. Coming to the cock-knob, she kissed it wetly, then slapped it with her tongue.

Dribbles of cum were already oozing from his piss-slit. She scooped them up with her fingers, smeared them down the shaft, and licked them away.

Her lips fitted over the helmet-like knob of his prick, and she sucked it juicily, purring while she slid it in and out in short swallows.

She used her tongue furiously, sliding it around the edges of his cockknob. Her hand clutched his balls.

"Don't do that, baby," he said, "you're gonna blow my balls off!"

Still on her knees, she turned quickly. Ken was out of his jeans and shorts now, and his erect cock bobbed toward her, but she evaded it with a giggle. She wasn't finished with Joey yet. She grabbed one of the paper cups from the table. It contained perhaps half an inch of whiskey. She swirled it, her hand still busy on Joey's prick, and she moved toward him with the cup.

"Squirt in here," she said. "I want to see the jizz flying from your prick!"

She angled his cock downward and held the cup just beneath his cock.

Leaning down, she licked his cock-knob kittenishly, stroking up the shaft.

"Come, baby!" she whispered, her lips fluttering against his cock-head.

"Come for me!"

"Ah!" he sighed, and his cock quivered in her hand. Her eyes lit up as she saw the gushing eruption of jism. The thick white goo shot into the whiskey at the bottom of the cup.

She worked him until he had gone dry, and then she cleaned his cock with her tongue, licking away the last dripping gob of spunk as it emerged from his piss-slit.

"Now it's your turn," she said to Ken, crawling toward him on her knees. She had the cup in one hand and she was licking her lips.

He held his prick out, and she covered it with her mouth, sliding down almost to his balls in one hungry swallow. He fucked into her mouth. He was obviously on the verge of coming, too.

She could feel Bill Archer's eyes on her from the rear. She hoped he liked what he was seeing. She knew he had liked what she'd given him in his office.

"You gonna come for me?" she asked Ken, looking up at him. "You gonna fill my cup with your milk, baby?"

He stuck the end of his cock into the top of the cup and said, "Oh, shit!"

His prick bounced around inside the paper cup, almost knocking it out of Nicole's hand. She grabbed his prick and finished milking it.

He was dry, but he was still hard, and Nicole smiled. She rocked back on her heels and looked up at the two young men. "Cheers again, guys!

She swirled the mixture of cum and whiskey in the cup until it blended, and then she poured it all down her throat in one hungry swallow.

"Now," she said, standing up, "since you guys are still hard-and I mean hard-I suppose you'd like to fuck me!"

Chapter 10

"On the other hand," Nicole said, stepping back, "a couple of big horny guys like you, maybe you might want to do all kinds of wicked things to me. Like a gang-bang, or maybe even both of you fucking me at the same time. You wouldn't have anything like that in mind, now, would you?"

"Who, us?" Ken said, bouncing one of her tits. He pinched gently at her pink nipple, lengthening it between his fingers. Nicole sighed and shoved her tit into his grasp. "Would we do anything like that to a babe like you? You got us all wrong! We're gentlemen!"

"Right," Joey said, fingering her pussy once more. He worked into her wet hole, sliding his digit in and out. Nicole felt the delicious friction, and her cunt began to moisten a bit more, her clit pulsating with desire. "Just because you walk in off the street and suck us both off, it doesn't mean we're gonna treat you like some kind of wild slut!"

Bill Archer was still watching, a fresh cigarette between his lips. He lit it and then took a sip of whiskey.

The room was not designed with orgies in mind. The floor was concrete, both rough and cold, and there was nothing remotely resembling a bed anywhere. The card table was too rickety for fucking, so it had to be the floor.

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