Ron Taylor: First Time In The Behind

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Ron Taylor First Time In The Behind
  • Название:
    First Time In The Behind
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  • Жанр:
    Эротика, Секс / на английском языке
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    3 / 5
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Leon's balls hung in Marita's eyes. It wasn't a great angle for Marita to suck from, but it was a perfect shot for Leon's tool into Nicole's mouth, and she took advantage of it.

Her tongue caressed him whorishly, licking the hot hard shaft of cock as he thrust in and out, and if he had any complaints about the value he was getting for his money, he didn't mention them.

But he'd had a hell of a workout, and she knew he couldn't last much longer. He had his eyes shut, and his prick was trembling spasmodically as it worked in and out of their mouths. Nicole tasted the jizz already oozing from his knob, and she sucked more desperately, anxious for him to empty his balls down her throat.

"Give me some!" Marita gasped, grabbing for his cock.

Nicole moaned in disgust as she had to release it, and she watched Marita suck the knob into her mouth, closing her lips tightly around it.

She made a kissy-face at Nicole, gurgling as she sucked the end of Leon's prick. Her tongue was working feverishly, to judge from the way her cheeks jiggled. She rolled her eyes in delight and she kept on sucking.

Nicole stroked his cock-shaft up and down while Marita nursed his prick-knob. Marita made gulping sounds of pleasure and gluttony, and then her mouth opened wide and the cock came bouncing out, slapping Nicole in the face. As it touched her nose, it started to squirt.

"Yes!" Leon shouted. "Oh, eat my cum, you fucking whores!"

He came a gusher, the jizz boiling out of his balls. It splattered both women's faces. Nicole was still holding him, and she shucked the shaft, milking out his load. The women were kissing, licking one another, drinking the cum that puddled on their skin.

Nicole got the end of his prick between her lips and took his last squirt square on the tongue, savoring the slime as it oozed down her throat. Then she bent down and resumed lapping the spilled-out jizz from Marita's face.

Still breathing heavily, Leon dressed and went out.

"You girls get cleaned up if you want," he said. "I'll be back in a little while. After that workout, I need a drink."

Marita took a roll of bills from her purse. She peeled off five hundreds and handed them to Nicole, who stared at the money, not quite believing that it was actually being offered to her.

"You were great," Marita said. "Really great."

Nicole took the bills, uncertain what to do with them.

"I mean it," Marita said. "I think that was the best ever. You were worth five hundred, and more. Listen, is there a number where we can get in touch with you? Leon and I are in town three or four times a year. We'd love to see you again."

Nicole stared.

Marita laughed.

"Oh, don't you get it?" she asked, taking Nicole's hand. "Leon's my husband. We like to play games. One of our favorites is two whores on a john. I mean, I'm not putting you down or anything, don't get me wrong!

I like you. I like you very much. And I would come up with another hundred if you'd let me show you how much…"


Nicole Patterson was truly shocked now. Marita was rolling her all over the bed, sliding her mouth up and down Nicole's body. She covered Nicole's mouth in a tongue-scorching kiss, while her body insinuated itself between Nicole's thighs, and she rubbed her cunt insistently against Nicole's crotch, sighing as her hairless pussy stroked Nicole's cunt.

She pressed her bare tits, with their still-hard nipples, onto Nicole's chest, her own hands full of the other woman's tits. She dug her fingers into the spongy tit-flesh, squeezing until the nipples stiffened. Her drool flowed into Nicole's mouth, and her tongue was as fuck-crazed as a stiff cock, poking in and out. She thrust it deep and she made it wiggle like a snake.

"Leon loves to fuck two women at once," Marita whispered, bubbles of spit frothing on her lips and sticking to Nicole's mouth. "I like a little one-on-one. He left so we could have a little privacy. Let's make the most of it, darling!"

She moved downward, making for the points of tit that her eager fingers had teased to erection. Looking up, excitement gleaming in her eyes, she licked the nipples until they glistened, then sucked them into her mouth. She squeezed the tits together so that her mouth didn't have to travel so far, and she worked her head back and forth, biting one tit and then the other.

Nicole lay back, opening her legs a little wider so Marita could ease her body even closer. The friction of their cunts was creating a vibrant, exciting heat in Nicole's crotch. She slid her hands up and down Marita's back while the bare-cunted blonde fed on her tits.

"Yes, yes, keep on licking me!"

Marita had no intention of stopping! She bit and chewed at the hard nipples, eating them until Nicole gasped and moaned. Nicole rocked back. Her legs curled around Marita's and she used her thigh muscles to pull her new lover in closer still, increasing the hot contact of their aroused pussies.

She pulled Marita's face up and kissed the drool off the blonde's wet lips. This time it was Nicole's turn to get aggressive. She put her hands on Marita's cheeks and forced her lips open. Marita giggled and played reluctant.

Nicole pressed with her tongue until the blonde's mouth opened and Nicole's tongue thrust inside. Then Nicole rolled Marita over and mounted her hot body.

She was all over Marita. She moved down to the tits, licking them until they were so wet her tongue couldn't keep from skidding on the small but firm mounds. Her hand was down between Marita's thighs. Marita gasped and bucked.

She wiggled her finger in and out of the woman's wet cunt, wiggling it deep inside just for the pleasure of watching Marita squirm. She'd already tasted her pussy, but she was hungry to taste it again. She left off sucking tit and kissed her way down Marita's belly, toward the spot where her cunt-hair used to be. It was impossible to miss that location.

She pushed again, as if she meant to stuff her entire fist up Marita's fuck-hole. The blonde squealed and writhed and spread her legs wider, opening her cunt to the attack. Nicole's face was down between Marita thighs now. She bit and chewed the insides of them, leaving teeth-marks in the blonde's creamy flesh.

Marita's hands combed through Nicole's hair.

"Oh, yes, eat my pussy!" she moaned. "You do it soooo good, baby!"

Nicole took her finger out and offered it to Marita. The giggling blonde sucked it into her mouth as eagerly and earnestly as she'd sucked it up her cunt. She seemed to like the taste of her juices. She wasn't the only one.

Nicole pushed her nose into Marita's crotch, sniffing. The pussy muscles sucked at her nose. All she could breathe was the flavor of the blonde's arousal.

Marita lifted her knees and her cunt seemed to gape open. Nicole replaced her nose with her tongue, poking it up the hole until she could advance no farther. She licked the hole inside-out, smacking her lips in pleasure. She grew more and more positive that she was going to be eating a lot more pussy in the future, though she had no idea right now where she was going to find any more pussy to eat.

The more she licked, the wetter Marita got. She was starting to get the distinct impression that the petite blonde was a lot more interested in women than men.

Her hands were under Marita's ass, pulling the blonde's pussy up into her face. She had a firm, supple ass. It was a tactile pleasure just to have her fingers on it. As she sucked pussy, she alternately spread and compressed the woman's asscheeks. Marita's heels were braced on the mattress, and she had her ass completely off the bed. Nicole was up on her knees now, angling into the ecstatic cunt.

She moved her tongue downward, onto the tiny opening of the blonde's asshole. It was so snug and delicate Nicole couldn't help wondering how in the fuck Marita ever managed to squeeze a turd out the hole. Even when she licked it and diddled the tight ring with her tongue, it remained tight, sealed, almost reluctant to get involved.

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