Ron Taylor: First Time In The Behind

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Ron Taylor First Time In The Behind
  • Название:
    First Time In The Behind
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    Эротика, Секс / на английском языке
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    3 / 5
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She moved her tongue downward, onto the tiny opening of the blonde's asshole. It was so snug and delicate Nicole couldn't help wondering how in the fuck Marita ever managed to squeeze a turd out the hole. Even when she licked it and diddled the tight ring with her tongue, it remained tight, sealed, almost reluctant to get involved.

Marita was whining and moaning. Not much doubt she enjoyed having her ass licked. Nicole smiled, a nasty idea coming to her. She let Marita sag down onto the bed and then she rolled the quivering blonde onto her belly. She opened her thighs again and crawled between them, face pushing onto Marita's pussy from the rear.

The blonde moved up on her knees, her ass lifting, and Nicole followed its rise with her tongue. She was licking Marita's pussy from back to front, her tongue sliding onto the hot pink clit from underneath. But she kept bringing her tongue back to the asshole, ravishing it again and again.

She could feel the little hole getting more relaxed. She poked with her tongue, and the ring yielded a bit, allowing her momentary shallow penetration.

"Oh, you're so dirty!" Marita giggled. "I like that in a girl!"

Nicole bent slightly and brought her tits into play. She caressed the blonde's pussy with them. She even spread the cunt-lips and guided the peak of a nipple into the woman's pussy. She thought it might make Marita feel good, and she was inclined to think it might make her feel good too. She was right on both counts. The woman's pussy mouth sucked at her nipple.

She tried her nipple on Marita's asshole, too. Much tighter, but just as much fun to tit-fuck. Slobber ran from her mouth and down her chin, spilling onto the curves of her tits.

Glancing about, she saw-still lying on the rumpled bed-the vibrator she'd used on herself in the encounter with Leon. The batteries had been almost drained, but she thought there might be a little life still in them. She grabbed the thing and flipped it on. The buzzing was weak, but it was enough for what Nicole had in mind.

"Let's play with this toy," she said, buzzing Marita's pussy with the vibrator. "Bet you've had it down there a few times, right, baby?"

"Mmmmm, right!" Marita moaned. "Slide it in and out of me-not too deep-just in and out! And tickle my clit, too! I really like that!"

She worked the tip into Marita's cunt-hole, easing it gently in and out, just as she had requested. The blonde began to throb and whimper, obviously getting deeper and deeper into her sexual possession.

Nicole took the initiative, shoving the vibrator a little farther into her friend's cunt.

"Ohhhhhhhhh!" Marita moaned. "Not so deep!"

But she took it, and Nicole smirked in satisfaction. She took a tighter grip on the base of the dildo and pushed it until her fingertips were flush against Marita's ass-crack. The blonde moaned again. Nicole rotated the vibrator inside her.

"Fuck me, oh, fuck me, baby!" Marita groaned, her voice as hypnotic as the muted buzz of the vibrator.

Nicole fucked her.

There was an incredible sense of power, of control, in the act of working the dildo in and out. She was beginning to understand, for the first time, how a man must feel shoving his cock up a woman's cunt. As she used the dildo, she was busy with her tongue on Marita's asshole, continuing the arousal she'd already begun there.

Nicole kept the dildo busy, and she kept her tongue busy, too. Marita's asshole didn't taste particularly shitty. Nicole probably wouldn't have stopped even if it had. Her tongue was prodding the little hole, and the little hole was expanding a bit more each time it got licked.

Now it was time to use her finger.

She straightened up, keeping the vibrator moving, and she began to push at Marita's ass-ring with her middle finger. Marita squealed at the feel of a finger attacking her ass, but she didn't ask Nicole to stop, and Nicole wouldn't have stopped even if she'd been asked.

The finger entered Marita's shitter. The muscles gripped her finger in a wet, sticky-almost greasy-heat. Nicole prodded a time or two, and then it seemed that the blonde's asshole took over the work. Nicole could feel her finger being drawn in and out.

"Oooohhhhh!" Marita gasped. "You're gonna make me come if you don't stop that! And if you stop, I'll rip your tits off!"

Nicole smiled. She felt very smug and self-satisfied right now. But she had one more ace up her sleeve. With a wrench of her wrist, she yanked the dildo out of Marita's cunt, then lay down on her back, beneath the blonde's uplifted crotch. Her finger came out of Marita's asshole, and she moved the dildo up to the finger-dilated hole while her tongue began to move up and down the slick wet crack of Marita's pussy.

"Oh, you dirty bitch!" Marita cried. "You're not gonna-"

Nicole put the tip of the vibrator square against the blonde's shitter and gave it a stabbing thrust. Her finger had reamed the tight ass to some extent. It was still as tight as hell, but the opening wasn't nearly as snug as it had been, and the end of the vibrator entered Marita.

The vibrator pushed its way up Marita's shit-hole while Nicole feasted on the blonde's sloppy cunt. Nicole was squeezing her own thighs together, massaging the bun of her own pussy, and she could feel heat building dramatically inside it. Marita wasn't the only one with a wet cunt.

She kept on tonguing the woman's clit and the cunt while she moved the dildo in short thrusts up Marita's asshole.

If she'd kept at it long enough, she could probably have shoved the thing so far up Marita that it came out her mouth. But Marita climaxed long before that point, and, to her own surprise, Nicole's orgasm came only a moment or two later. The power and the sex, and the scent of raw pussy sent her hurtling over the edge, though, and the two women collapsed into a sweat-soaked heap of flesh.

Marita pulled Nicole up, kissing her thirstily.

"God, that was fantastic," she said. "You've gotta give us your number!

Even if Leon can't make it, I'm gonna come back for some more of that sweet hot cunt of yours, baby! Oh, you've earned your money tonight!"

"I just try to keep the customer satisfied," Nicole said.

Chapter 9

With the money-six hundred dollars-tucked into her stocking top, Nicole Patterson felt like a satisfied whore. She was ready for something different.

For one thing, she was a little hungry, and she remembered, from her college days, an all-night deli that served absolutely delicious pepperoni rolls. She had two with all the trimmings and, as she was driving away, she saw a lighted church. A few people were entering for midnight mass.

Nicole took the money out of her stocking top. She hurried into the church and dropped five hundred dollars into the poorbox. She kept one hundred. The car would need gas before she got home, and she wasn't carrying her credit card. She'd regained her nonprofessional status.

She was no longer a whore, just a fun fuck.

Nicole drove around a bit, with no real destination in hand. She just wasn't quite ready to go home yet. And she was still trying to decide what to do about her husband and his treachery.

Maybe it was partly her fault. Maybe she'd been a little conservative in bed. Maybe that's why he'd taken on another woman. From what she'd seen on Bill Archer's videotape, it was obvious that Becky O'Hara was not at all conservative when it came to sex.

The little red-headed slut had giggled with glee at the prospect of taking Roger's cock in her pussy, her mouth, her asshole. She'd even wrapped her tits around his cock and let him squirt off in her freckled face.

But Nicole didn't feel very conservative now, considering what she had done today. She found herself thinking about the crinkly patch of red hair around Becky's cunt. Roger appeared to enjoy nuzzling his face in it. Nicole wondered if she would find it just as tasty.

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