Marvin Cox: Widespread mom

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Marvin Cox Widespread mom
  • Название:
    Widespread mom
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    Эротика, Секс / на английском языке
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    4 / 5
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Marvin Cox

Widespread mom


Ruby Anderson loved cock.

That was her downfall. Big, throbbing pricks made her mouth water, her golden haired pussy steam with delight.

It hadn't always been like that. Before her husband had run off with her best friend – and true to form, she was the last to know – she had concerned herself with raising three boys, the care of her home and keeping up with soap operas.

With the almost nightly ritual of making love taken away from her, and after she had cried herself out, she had felt so hungry for affection that her own boys were beginning to look good to her.

The thought had appalled her, as if the mere idea had somehow been the very act. She was in bed, stroking her pussy, wishing it were a cock instead of her fingers, when she heard Mike, her youngest, start the shower.

While her fingers probed deep inside her frothy cunt, she wondered what her boy was going to do with his new girlfriend. Oh, sure they were going to the drive-in, but what were they going to do?

She could see it clear as day. Mike would place his strong arms around the girl, then let his fingers drop to the area of her breasts. While kissing her passionately, he would expertly unbutton her blouse, then touch the soft, yielding flesh.

The rubbery, pink nipples would stiffen, become rock-hard. His mouth would move from hers, kiss across the hollow of her throat. The girl would shiver, feel her pussy pucker with desire.

Suddenly, it wasn't the girl anymore, but Ruby, herself. Her mouth opened, accepting the exploring, snake-like tongue. Her fingers were moving over his taut, muscular body, searching for the thick mound between his powerful thighs.

Naked flesh touched naked flesh, setting the blood to boiling. She clawed his back, pulled him down on her, fumbled with his zipper.

"Fuck me," she gasped, spreading her thighs, forcing the tip of his purplish-colored cockhead into the furry opening of her pussy. "God… stick it in and load me up with hot cum."

His prick entered her cunt slowly, sliding deliciously over the fluttering membranes. And as it became fully molded in her guts, she could see the hard, angular outline, the loose sheath of foreskin pulled away from the tip of the massive shaft.

His mouth was on her breast, sucking the nipple almost to his tonsils. His teeth nipped her skin, causing electric-like jolts of pleasure to race into her chest. She arched her back, tightened the ring of muscle at her cunt opening, looked him inside.

Pleasure flooded her body, yet with each hard thrust, the ache, the delicious itch became more demanding. Her insides were sucking, pulling, demanding his thick, creamy load of cum.

"Screw me, stud," she panted, throwing her head to one side, inhaling the steamy aroma of sex in the car. "All the way in, you little bastard… push your cock up my pussy and…"

Her orgasm was explosive, even more powerful than the one she'd had when her husband had screwed out her cherry twenty years before.

And although she was alone in her bedroom, and her son was in the shower, she could actually see the thick globs of molten cum splatter deeply inside the yearning pussy. Each drop was like a liquid pearl, etching into the sensitive membranes.

She bit her lower lip to keep from screaming, tasting the salty flavor of blood. While her back arched, lifting itself to some invisible, masculine body, her orgasm became more intense. Pleasure, however, wouldn't be fulfilled. Her fingers just couldn't do what a big, rock-hard cock could.

She lay back, gasping for air, hearing the flood of water on her son's naked body. Then gathering her courage, she slipped her feet over the side of the bed and stood up on wobbly legs.

There was nothing unusual about anyone in the family barging in on anyone else, whether they were in the shower, or on the pot, or anything. They had no secrets.

This time, however, Ruby felt guilty. She wasn't going into the bathroom to get her deodorant or throw a dirty pair of underwear in the laundry hamper. She was going into the bathroom for one purpose and one purpose alone – to see the hard, angular lines of her son's body, to memorize the shape of his cock if possible.

She had to see what that little girl was going to get. She wanted to be close to that slab of cock that would soon drive in and out of tight pussy, fill her with boiling, milky wads of cum.

"That you, Mom?" Mike called out, hearing the door open.

"Yes," Ruby answered a little too loudly, trying to make her voice sound motherly casual. "Just had to get my… uh, comb."

There he was, not two feet away. She sat down on the toilet seat, her mouth slowly gaping open. While he rinsed off, he occasionally rubbed against the shower curtain. The outlines of muscular flesh and wiry hairs were more than evident. And for a brief second, she saw his limp, swinging cock.

Was it possible that she'd actually diapered him? Jesus, that little peanut dick of his had grown to the size of an overripe cucumber.

And it would soon sink into a sweet, hot pussy, filling it with acid-like cum. She suddenly hated that girl, and envied her just as much.

"Hey, Ma, hand me a towel, would you?" Mike said, startling her.

"Sure," she said, reaching for the towel. She wondered if he noticed that her voice was high-pitched, almost a scream, "Here."

Her hand touched his, causing a spasm of pleasure inside her pussy. It was all she could do to keep from, jumping in the tub with him and kneeling before his hard, muscular body.

To take his limp cock in her mouth and make it hard as a rock. Then, stuff it into her itchy pussy.

Her own son!

God, her own son!

She fled the room as if it were on fire. When she reached her bedroom, she quickly threw on some clothes and raced out of the house. Not to find something or go someplace, but to escape her desires.

As she drove down the busy street, she could barely steer the car. Her pussy was bubbling, sucking on the silky material of her panties. At last, she pulled into a fast-food restaurant and leaned over the steering wheel, tears stinging her face.

After a long while, she sat back and tried to collect her thoughts. Before she had a chance to consider her terrible fantasies, however, she saw a young man – about the same age as her son – come out of the restaurant and approach her car.

"Hey, lady, you OK?" the boy asked. "You sick or something?"

Yes, I'm sick! Christ, am I ever sick! Would you like to hear the full story? You seem like such a nice kid. I was beating off in my bedroom and started thinking about screwing my own son. So, I had to get out of the house or only God knows what I might have done.

"I'm fine," she muttered, swallowing hard. "I just got a little dizzy, I guess."

"Is there anything I can do?" the boy asked.

Will you repeat that? Shit yes, there's plenty you can do. You can take that big cock of yours out of those tight pants and stick it in my pussy. No, you can let me suck you off. Or would you rather screw me in the butt? Or slam that thing between my tits?

"I'm fine," she repeated. "Really."

As she looked at him, she noticed that his eyes were on her breasts. Well, why not? They were heaving, thrusting upward in her confused excitement. And even if she were almost forty, she still prided herself on her looks.

She stood as tall as almost any man yet retained her femininity. Surrounding her oval shaped face was a halo of burnished-red hair, accentuating the dark-emerald color of her eyes. Because her waist was so tiny, it made her hips appear fuller than they were. Her legs were tanned the color of ripe peaches, long and shapely, giving way to perfectly formed feet.

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