Marvin Cox: Secretary in shackles

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Marvin Cox Secretary in shackles
  • Название:
    Secretary in shackles
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    Эротика, Секс / на английском языке
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    3 / 5
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Marvin Cox

Secretary in shackles


Gina Matthews was about to open the door to the secretarial pool, but stopped short when she heard one of the girls squeal.

"I tell you, they were the most fantastic hunks I've ever seen!" the girl was saying breathlessly. "All hairy and tanned, and you should see their muscles!"

"Where?" another girl asked, more than mild interest was in her voice.

"You know where they're building that new office over on Cooper? Well, there's four or five of them. God, they're beautiful!" The girl giggled loudly. "And you know what one of them said to me? He said if I'd like to take the afternoon off, he'd tie me up and fuck me!"


"Yes!" the girl said. "I tell you…" When Gina entered the office, the girls immediately went to work, cutting off any further conversation. Although Gina pretended she hadn't overheard, it was obvious from the way the girls flushed that they knew she had.

"Please see if you can type these without any glaring mistakes," Gina said, handing a stack of papers to the girl who had spoken.

"Yes, Miss Matthews."

Gina gave the girl a curt nod. She headed for the office door marked "Mark Witherspoon, CPA".

"Gina!" Mark said, looking up from his work. "I haven't had a chance to thank you for last night!"

"Really, Mark!" Gina said, as she quickly closed the door. "Some of the girls might overhear!"

"And what if they did?" the man laughed. "I'm sure they've heard about sex by now! They could probably even teach us some tricks!"

Gina flushed with embarrassment. What had gotten into her last night?

The answer to that was about two bottles of wine – and Mark's big cock!

Gina had avoided Mark this morning until she could iron out her thoughts. As she stood before him, she suddenly realized that nothing had been resolved.

She had accepted his dinner invitation, and drank much more than she was used to. She then allowed him to take her to bed. Now, she regretted it! Ever since leaving his house, she had that old familiar itch!

By the age of thirty-one, she had fucked several men. Some of them were even as good looking as Mark. But invariably, she was left needing something more.

Sure, she had orgasms with men, but they were nothing more than she could do with her own fingers. Coming was a pleasant enough sensation, but afterwards, there was always that dull ache – like something else should have been there.

Mark had come the closest to satisfying her. He had a huge, hulking frame and big brown eyes. And his cock! Christ, his prick must have been ten or twelve inches long and as big around as her wrist!

She felt her heart skip a beat just thinking about his cock entering her pussy. His prick stretched her cunt painfully.

"How about tonight?" Mark asked, interrupting her thoughts. "When I woke up and you weren't there, I thought I was going to go crazy!"

"Really, Mark!" Gina whispered, "you shouldn't talk…"

"Or how about right now?" The man grinned and stood up. "I could lock the door and…"

"No!" Gina said quickly, moving backward. "There's too much work to… I, uh, I don't know about tonight…"

She practically ran from his office! Without even glancing at the girls in the outer office, she fled to the privacy of her own office. She noticed her hands were shaking violently.

About twenty minutes later, she gathered up a large folder, and marched out of the building and headed for the attorney's office.

Then, as if pulled by some unseen force, she walked in the direction of Cooper Street, two blocks away.

Well, she reasoned, what is the harm in viewing a new office building site? After all, the company was interested in more space.

The words the girl had spoken came back to her.

All hairy and tanned muscles wanted to tie her up and.

She turned the corner and squinted at the hot August sun. A gentle breeze swept her shoulder-length red hair about her face. For a moment, she seemed to lose her footing, and reached out instinctively for support. A strong arm grabbed her.

"Hey, better watch it, sweet thing!" said a deep masculine voice. "Wouldn't want to damage those goods!"

When Gina had regained her balance, she jerked her arm away and looked into the man's face. His eyes, however, were looking at her tits. She thrust the folder of papers up against her tits.

"Thank you," she said, her voice frosty. "I… I didn't see that board there."

"How about coming in the shack with me and have a Coke or something?" the man asked, giving her a wide grin. "It's about time for my break and…"

"I beg your pardon?" Gina gasped. The nerve! Some dirty, little construction worker asking her for a date! What would you call a Coke in a construction shanty? "Of course not," she said, taking a step backward.

"Suit yourself, babe!" he said, a smile still on his face.

Gina wanted to run and run, but she couldn't seem to move her feet. She merely stood there and stared at him. Her eyes looked over his body.

He was well over six-feet tall and he had a body like a young, Greek God. His muscular flesh was covered with short, corn-colored hair. His chest was bare, tanned and sculptured. His chest ran down to a waspish waist, and between his legs she could see a thick mound of cock inside his dirty jeans. His hands were large, capable-looking.

"You like what you see?" the man said, a tone of sarcasm was in his voice.

Gina looked into his clear, blue eyes and felt her mouth open. Then hardly knowing what to say, she turned and ran, her heels clicking on the pavement. She heard the man give a long, throaty laugh.

She darted into the first open door she saw and leaned up against the inside wall, feeling her heart pound.

"What is wrong with me?" she whispered to herself. "I… I must be going insane!"

In those few moments when she'd looked at that rugged, sweaty man, she had had a flash of them fucking together. But, it wasn't any ordinary fantasy. He had his large hands around her throat, and his hairy, muscular body was next to hers. His massive cock was grinding in and out of her swollen pussy.

And, she would be tied up! She would be taken with brute force and made to commit horrible acts!

Thankfully, she was inside a darkened lobby of a restaurant, because she suddenly climaxed just thinking about fucking him. She almost bent over double, then squeezed her legs together, to make the feeling go away.

"Are you OK?" a voice said. "You look sick."

Gina somehow managed to regain her composure. She gave the man a quick nod and moved out the door.

She fought the urge to go back and sneak another glance at the man; instead, she raced for her office. Although she refused to admit it, she knew she wanted to be fucked.

She was going to take Mark up on his offer. And, if he'd changed his mind, she would tear off his clothes and rape him!

If she didn't get a cock inside her cunt, she was really going to go crazy.

"You girls take the rest of the afternoon off," she said, walking into the outer office. Then, to their stunned faces, she added, "Now. Out. Scat!"

After herding the girls from the office, she walked toward Mark's door. Without knocking, she walked inside and gave him a hunted look.

"You back already?" Mark asked. He then frowned. "Hey, you OK? You don't look so good."

"You sure do," Gina said. "Good enough to eat."

Mark gave her a long look, unable to believe it was the same Gina standing in front of him. She was always so classy-looking, in complete control. Now, however, she looked more yielding. He felt his cock throb, pressing against his trousers.

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