Sandy Bennett: Jackies family lessons

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Sandy Bennett Jackies family lessons
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Sandy Bennett

Jackie's Family Lessons


Chapter 1

I couldn't wait any longer. My bladder was bursting and my father was in the bathroom, halfway through Rigoletto. «Daddy, please get out of the shower so I can use the toilet!» I cried. Both my hands pressed into my crotch to hold back the flood and I trampled about in agony.

«Can't you wait another minute?» Dad loved his showers so much that my mother suspected him of having an affair with the nozzle.

«I have to pee right now!» I cried out. «Just come out for a moment, I won't be long.»

«Oh, what the hell, come on in and do it, I'll turn my back,» he said. That made sense. After all, he was my father and he'd seen me do everything at one time or another. Now that I was eighteen that familiarity had long passed away, of course, but under the circumstances it was necessary to recapture it. I pushed the door open and walked into the steam-filled room to make my way toward the toilet. So desperate was my need that I hardly spared my father a glance. I assumed he'd have his back toward me. But when I reefed my panties down and squatted over the bowl, and let the first burst loose, I looked up to find him looking right back at me.

«Don't look!» I admonished him. Clouds of steam swirled between us, the rush of water resounded through the tile-lined space, and I suddenly became conscious of being alone with him. Reflexively my hands drew the terry cloth robe to and my eyes drifted away from his. But in the process they drifted past his cock. For a moment I was transfixed! His cock was long, thick, brown, and half hard, poking out from a jungle of dark hair and straight at me. The dark red knob throbbed as if it was about to fire. His balls hung low, two eggs suspended in hairy leather, dangling between two powerful thighs. A shudder ran through me, electric and mysterious. My hands clutched at my robe, drawing it tightly over my tits, and my legs pressed together in sheer terror. I had finished pissing. And yet I sat there, staring at that thickening member. He was fully erect now. His cock tilted toward the left of him and the thick ridge of flesh running up the lower side was clearly visible. It reminded me of a blood slit in a knife or a bayonet, and once more I shuddered while crazy, tiny twinges ran through my cunt.

Absently I reached for the toilet paper and wiped my pussy, in the process letting my robe fall open. Only when I had flushed did I realize how bold that was. Now Daddy had seen me touch myself! And no doubt he had caught a glimpse of my tits as well. They were too big to hide these days. He said nothing. When I finally managed to look him in the eye he just smiled and started another aria, singing in his fine baritone voice while the shower cascaded water all over his strong, tanned body. For some reason I felt dizzy when I walked out, my legs weren't too steady, my hands hardly had the strength to open the door. «Thank you, Daddy,» I said. No answer.

Back in my room I sat down heavily on the bed and tried to clear my head. This evening was the big one, the date to end all dates. Frank would be proposing to me, there was nothing surer. Why didn't it matter to me anymore? For as long as I could recall, Frank had been the one, so handsome and poised, always ahead of the other guys; and now that he'd been offered a scholarship in Europe he had to marry me if he wanted to take me with him. The more I tried to straighten out my thoughts, the more Daddy's cock dominated my mind's eye. I slipped out of my robe and began to put on the clothes I'd chosen for this date. No bra-my tits fascinated Frank. He was always talking about how big they were and how he loved to see them bobble about under my shirt. They were big, I reflected, gazing into the mirror and viewing myself from the side, very firm and high. The rest of me was slender. Mum was always urging me to eat more but I liked myself this way. I remained standing before the mirror, running a brush through my long, black hair and gazing at my tits. Veronica liked them, too. She was always touching them and comparing them to her own little ones.

Jeans next, tight enough to hug my crotch. Veronica said that really drove men wild. The center band ran right along the split of my pussy and caused a labialike bulge to form. I turned and stood on my toes to get a view of my ass in the mirror. Lean but shapely, pert Frank called it. I stepped into the platform shoes and did them up. Now the outfit was complete. I was tall, slinky, big-titted, my pussy lips bulged between my thighs, my hair had a deep luster and it felt as smooth as flax. Could Frank resist me after all this preparation?

It seemed not. When he came to the front door I noticed him swallow heavily and when he spoke it sounded silly, as if he couldn't bring the words out. My mother came to see us off. She bestowed loving glances on Frank. One day he would be an important man and I would be his wife. That's what she wanted. My mother, Veronica, and Frank had teamed up to get me to this pitch of expectancy. They had given me tips, hints, and methods for catching a man, either explicitly or implicitly, and like a good girl I had taken heed of them all. But at that moment, when a wedding band was literally within reach, I found myself thinking of my father's cock.

Frank took me to a restaurant and, as expected, he popped the question. It was a romantic moment and I gave him my answer right away. It was all settled, we would be married in a week's time, the day before he was due to depart. «Let's go home and tell my parents,» I said after the dinner was over.

«Wait, wait, let's talk some more first,» said Frank with a strange look in his eyes. He drove us to the lake and parked in the darkness, turned the radio down low, and faced me. His breathing was irregular and his hands were restless. I knew what he wanted but I didn't know how to give it. Every part of me was willing. The sight of my father had loosened the last of my inhibitions and now my pussy throbbed deeply and my nipples literally itched with desire. Frank didn't know it but I was his to do with as he pleased that evening. In the past we had confined ourselves to light petting, but that wouldn't do it anymore for me. And when he took me into his arms I did everything to make him see how available I was. I melted against him, let one hand brush casually along the swollen bulge in his lap, and let my blouse open a bit so my tits would incite him. Frank's hands were everywhere, touching me, caressing me, and his hot kisses landed all over my face. He seemed to be caught in a frenzy of lust and I coasted along with it contentedly.

«Oh, Jackie!» he moaned, «I want you so!» More kisses. He was waiting for me to say something and I didn't know what to say. I kissed him back as passionately as I felt, and his hands became bolder, sliding in through the buttons of my blouse to get at my bare tits, fitting in between my upper thighs to put pressure on my pussy, and I just went along with it.

«Let's take our clothes off,» he whispered. I nodded but he had to do it for me. My body was trembling as he pulled my tight jeans off, I felt kind of faint, and instead of coming back up to kiss him I let myself recline back with my legs spreading widely, lasciviously. Frank stared at my pussy in the dim light of a nearby neon sign. There was silence, tension, in the car now, both of us poised, ready, all he had to do was take me. But then he shook his head. «No, not before we're married,» he said hoarsely. «That wouldn't be right.»

«But we can have some fun, can't we!» I said, and I sounded very plaintive to myself.

«Sure we can,» he said, running the palm of his hand over my cunt. «As long as we can restrain ourselves.» His finger traced the outline of my cunt, barely touching my flesh, round and round until I could hardly stand it. Light as his touch was, my cunt was super-receptive. The smallest sensation sent long ripples of passion running through my body, and when the tip of his finger brushed along that little knob between my labia, I thought I would scream! However, in the two years Frank and I had been going together I had learned a lot about self- discipline. He wanted me to be the demure virgin and I had cast myself in that role willingly. But the charade had been exposed somehow and besides, in a week's time we'd be going all the way.

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