Ray Todd: Family lessons

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Ray Todd Family lessons
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    Family lessons
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    Эротика, Секс / на английском языке
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    3 / 5
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Ray Todd

Family lessons


Carl Stone was slowly pacing up and down in front of his high-school English class. In his early forties, the handsome teacher was married and the father of a lovely teenage daughter. Jenny, the apple of her dad's eye, was a beautiful girl with long blonde hair. He was equally fond of his extremely attractive red-haired wife, Sylvia, who was in her mid-thirties, but who still had the figure of a teenager.

The only thing that seemed to mar his near perfect marriage was his sex life over the past few years. There had been a time when it had been robust and passionate, but lately it had become rather bland, almost boring, and their nights of fucking were stretching farther and farther apart.

Addressing the class, his attention seemed to keep drifting to Denise Corby, a cute teenage student who was sitting near the back of the room. Carl couldn't explain why, but since the beginning of the term, he'd been fascinated by this rather slutty looking student. While most of the girls in class wore jeans and blouses, Denise wore short skirts and tight sweaters.

Never wearing a bra, her large tits always rolled and jiggled around suggestively under her tight sweater.

Her face was a bit broad, yet quite pretty, and there was a lazy sensuality about her gray eyes as they gazed out invitingly from between her sultry, half-closed lids. She had a rather wide mouth with full, sensuous lips and strong white teeth when she smiled, which was very seldom.

She was extremely attractive, yet there was something slightly grubby about her appearance. Denise had long brown hair that always seemed a bit rumpled and messy. But in spite of this, there was something about this rather slutty girl that intrigued the teacher.

"Now class," he continued, "learning to write and speak correct English is the purpose of this class, but proper pronunciation is also an extremely important thing to master."

Pausing momentarily before continuing with his lesson, his eyes drifted over to where Denise Corby was sitting. He was shocked at how much of her naked thighs were exposed under her hiked-up skirt.

"One of the most important things in speech is the way you sound your vowels, and now I want each of you to individually say them to me."

Glancing to the back of the room he noticed the sultry smile on Denise's face as she re-crossed her legs.

"Denise," be said, walking toward her desk. "Please stand up and go through your vowels for me."

The girl slowly rose to her feet and her deliciously big tits straining out against the front of her tight sweater. There was a warm teasing glow in her eyes as she smiled at the teacher standing directly in front of her.

"Now remember," he said. "I want these sounds to come from your diaphragm, not your throat."

"From here?" she whispered, thrusting her big tits up and out at him.

"Yes, Denise," he stammered. "From there."

She began uttering the sounds of the vowels in a surprisingly soft, resonant voice, clear as a bell.

"That's fine, Denise," he smiled. "This time, form the letter 'O' with your lips before you make the sounds."

Watching the sultry teen form her lips in a moist circle, the teacher suddenly thought how wonderful they would feel around his cock. Still looking the teacher straight in the eye, she teasingly darted the tip of her tongue out and slowly circled her lips with it, her eyes half-closed in an expression of ecstasy.

Seeing the excitement on the teacher's face, she brazenly repeated the sensual gesture two or three times before she finally sounded the vowel, pleased that she was able to turn him on so easily.

"That's fine, Denise," he smiled, resting his hands on her shoulders. "Now repeat it again."

She did, and this time the sexual suggestiveness of her teasing tongue was more obvious. Before turning away, the man instinctively gave her shoulders a squeeze. Walking over to the next student, Carl Stone glanced back over his shoulder at Denise, intrigued by the smoldering expression in her heavy-lidded eyes as she blatantly raised her short skirt even higher and once more re-crossed her legs.

He couldn't get the sensuous teen out of his mind as he continued working with the other students, one at a time. Just before the end of class, he returned to Denise who was now working on an essay.

"You pronounce our vowels very well," he said, smiling. "Your speaking voice is quite attractive."

"Thank you," she beamed, leaning back and thrusting her chest out so that her tits pushed provocatively against the material of her sweater.

"I think you should enroll in a drama class next semester," he continued.

"Do you mean that?" she softly whispered, casually picking up a pencil by the point and lightly tracing the eraser end around her big nipple that was deliciously defined against the sweater.

"I certainly do."

"Well," she grinned at him. "I'll bet I could play one helluva love scene."

"I'm sure you could."

"Try me sometime," she suggestively whispered. "I sure know how to please older men."

Unable to believe the teen's bold proposition, Carl walked numbly back to his desk.

That evening, while his wife Sylvia was in her dressing room getting ready for bed, she was unconsciously studying her nude body in the full-length mirror. She wished she knew why her husband's sexual interest in her had almost disappeared over the past few years. She felt that he still loved her, yet he rarely fucked her any more. The knowledge that he cared for her was the one thing that had kept Sylvia from committing adultery. Though she was not fucking with anyone, the frustrated woman was secretly getting her kicks by jerking off while she sucked some of her husband's young male students. She fully realized what a terrible thing she was doing, but it was the only way she could get sexual relief without fucking.

Still puzzled as to why her husband no longer wanted to fuck, Sylvia wondered if her body had lost its shape as she studied herself in the mirror. Staring at her reflection, she saw a beautiful oval-shaped face, crowned with a head of naturally red hair that fell softly down over her naked shoulders. The woman's large amber eyes stared back at her with a warm exciting glow that could harden the cock of any man. Her firm creamy tits with their erect nipples had absolutely no sag and could be the envy of any teenager. Sylvia's eyes drifted down over her flat tummy to the triangle of flaming red curls that surrounded the soft pink lips of her juicy pussy.

Deciding her body was nice enough to please any man, she slipped into a negligee and walked into their room where Carl was sitting up in bed, trying to concentrate on a book. Unable to get his mind off Denise, his sexy student, Carl had a gigantic hard-on. As much as he tried to get the slutty teen out of his thoughts, he was finding it impossible. Trying to concentrate on the book, he had the biggest hard-on he'd had in months.

Neither Carl nor his wife ever wore anything to bed, and his cock lurched even more violently when Sylvia removed her negligee, revealing her deliciously naked body. She wasn't Denise, but she had a cunt, and that's what he desperately needed right now.

When Sylvia slipped into bed with him, Carl drew her roughly into his arms, the heat of her soft body making his prick jerk violently against the bare flesh of her belly.

"God, that thing feels big tonight," she whispered, pressing herself even tighter against him.

Gently cupping the hot flesh of her firm tits, he could feel her stiffly erect nipples burning against his palm. Taking her hand, he pressed it down against his hard throbbing dick. Sylvia could feel his big oozing cock-head nosing wetly in her palm as she tenderly squeezed the deliciously hard knob.

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