Ray Todd: Fun with the family

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Ray Todd Fun with the family
  • Название:
    Fun with the family
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  • Жанр:
    Эротика, Секс / на английском языке
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  • Рейтинг книги:
    3 / 5
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Ray Todd

Fun with the family


Perched on a sofa in the rundown motel with her smooth bare legs curled under her, Nancy Sullivan was idly smoking a cigarette as she chatted with Don Morgan, who was sitting on the edge of the bed. Wearing a bit too much makeup, she was attired in only a brief pair of black panties and bra that accented the creamy whiteness of her almost nude body. Her dark shimmering hair fell below her bare shoulders while her big gray eyes looked out from beneath her full bangs.

Don Morgan was a cross country truck driver who Nancy habitually shacked up with when he passed through town. Married, and the mother of a teenage daughter, Nancy thoroughly enjoyed sleeping around with other men. But Don was the most fantastic lover she'd ever known.

Nancy was a very sensuous looking woman in her early thirties with a voluptuous figure and a huge pair of tits that she made no effort to hide. She had been knocked up by her husband, Larry Sullivan, when they were both juniors in high school. He married her just before their daughter was born, and dropped out of school to try and support his young family. Without any skills or training, he was only able to get menial jobs, and Nancy soon had to start waiting tables in order to make ends meet.

As the dreary years slowly passed, she became more and more disenchanted and bored with her husband. Some time ago, when he took a night job as a cab driver, Nancy began dating her male customers after she left the cafe in the evenings.

Now sitting with Don Morgan in the motel room, the woman could hardly wait for the wild fuck she knew he would soon be giving her. Nancy could feel her twat tingling with excitement when Don stood up and walked across the room to where she was curled up on the couch. From her previous dates with the man, Nancy knew that he would screw her with an animal like urgency that always drove her wild.

"You're some lady," he whispered sitting down next to the nearly nude woman.

Taking her in his arms, he passionately kissed her, his tongue sliding into the sweet wetness between her lips. Then possessively, he eased her into a reclining position, resting her head on the bolster at the end of the couch. Her dimpled navel and the smooth plane of her stomach were deliciously exposed above her brief panties. Feeling his gaze on the bare flash of her inner thighs, Nancy involuntarily opened her thighs, letting one leg fall from the edge of the couch, fanning a softly rounded plain where her panties stretched over the moistness of her pussy mound.

"Oh, Don," she whispered excitedly, feeling the man tenderly applying his warm lips to her upper thigh. Closing her eyes in bliss, she quivered with delight as his wet, warm lips moved over the sensitive flesh, nibbling, licking and kissing the nakedness of her widely spread legs. Moving his face further down be began kissing her ankle, her instep and her calf. Then raising her legs with his hands, Don spent long delightful moments sucking and kissing the soft flesh on the back of her knees.

"Oh, you sweet love," Nancy panted, knowing what was next to come.

Lowering her legs, Don slipped his fingers into the elastic of her panties, and when she arched her hips up, he slid the wispy garment down over her creamy smooth ass and slipped it off her ankles.

"Oooooh!" Nancy gasped, feeling his hot wet mouth covering her quivering slit. When she felt his thick tongue ease up into the slippery moistness of her dripping cunt, she began slowly thrusting and grinding her hot pussy up against his mouth.

Licking and sucking the sweet wetness, from deep within her twat, he teased his upper lip on her quivering clit until he knew the squealing woman was close to a climax.

"Turn over," he whispered, removing his lips and tongue from her pussy.

Lying on her stomach with her head resting on her arms, she could feel his face pushing into the soft flesh between the cheeks of her ass. She could feel his hot breath on her bunghole as he teased his tongue around her sensitive asshole while reaching beneath her and toying deliciously with her clit. After what seemed like ages of bliss to the woman, Don removed his finger and tongue, and once again rolled Nancy onto her back.

Pressing his face between her soft thighs, Don settled down to a rhythmic tonguing of her sweet wet cunt. Nancy could feel herself being lifted on a high wave of ecstasy and knew the skilled cocksman was now intent on bringing her to a delicious climax. She could feel him withdraw his tongue from the hot slippery depths of her cunt and begin flicking it back and forth against her clit. Clasping her shapely legs around his face, she pressed her hands against his head, running her fingers through the man's hair, not wanting him to stop this fantastic tonguejob.

"Oh, darling," Nancy whispered writhing her slit up around his juice smeared face. "I'm gonna come, darling. Please keep sucking!"

Don was giving her everything she wanted, his tongue deep in her cunt and his upper lip working frantically on her cunt.

"Oooooooh, sweet baby!" she sobbed. "I'm coming! IM COMING!"

When her wonderful orgasm had passed, Don continual tenderly licking and sucking her quivering twat.

"God, Nancy," he whispered. "You taste so good."

She smiled happily, letting herself be overcome by the afterglow of the beautiful climax.

When he finally removed his mouth from her pussy, Nancy watched him stand up and start slowly removing his clothes. He was a rugged man in his mid-forties with dark hair liberally sprinkled with gray, and dark brown eyes that always seemed to burn with lust. As he dropped his pants, the woman could see the soft bulge in his tight-fitting shorts and realized that, as usual, his prick was not fully erect yet. That was one of the things she'd come to love about him. As much as he loved to eat her pussy, he could always bring her to a seething climax without letting himself get overly excited. Nancy enjoyed that because it gave her the added pleasure of sucking his cock to hard ness in her own mouth.

Removing his shorts, Don sat down next to her on the couch, his thick, limp cock dangling between his legs.

"Oh, you sweet darling," Nancy whispered, dropping to her knees in front of him. "There's my favorite lollipop."

As her open mouth approached his limp dong, Nancy's long dark hair brushed over his naked thighs. Holding the base of his prick in her hand, she gently blew her hot moist breath against the sensitive underside of his shaft. Opening her soft lips, she gently took the limp prick into her mouth, sucking warmly on the tip of it. Using her tongue, and putting a slight suction to it, she felt the soft head of his prick sliding into the back of her throat. Her juicy twat began tingling with excitement at the delightful feeling of his cock growing between her lips. Buried in her hot, wet mouth, his cock continued hardening until it was a firm cylinder of thick cockmeat. His wonderful fuckpole kept swelling until only the big bloodbloated cockhead and the very end of his shaft could fit into her mouth.

Tasting a drop of fluid oozing out from the tip of his prick, she scooped it up with her tongue, loving the strong male flavor of the exciting fluid.

"God, I love that big thick cock," she panted, releasing it from her mouth as she started licking her tongue up said down the entire underside of his lurching rod. Moving her face further down, she pressed her mouth up against the soft crinkly skin of his big, hairy nut-sac. Being very gentle, she sucked one nut at a time into her soft hot mouth. Wetly mouthing his balls, she licked them, washed them, and loved every minute of it. Finally lifting her head, Nancy once more slid his big throbbing cockhead back into her hot sucking mouth.

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