Ron Taylor: Twin Farmgirl Cousins

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Ron Taylor Twin Farmgirl Cousins
  • Название:
    Twin Farmgirl Cousins
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    Эротика, Секс / на английском языке
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    4 / 5
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Ron Taylor

Twin Farmgirl Cousins


Chapter 1

His teenaged twin cousins were the cutest, hottest little blondes Nick Owens had ever seen or even imagined. He hadn't been around them since they were all more or less in diapers, but Betsy and Becky were damn sure out of diapers now! His eyes moved from one to the other, and it was all he could do to keep his cock from springing up hard inside his jeans.

They were almost identical blondes, petite, but with ripe, round tits pushing out the fronts of their T-shirts, and tight shorts that cuddled their asses and made their legs look long, tan, and terrific. Their faces were so alike Nick couldn't decide which was the cuter. Becky's tits were a little bigger, but there was something about the curvy shape of Betsy's ass that made his cock start to leak pre-cum into his shorts.

She saw he was looking at her hips, and she turned slightly, her ass sticking out provocatively. Nick wanted to howl like a wolf, even if they were standing in front of the bus station of Main Street, Rocksburg.

The idea of getting so aroused sexually by someone he was blood kin to made Nick feel a little queasy, but the emotions his twin cousins raised in him were so heated he was sure he could live with the queasiness.

"Put your stuff in the back of the truck," Betsy said, wiggling her provocative little ass.

Her bare thigh brushed against Nick's leg, he gulped, certain that the touch of her body on his would make his cock jump up totally stiff inside his pants. She smelled good, too, like a country meadow as she leaned toward him. Her T-shirt gapped a little and he could see down into her moist, sweat-soaked cleavage. She was tan as far down as he could see. He grabbed his suitcase and tossed it up and in. Becky picked up the other and threw it onto the truck.

"Might as well get going," she said in her soft drawl.

Even the sound of her voice made Nick's prick ache with lust. He could only think of sliding his cock into the mouth that sweet honey voice came out of.

Not that he'd ever actually done anything like that-but he'd thought about it a hell of a lot. He was a klutz with women. He had yet to feel anything other than his own fist wrapped around his cock.

Becky climbed up into the driver's seat. She fired up the engine of the truck.

"After you," Betsy said, making a low bow and giving him another peek down the front of her shirt. Her tits weren't quite as eye-catching as her sister's, but there was nothing wrong with them, judging from the glimpses Nick was catching.

He saw the momentary flash of pink nipple! Then Betsy straightened up, and it was gone. His mind remembered, though, and it passed the message straight down to his cock. It was half-hard as he climbed up into the cab of the pick-up, and he just hoped his cousins hadn't noticed.

Betsy climbed in after him, shutting the door behind her. She slid across the seat, her thigh riding snug against his. Becky slipped the truck into first and peeled out.

"I didn't think you were old enough to drive," Nick said.

Both girls giggled.

"When your daddy's deputy sheriff, you don't need a license," Becky said. "Anyway, lots of people have licenses and can't drive for shit.

We've been driving since we were big enough to see over the steering wheel."

Nick had to admit she was pretty good, but it did help to have friends in the county police, obviously. She didn't pay any attention to the speed limits, and she ran at least two stop signs. Nick took a deep breath and settled back. He hoped it wasn't too far out to the farm.

"So, you think you're gonna enjoy spending the summer with us?" Betsy asked, sliding a little closer still. She put her hand on his knee. "I mean, being from Cleveland, you must be used to all kinds of wild life and fast times, and now here you are, sent down to the country to stay with us hicks? Think you'll ever find anything to amuse yourself while you're here? The county fair's not till August. And most all we ever do is hoe corn and spray the beans and milk the cows."

"Yeah," Becky said, making a sharp turn that sent Nick sprawling onto Betsy, "not a whole lot of fun around here. On the other hand, Nick-do you fuck by any chance?"

Nick sat up and gasped, turning to stare at Becky. She was looking back at him, her blue eyes pale and innocent, her moist pink lips curled in a smile.

"Well, do you?" Betsy asked, punctuating the question with a quick grab at Nick's crotch.

He jumped, made a soft yelping sound and turned toward his other cousin, who was giving him the same innocent-eyed stare as her fingers explored the shape of his cock. And under her touch, there was no longer any possibility of Nick's keeping his hard-on under control.

His cock got stiff the moment her fingers fell upon him, and the more she slid them up and down, tracing the bulging shape of his prick, the bigger that shape became.

"Well, damn," she said. "Look at this thing, Becky! I think they stole our cousin and sent us a Georgia mule instead!"

The truck was moving swiftly down a one-lane country road. High corn lined the road on either side. Nick's eyes kept darting downward to watch in disbelief as Betsy caressed the swollen lump of his jeanscovered hard-on.

"Let me see it!" Betsy purred, leaning in to put a little kiss on her cousin's chin, then on his upper lip. It was an almost shy kind of kiss, as if she were bashful about brushing his mouth directly. Nick had kissed a few girls, of course, but he wasn't sure he was ready to French with his own cousin. But then their mouths did meet, and a spark of electrical energy seemed to explode inside him.

He grabbed Betsy's waist and tried to pull her on top of him while he sucked the breath from her body.

"Slow down!" she giggled. "We have plenty of time!"

She wriggled loose, and her fingers went to his fly. Staring into his eyes, she unzipped his pants and reached inside.

Nick groaned as she squeezed his prick. The thin layer of his shorts was the only thing separating her hand from his cock, and he could feel her heat vividly, despite the aroused throbbing that raced through his cock as Betsy toyed with it.

"You might play with something too," she said, and he got the message, lifting her T-shirt and baring her small, pink-pointed tits. He was right. She was tanned all over. His hands moved onto the soft but firmfleshed cones of her tits, and he fondled them wonderingly, feeling her body heave with a sigh of delight.

The truck came to a stop. Nick looked up and saw that they were parked in the midst of some oaks. Through a break in the trees, he could see cornfields stretching to the south and west, but the trees were thick and it was quiet.

Becky put her hand on Nick's head, turned him around to face her, and pressed her mouth to his, her tongue eager and active against his lips.

He opened and she fucked her limber wet tongue into his mouth. The conical points of her braless tits, hard-nippled under the cling of her T-shirt, were hot as nails against his bare forearm. As she kept kissing, Becky raised her T-shirt and bared her tits. Nick glanced down. His mouth began to water for the taste of them.

"Uh, this is kinda cramped," he said, straining a little as the two cousins attacked him from either side. Becky was trying to get his cock out of Betsy's fist, and he looked down at the sight of two hands battling to get control of his prick.

"Well, let's stretch out, then," Becky said, leaning back but not attempting to cover her tits.

Nick let go of Betsy's tits and reached for her sister's. Becky leaned against the door and sighed, her eyes shut, her blonde hair swishing delicately. She arched her chest upward, forcing her round tits into Nick's hands.

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