Ron Taylor: Do me, Daddy!

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Ron Taylor Do me, Daddy!
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    Do me, Daddy!
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    Эротика, Секс / на английском языке
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Ron Taylor

Do me, Daddy!


When the doorbell rang, I was stretched out by the pool wearing sunglasses and tanning oil.

"Oh, fuck!" I griped, reaching for the strip of scarfing that makes a nice, slinky wraparound dress when tied in place. I tied it in place and stomped through the house to answer the door, not appreciating the interruption at all.

My head was on the verge of splitting. Mom was away for a day or two, and I'd spent last evening drinking her vodka and playing with my pussy. It was okay at the time, but I was paying for it now, and I was ready to bite the head off whoever had come around to bother me.

I opened the door, snarl in place, and looked way, way up into a man's face.

"Uncle Roy!" I hollered, forgetting all about being hung over and in a bitchy mood. He smiled and I threw myself on him for a big hello kiss. He put his hands on my waist and lifted me right off the floor.

"You've grown up a little bit, Jenni," he said, stepping back to take a look at me. I did a modelly turnaround to let him see just how much. My body was greasy from the suntan lotion and the scarf-dress showed the definite outlines of everything I had, but I didn't mind Uncle Roy looking at me. In fact, I was really proud of the way my tits stood out, nipples hard and thrusting, and there was nothing wrong with the smooth flow of my waist and ass and legs, either. I was a big girl now, and I enjoyed having men look at me. Especially men like Uncle Roy. God, he was such a gorgeous hunk of male!

He isn't really my uncle. It's just an honorary title. When I was younger, he was like part of the family, but he moved out to the West Coast six or seven years ago and I hadn't seen him in all that time. But he was just as I remembered, big, nearly as blond as I am, and so Goddamned good-looking he could chase Robert Redford out of the movies. He smelled nice, too. I noticed that when I kissed him, and I liked it.

Uncle Roy went to college with Mom and Daddy, though he's a couple of years older than they are. He's about forty, I guess, but he doesn't look it. And he hasn't gotten fat and bald, like Daddy, which was something else I liked.

"Is your mother home?" he asked, interrupting my head-to-toe survey of him. I shook my head no, adding that she'd left yesterday and wouldn't be back before this evening or maybe tomorrow morning. He looked disappointed, and he sighed. Back in the old days, when they were all in college, he and Mom were pretty close. That was something I'd picked up eavesdropping on the fights that went on before Daddy moved out.

"I'm in New York now," he added. "Permanently. California became just too much for me to handle. It's an insane place." I nodded in agreement, but I'd never been out on the Coast and I didn't know if he was telling me the truth or not. But men smile when you agree with them, and I like to see men smile. "I was just on my way back from a conference in Chicago," he went on, still smiling, "and I thought I'd drop in to see how you were getting along."

Where were my manners? We were still standing in the doorway!

"Come on in," I told him. "We'll go out by the pool and I'll fix you a cold drink. Isn't it hot today?"

I led the way, very conscious of how my scarf-dress clung to the oiled curves of my body. Uncle Roy's eyes were bright-blue, bluer than mine even, and unless they were in bad shape he couldn't help noticing that all I wore under the dress was me. I looked down as we walked and noticed for my own part that the moist slickness of my tits had made the material almost transparent there, that my nipples were quite visible through the soaked scarfing. Nice. They were two of my best features.

Vodka and tonic was his drink and it sat right with me, too. We sat under a shady umbrella sipping and talking, and it was nice to hear a male voice on the premises again. He clucked sympathetically when I gave him an abridged account of Mom and Daddy's marital troubles, ending with the divorce and Daddy's abrupt removal to Australia, and he was full of questions about Mom and how she was taking it. It was no dummy – I could see that he was quite interested in my mother, and I wondered just how close they'd been in the past. As I chatted with him, I found myself very curious. Had he ever fucked Mom? Three to one he had. Daddy had implied as much during the last big fights, but Mom had never dignified the accusations with answers.

What kind of a lay was he? I wondered about that, too. Didn't his age put him over the hill, sexually speaking? I mean, how could a forty-year-old man compete with a horny young boy? Of course, Uncle Roy didn't look over the hill in any sense.

"Are you going to school here?"

"School's out," I reminded him. "I was going to a girls' school in Kentucky but I got kicked out." For having a boy in my dorm room. Thank God the proctor didn't catch us screwing. We were fully dressed, and getting into some preliminary petting when she nabbed us. Otherwise they'd probably have branded me with a scarlet A as well as kicked my ass out.

"Some schools have absolutely archaic regulations. Just like the Dark Ages or something."

His glass was empty, so I poured him a refill. It was mostly vodka, the way I like vodka and tonic.

My glass was empty, too, but the first drink had set my tummy fluttering and I didn't need a second right now. Instead I stood up, stretching like a lithe young cat, which is a good description of me. I'm almost five feet six, honey blonde above and below, with long legs and arms that know how to stretch and wrap. Mom keeps telling her friends that I'm going to be a real fox when I grow up, but at almost-fifteen I think I'm doing pretty Goddamned good.

"It's so hot," I said, and it was. "Would you mind if I went in for a swim, Uncle Roy?"

He shook his head with a smile.

"Why don't we both dive in?" I suggested, toying with the fold of my scarf-dress. He grinned and shook his head again.

"I don't have a suit," he apologized.

"Neither do I," I confessed, undoing the knot. The long, slinky scarf dropped to the tiles and I stood there, naked. Uncle Roy looked as if his eyes were going to explode out of his head, and I saw him swallow very hard.

"Swimsuits are so archaic," I added, strutting to the edge of the pool. My ass twitched as I walked, but it always does, and I could feel his eyes fixed upon me all the way.

I stood there for a moment, basking in the warmth of the Ohio sun, and then I dived in.

I showed off for him in the water. I'm a good swimmer and I did a lot of aqua tricks, and I made sure that he got an eyeful of tit and ass and pussy besides. From the pool I could see him in his chair, his eyes intently watching me over the rim of his glass. Score two points for Jenni.

Finally I climbed out of the pool and stood on the tiled edge, drying myself with a towel. I felt good after my swim, no hornier than usual, and the cuddly soft-rough of the towel was so invigorating on my skin that I really got into drying off. If Uncle Roy hadn't been there, I'd probably have lain down on the tiles and finger-fucked myself to a come, just because it felt good, but that would have been carrying things too far. Teasing him was all I had in mind, teasing him because we were alone and because I knew I could do it and because it was such a neat idea.

I looked at him from the corner of my eyes to see how he was taking it, and I nearly fell into the pool. It was working like crazy.

Uncle Roy had taken off his jacket when we came outside, and he was sitting there in his shirt sleeves, his legs crossed. But his pants were fashionably snug-fitting and even crossed legs couldn't disguise the fact he was excited. The front of his trousers was tented with what looked like an incredible hard-on, and I knew that I had caused it.

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