Ron Taylor: Raped cousin

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    Raped cousin
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    Эротика, Секс / на английском языке
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Ron Taylor

Raped cousin


Holly pulled her motorcycle into the driveway and killed the engine. For a moment she sat there, her legs clenched tightly on the seat, her cunt tight against the leather. “Ahhhh,” she said appreciatively, unclasping her thighs.

She put down the kickstand and dismounted.

Lisa’s van was parked in the driveway, the only other vehicle around. That stood to reason. Lisa’s mom worked day shift and wouldn’t be back for another couple of hours. But Holly wasn’t interested in seeing Lisa’s mom. She went around the house, stole a peek at the mountain escarpment, green against the skyline thirty miles to westward, then let herself in the kitchen door.

“Li!” she called. “It’s me. Where are you?”’

No answer. Holly stopped a moment, listened, her ears catching the sound of running water. She smiled, nodded, and made for the bathroom. The door was shut, but not locked, and Holly went inside, closing the door behind her once again.

Lisa was in the shower, her pink body visible through the frosted glass of the stall, and she was singing “Torn Between Two Lovers” in a high, not quite on-pitch voice. To be honest, Lisa couldn’t sing for shit, but Holly really didn’t mind. Holly couldn’t sing for shit either, but they had plenty of other ways to occupy their time besides singing. Holly went toward the shower stall and tapped on the door.

“Jesus fucking Christ,” Lisa chirped, “you scared the fuck out of me!”

But she wasn’t angry. Her face broke into an infectious smile and she kicked the shower door open. “If you’re not doing anything,” she added suggestively.

Holly grinned and pulled off her pullover. She was bare underneath, her large nipples already stiffening. They were almost as big as the tips of her thumbs and colored a bright cherry red that went well with her summer-tanned boobs.

“Mmmm,” Lisa said, sticking one soap-sudsed hand out of the shower stall and grabbing Holly’s nearest lit. Holly squealed but she didn’t stop wriggling out of her tight-ass denims and, as they fell to her ankles and she kicked her feet out of them, she staggered closer.

“Hurry up,” Lisa purred, “before the water gets cold.” Her fingers closed on Holly’s nipple for a sweet, cruel pinch, and then her hand fell away and she stood in the stall’s doorway, naked wet, glowing, little clusters of soap bubbles scattered here and there on her sweet, inviting body. Holly sucked in her breath and fumbled with her sandal straps.

“Oh, look in the bag on the washstand,” Lisa added, pointing with one slender finger. Holly turned, saw a small drawstring bag there. ‘She loosened the string, reached inside, and her eyes lit up.

“You think of everything, don’t you?”

“Damn straight! Well, come on!” Lisa stepped out of the doorway, back into the shower, making room for Holly to join her.

“Hi,” said Holly, wrapping one arm around her friend and rubbing her tits against Lisa’s. The tips of their noses bumped, then their chins, and then Lisa’s mouth opened wide and Holly just seemed to fall into it. The vibrator was in her other hand and, as she kissed Lisa, Holly flipped on the switch and applied the tip of the plastic tool to her friend’s moist hot thigh.

“Ooooooooohhhhhh!!” Lisa squealed, breaking off the embrace. She hopped from one loot to’ the other, dancing in and out of the spraying water, turning this way and that so Holly could tickle her in all the places she liked to be tickled.

They were more like sisters than best friends in many ways. For one thing they looked very much alike, in the way that so many young girls today seem to’ be cast from the same basic mold.

Medium-tall, both of them five-five in their bare feet, with slim supple bodies. They could wear one another’s clothes interchangeably, from knit caps to shoes and even to bras and panties, but neither girl cared all that much for wearing clothes of any sort.

Tits rounded and high-set, with perky, tilted nipples, narrow waists flaring provocatively into ripe, light asses, and long, coltish legs that never looked quite so pretty as they did now, when they were bare, along with the rest of Holly’s and Lisa’s seventeen-year-old bodies.

Their faces were cut from the same general pattern-small,’ turned-up noses, firm little chins, wide set eyes with bedroom shadows. Both were long-haired, and here was the only essential difference. Lisa’s’ tresses were a tawny lioness’ mane of shimmery gold, while Holly was a soft brunette, reddish streaks showing among the brown in the proper lighting.

Natural gold and brown, of course. Very natural. Lisa was twining her fingers in the hair that fell upon Holly’s shoulders at the moment, while Holly Holly’s nimble hands guided the tip of the buzzing vibrator through Lisa’s golden tuft of beaver, nudging at the soft, tight, but oh so pliable pussy lips playing hide-and-seek among those golden strands of hair.

“Oh, Jesus, yessssss… “ Lisa lifted up’ onto tiptoes as Holly worked the vibrator back and forth through her crotch, toying with the pussy, tickling the upper edges of her thighs, rubbing up across Lisa’s flat, smooth tummy. The water bathed them in its steamy, nonstop spray and both girls.were drenched now, from head to toe, but it didn’t matter. Lisa grabbed Holly by the tits and steered her face to Holly’s and, as their mouths joined once more, she sank herself down upon the upended tip of the vibrator and its slithered perhaps an inch into her wet, snug pussy. “Mmmmmm,” she hummed into folly’s mouth, screwing herself down onto the instrument even as Holly worked it upward.

“Fuck me,” Lisa panted, humping up and down, trying to suck the vibrator up her snatch. Jesus, the thing was turned on, and so was she! There was a buzzing in her pussy long before the vibrator’s rounded snout had made penetration, but now there were two kinds of buzzing inside her and she wanted to feel a dozen more before she went moaning over the top.

Holly dropped a little, guiding one of Lisa’s legs, straddling it. The wet smooth thigh slammed home against Holly’s twat and she felt her pussy lips spread to kiss Lisa’s leg and she began to move herself on her friend’s flesh, moving in tiny but quite effective ass-twitches and cunny-wiggles. “Yeah,” she. said with an enormous grin of satisfaction and delight, and she gave, her wrist a wicked flip that sent three inches of slick plastic vibrator barreling up Lisa’s pussy.

“Wowwwww!!” Lisa squealed, lifting, then falling. More of the vibrator entered her, and Holly’s guiding fingers were plumb against the splay of Lisa’s twat-hole. Matted golden hair tickled Holly’s fingertips and the oozing flow of girl-cum from Lisa was warmer even than the spray of water from the showerhead behind and above them. She backed Lisa up against the wall, still clenching and clutching Lisa’s thigh between her legs, and she started to fuck the hell out of her girl friend’s eager, responsive pussy.

Their mouths kissed, and their tits rubbed together, nipples stiff and throbbing all around. Lisa’s hands were sliding up and down Holly’s wet body, touching here and there, lingering where she knew from experience that it would do the most good, and Holly felt a honeydew begin to leak from her own cunt.

She squeezed a little harder with her legs, and it was a fuck of a lot more fun, even, than riding her Kawasaki and getting off on the throbbing machine between her grasping thighs.

She worked the vibrator in, very deeply, so deeply that Lisa’s head went back and her eyes rolled in their sockets and she moaned, “Ahhhhh-Chriiisssttt-” and then she pulled back, almost removing the thing from Lisa’s twat.

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