Ron Taylor: Make room for daughter

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Ron Taylor Make room for daughter
  • Название:
    Make room for daughter
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    Эротика, Секс / на английском языке
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    3 / 5
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Ron Taylor

Make room for daughter



"I wish you wouldn't do that," Mary Jo said, squirming. "I mean, like, you're Mom's boyfriend, not mine." She giggled. "And you really shouldn't be putting your hand on my leg that way."

"I thought we were friends." Zack Perry said smoothly, sliding a little closer to her. His hand was high up the girl's thigh, and his fingers flexed on the velvet-smooth flesh.

"I really don't think you even oughta be here," Mary Jo added, easing toward the end of the sofa. "I thought you knew this was Mom's exam night at school, and she won't be out of class till nine or ten o'clock. Oh, you better stop touching me there! I'll just have to tell Mom what you're doing, if you don't stop!"

"Would you really do that, Mary Jo?" Zack whispered, moving his hand up under the hem of her skirt.

The redhead gasped as his fingers touched the lace-edged panties.

"You don't have to play innocent," Zack went on, his chest brushing against her trembling arm. "I know you listen to us at night sometimes, when your mom and I are fucking. Does it excite you to hear the sounds we make? Does it make your pussy get all wet and hot and tingly?"

Mary Jo's green eyes enlarged. "How did you know I listened?"

"I didn't, until you told me, just now, but I guessed."

His hand moved again, under her short skirt, and she almost jumped straight into the air when his fingers brushed across her pantied crotch. She could feel the crackle of static electricity in her pussy hairs! His hand cupped her pussy bulge, and he squeezed her trembling cunt.

"Teenage girls always like to listen to their mothers getting fucked," Zack purred into her ear.

Mary Jo closed her eyes and moaned as his fingers pressed against her delicate teenaged cunt, separated from her flesh only by the wispy-thin shield of her panties. She squirmed, and her crotch seemed to lift of its own accord, right into his gripping hand.

"You're all wet. I can feel the juice leaking out of your pussy, Mary Jo. Let me touch you inside your panties. Let me run my fingers through that fluffy mound of hair. I'll bet it's red too, isn't it? Just like the hair on your head. Let me see if it is, honey."

"No!" she protested, but he was lifting her skirt, hooking his thumbs in the waistband of her panties, pulling them down her trembling legs. She looked down at her exposed cunt, then up at his face. No boy had ever seen her pussy bare before.

But Zack Perry wasn't a boy. God, he was a man! Her mom's boyfriend! He was at least forty, which made him a few years older than her own father.

He pushed her skirt up again, and he looked down into the red-furred nest of her pussy.

Mary Jo stared at her panties that dangled from one ankle. She gulped.

"Look," she whispered, "but please don't touch me again… please…"

But she knew he would. She watched, holding her breath, as his hand slid back up the inside of her thigh, moving gradually, with almost tantalizing slowness, and then it came to rest atop her exposed pussy.

He clutched her more tightly now, his fingers sliding up and down the snug wet crack of her cunt. She felt the brush of his knuckles over, her clit and it throbbed as he caressed it.

"You can't!" she gasped. "You mustn't!"

He kissed her on the cheek. She'd been kissed a few times, mostly by boys who really didn't know how to do it. The touch of Zack's mouth on her cheek thrilled the girl. She tilted her head slightly, and his lips moved against hers.

As his tongue licked her mouth, she felt strange, exciting tingles racing madly through her body ail over again. Her nipples felt as hard as golfballs inside her bra, and she touched her tits without realizing that she did it, her fingers smoothing down over the high-set mounds, squeezing rhythmically.

His tongue entered her mouth, at almost the same moment that his fingers spread her pussy flaps and the tip of his middle digit cased delicately into Mary Jo's cunt. Her eyes bulged in shock at the feel of his finger entering her cunt, but he wasn't rough or crude at all. In fact, he was even a bit gentler than when she fingered herself.

"Oh, you have to stop," she whispered, spreading her legs a little more.

The spread of her thighs seemed to tighten the snug of her cuntlips around his fingertip, and the sensations moved from exciting to thrilling, almost in a heartbeat. His finger pushed a little deeper into her cunt – as deep as he could get it.

"You're a virgin?"

Mary Jo nodded.

"I thought you might be," he added. "You're so pretty, but so shy. I kinda doubted that anybody had ever put a cock inside you. Fingers?"

"Just-just my own," the girl stammered, blushing.

Zack grinned and kissed her on the mouth. Mary Jo groaned as he licked the edges of her own lips, his tongue tickling an almost-insane frenzy into her flesh.

His fingertip was still wedged between the lips of her cunt, sliding in and out in shallow, insistent strokes that warmed her pussy and made it ooze sticky gobs of arousal. He rubbed a wet finger against her clit. She squirmed, strained, tried to get free, but feeling strangely unwilling to put up that much of a struggle.

"No, you mustn't!" she said weakly as he pulled up her top.

Under it, she was wearing only a very flimsy bra – her favorite, because it softly cuddled her tits, but it was so sheer that it hid nothing, and she blushed as he looked down at her rosebud nipples showing through the nylon cups.

"You have sweet tits," Zack whispered, bending down to kiss her nipples through the filmy bra cups.

Mary Jo gasped at the touch of his mouth. She strained, arching upward. His mouth opened, the tip of a tit sliding in. His tongue began to lap around her swollen nipples, wetting the nylon bra-cup.

"No," she sighed, "you shouldn't."

His teeth clamped down, gently but insistently, upon the stiffness of her nipple, and at the same moment his finger eased a little deeper into Mary Jo's pussy. The girl gasped and groaned, and she felt a shudder convulse her snug cunt, an ooze of fluid leaking out around Zack's probing fingertip.

"I've been watching you," he whispered, unhooking the snap between her tits and pushing the bra way. "Watching you grow up, wondering what it would be like to be the first man to get inside your sweet pussy. Am I the first man inside you, Mary Jo? Is my finger the first one you've ever had up your cunt, besides your own?"

She nodded. "It… it shouldn't be there," she said softly, but she made no move to push his hand away.

"Lovely tits," Zack said. "Small, but firm, and capped with the sweetest, pinkest nipples I've ever seen. Has anyone ever kissed your tits like I just did? Ever sucked on them like I'm going to do, Mary Jo?"

Mary Jo shook her head. "No, no, nobody."

He probed inside her cunt with his finger, scratching a ticklish and insistent pattern into her heated flesh, while he feasted on her tits.

Mary Jo couldn't believe how fantastic it felt to have his mouth on her tits. The way her nipples throbbed and pulsated as he lapped them, as his lips pulled on them, making them stiffer, longer, sucking hard as the pink extension grew and grew and grew.

Her entire body was hot, and the heat was centered in her cunt, where his finger continued to work softly, delicately, but insistently, in and out, in and out…

"Let's get you out of these things."

Mary Jo was hardly aware of his words, but she could feel her skirt being taken down her long slim legs, her panties being pulled down too. When he set her onto the sofa again, her ass was bare and she could feel the plush surface of the upholstering against her naked bottom.

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