Anonumous: Flossie, A Venus of Fifteen

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Anonumous Flossie, A Venus of Fifteen
  • Название:
    Flossie, A Venus of Fifteen
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    Эротика, Секс / на английском языке
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The red lips closed hungrily upon the object of their desire, the rosy tongue stretched itself amorously along the palpitating yard, and twice, the tide of love poured freely forth to be received with every sign of delight into the velvet mouth.

Nothing in my experience had ever approached the pleasure which I derived from the intoxicating contact of this young girl's lips and tongue upon my most sensitive parts, enhanced as it was by my love for her, which grew apace, and by her own intense delight in the adorable pastime. So keen indeed were the sensations she procured me that I was almost able to forget the deprivation laid upon me by Flossie's promise to her friend. Indeed, when I reflected upon her youth, and the unmatched beauty of her girlish shape with its slender waist, smooth satin belly and firm rounded breasts, the whole seemed too perfect a work of nature to be marred-at least as yet-by the probable consequences of an act of coition carried to its logical conclusion by a pair of ardent lovers.

So I bent my head once more to its resting place between the snowy thighs, and again drew from my darling little mistress the fragrant treasures of love's sacred store house, lavished upon my clinging lips with gasps and sighs and all possible tokens of enjoyment in the giving.

After this it was time to part, and at Flossie's suggestion I undressed her, brushed our her silky hair and put her into bed. Lying on her white pillow, she looked so fair and like a child that I was for saying goodnight with just a single kiss upon her cheek. But this was not in accordance with her views on the subject. She sat up in bed, flung her arms round my neck, nestled her face against mine and whispered in my ear:

'I'll never give a promise again as long as I live.'

It was an awful moment and my resolution all but went down under the strain. But I just managed to resist, and after one prolonged embrace, during which Flossie's tongue went twining and twisting round my own with an indescribably lascivious motion, I planted a farewell kiss full upon the nipple of her left breast, sucked it for an instant and fled from the room.

On reaching my own quarters I lit a cigar and sat down to think over the extraordinary good fortune by which I had chanced upon this unique liaison. It was plain to me that in Flossie I had encountered probably the only specimen of her class. A girl of sixteen, with all the fresh charm of that beautiful age united to the fascination of a passionate and amorous woman. Add to these a finely-strung temperament, a keen sense of humour, and the true artist's striving after thoroughness in all she did, and it will be admitted that all these qualities meeting in a person of quite faultless beauty were enough to justify the self-congratulations with which I contemplated my present luck, and the rosy visions of pleasure to come which hung about my waking and sleeping senses till the morning.

About midday I called at the flat. The door was opened to me by Eva Letchford.

'I am so glad to see you,' she said. 'Flossie is out on her bicycle, and I can say what I want to.'

As she moved to the window to draw up the blind a little, I had a better opportunity of noticing what a really splendid-looking woman she had become. Observing my glances of frank admiration, she sat down in a low easy chair opposite to me, crossed her shapely legs, and looking over at me with a bright pleasant smile, said:

'Now, Jack-I may call you Jack, of course, because we are all three going to be great friends-you had my letter the other day. No doubt you thought it a strange document, but when we know one another better, you will easily understand how I came to write it.'

'My dear girl, I understand it already. You forget I have had several hours with Flossie. It was her happiness you wanted to secure, and I hope she will tell you our plan was successful.'

'Flossie and I have not secrets. She has told me everything that passed between you. She has also told me what did not pass between you, and how you did not even try to make her break her promise to me.'

'I should have been a brute if I had-'

'Then I am afraid nineteen men out of twenty are brutes-but that's neither here nor there. What I want you to know is that I appreciate your nice feeling, and that some day soon I shall, with Flossie's consent, take an opportunity of showing that appreciation in a practical way.'

Here she crossed her right foot high over the left knee and very leisurely removed an imaginary speck of dust from the shotsilk stocking.

'Now I must go and change my dress. You'll stay and lunch with us in the coffee room, won't you?-that's right. This is my bedroom. I'll leave the door open so that we can talk till Flossie comes. She promised to be in by one o'clock.'

We chatted away on indifferent subjects whilst I watched with much satisfaction the operations of the toilette in the next room.

Presently a little cry of dismay reached me:

'Oh dear, oh dear! do come here a minute, Jack. I have pinched one of my breasts with my stays and made a little red mark. Look! Do you think it will show in evening dress?'

I examined the injury with all possible care and deliberation.

'My professional opinion is, madam, that as the mark is only an inch above the nipple we may fairly hope-'

'Above the nipple! then I'm afraid it will be a near thing,' said Eva with a merry laugh.

'Perhaps a little judicious stroking by an experienced hand might-'

'Naow then there, naow then!' suddenly came from the door in a hoarse cockney accent.

'You jest let the lydy be, or oi'll give yer somethink to tyke 'ome to yer dinner, see if oi don't!'

'Who is this person?' I asked of Eva, placing my hands upon her two breasts as if to shield them from the intruder's eye.

'Person yerself!' said the voice, 'fust thing you've a-gotter do is ter leave 'old of my donah's breasties and then oi'll fork to yer!'

'But the lady has hurt herself, sir, and was consulting me professionally.'

There was a moment's pause, during which I had time to examine my opponent whom I found to be wearing a red tam-o'-shanter cap, a close-fitting knitted silk blouse, a short white flannel skirt, and scarlet stockings. This charming figure threw itself upon me open-armed and open-mouthed and kissed me with delightful abandon.

After a hearty laugh over the success of Flossie's latest 'impersonation', Eva pushed us both out of the room, saying: 'Take her away, Jack, and see if she has got any marks. Those bicycle saddles are rather trying sometimes. We will lunch in a quarter of an hour.'

I bore my darling little mistress away to her room, and having helped her to strip off her clothes, I inspected on my knees the region where the saddle might have been expected to gall her, but found nothing but a fair expanse of firm white bottom which I saluted with many lustful kisses upon every spot within reach of my tongue. Then I took her naked to the bathroom, and sponged her from neck to ankles, dried her thoroughly, just plunged my tongue once into' her cunt, carried her back to her room, dressed her and presented her to Eva within twenty minutes of our leaving the latter's bedroom.

Below in the coffee-room, a capitally served luncheon awaited us. The table was laid in a sort of little annexe to the principal room, and I was glad of the retirement, since we were able to enjoy to the full the constant flow of fun and mimicry with which Flossie brought tears of laughter to our eyes throughout the meal. Eva, too, was gifted with a fine sense of the ridiculous, and as I myself was at least an appreciative audience, the ball was kept rolling with plenty of spirit.

After lunch Eva announced her intention of going to a conceit in Piccadilly, and a few minutes later Flossie and I were once more alone.

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