Anonumous: Flossie, A Venus of Fifteen

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любовные романы фантастика и фэнтези приключения детективы и триллеры эротика документальные научные юмористические анекдоты о бизнесе проза детские сказки о религиии новинки православные старинные про компьютеры программирование на английском домоводство поэзия

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Anonumous Flossie, A Venus of Fifteen
  • Название:
    Flossie, A Venus of Fifteen
  • Автор:
  • Жанр:
    Эротика, Секс / на английском языке
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    5 / 5
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Кто написал Flossie, A Venus of Fifteen? Узнайте фамилию, как зовут автора книги и список всех его произведений по сериям.

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'But first let us away with these garments, which are more than aught else a violation of our Gama Huchian Rules, Good! now the shirt. And what, pray, is this! We thank you, sir, but we are not requiring any tent-poles just now.'

'Then if your Majesty will deign to remove your royal fingers I will do my humble best to cause the offending pole to disappear. At present, with your Majesty's hand upon it-!'

'Silence, Sir! Your time is nearly up, and if the last garment be not removed in twenty seconds… So! you obey. 'Tis well! You shall see how we reward a faithful subject of our laws.' And thrusting my yard between her lips, the Great White Queen of the Gama Huchi Islands sucked in the whole column to the very root, and by dint of working her royal mouth up and down, and applying her royal fingers to the neighbouring appendages, soon drew into her throat a tribute to her greatness, which, from its volume and the time it took in the act of payment, plainly caused her Majesty the most exquisite enjoyment. Of my own pleasure I will only say that it was delirious, whilst in this, as in all other love sports in which we indulged, an added zest was given by the humour and fancy with which this adorable child-woman designed and carried out our amusements. In the present case, the personating of the Great White Queen appeared to afford her especial delight, and going on with the performance, she took a long branch of pampas-grass from its place and waving it over my head, she said: 'The next ceremony to be performed by a visitor to these realms will, we fear, prove somewhat irksome, but it must be gone through. We shall now place our royal person on this lofty throne. You, sir, will sit upon this footstool before us. We shall then wave our sceptre three times. At the third wave, our knees will part and our guest will see before him the royal spot of love. This he will proceed to salute with a kiss which shall last until we are pleased to signify that we have had enough. Now, most noble guest, open your mouth, don't shut your eyes, and prepare! One, two, three.'

The pampas-grass waved, the legs parted, and nestling between the ivory thighs, I saw the scarlet lips open and show the erected clitoris peeping forth from its nest below the slight brown tuft which adorned the base of the adorable belly. I gazed and gazed in mute rapture, until a sharp strident voice above me said:

'Now then, there, move on, please; can't have you blocking up the road all day!' Then changing suddenly to her own voice: 'Jack, if you don't kiss me at once I shall die!'

I pressed towards the delicious spot and taking the whole cunt into my mouth passed my tongue upwards along the perfumed lips until it met the clitoris, which trust itself amorously between my lips, imploring kisses. These I rained upon her with all the ardour I could command, clutching the rounded bottom with feverish fingers and drawing the naked belly closer and ever closer to my burning face, whilst my tongue plunged deep within the scented cunt and revelled in its divine odours and the contraction of its beloved lips.

The Great White Queen seemed to relish this particular form of homage, for it was many minutes before the satin thighs closed, and with the little hands under my chin, she raised my face and looking into my eyes with inexpressible love and sweetness shining from her own, she said simply: 'Thank you, Jack. You're a darling!' By way of answer I covered her with kisses, omitting no single portion of the lovely naked body, the various beauties of which lent themselves with charming zest to my amorous doings. Upon the round and swelling breasts, I lavished renewed devotion, sucking the rosy nipples with a fury of delight, and relishing to the full the quick movements of rapture with which the lithe clinging form was constantly shaken, no less than the divine aroma passing to my nostrils as the soft thighs opened and met again, the rounded arms rose and fell, and with this, the faintly perfumed hair brushing my face and shoulders mingled its odour of tea-rose.

All this was fast exciting my senses to the point of madness, and there were moments when I felt that to postpone much longer the consummation of our ardour would be impossible.

I looked at the throbbing breasts, remembered the fragrant lips below that had pouted ripely to meet my kisses, the developed clitoris that told of joys long indulged in. And then… and then… the sweet girlish face looked up into mine, the violet eyes seemed to take on a pleading expression, and as if reading my thoughts, Flossie pushed me gently into a chair, seated herself on my knee, slipped an arm round my neck, and pressing her cheek to mine, whispered: 'Poor, poor old thing! I know what it wants; and / want it too-badly, oh! so badly. But, Jack, you can't guess what a friend Eva has been to me, and I've promised her not to! You see I'm only just sixteen, and… the consequences! There! don't let us talk about it. Tell me all about yourself, and then I'll tell you about me. When you're tired of hearing me talk, you shall stop my mouth with-well, whatever you like. Now sir, begin!'

I gave her a short narrative of my career from boyhood upwards, dry and dull enough in all conscience!

'Yes, yes, that's all very nice and prim and proper,' she cried. 'But you haven't told me the principal thing of all-when you first began to be-naughty, and with whom?'

I invented some harmless fiction which, I saw, the quick-witted girl did not believe, and begged her to tell me her own story, which she at once proceeded to do. I shall endeavour to transcribe it, though it is impossible to convey any idea of the humour with which it was delivered, still less of the irrepressible fun which flashed from her eyes at the recollection of her schoolgirl pranks and amourettes. There were, of course, many interruptions*, for most of which I was probably responsible; but, on the whole, in the following chapter will be found a fairly faithful transcript of Flossie's early experiences. Some at least of these I am sanguine, will be thought to have been of a sufficiently appetizing character. *The first of these is a really serious one, but for this the impartial reader will see that the responsibility was divided.

By one who knew this charming goddess worshipped at her shrine.

Flossie, A Venus of Fifteen

Chapter Two. 'How Flossie acquired the French tongue.'

'Before I begin, Jack, I should like to hold something nice and solid in my hand, to sort of give me confidence as I go on. Have you got anything about you that would do!'

I presented what seemed to me the most suitable article 'in stock' at the moment.

'Aha!' said Flossie in an affected voice, 'the very thing! How very fortunate that you should happen to have it ready!'

'Well, madam, you see it is an article we are constantly being asked for by our lady-customers. It is rather an expensive thing-seven pound ten-'

'Yes, it's rather stiff. Still, if you can assure me that it will always keep in its present condition, I shouldn't mind spending a good deal upon it.'

'You will find, madam, that anything you may spend upon it will be amply returned to you. Our ladies have always expressed the greatest satisfaction with it.'

'Do you mean that you find they come more than once? If so, I'll take it now.'

'Perhaps you would allow me to bring it myself-?'

'Thanks, but I think I can hold it quite well in my hand. It won't go off suddenly, will it?'

'Not if it is kept in a cool place, madam.'

'And it mustn't be shaken, I suppose, like that, for instance?' (Shaking it.)

'For goodness gracious sake, take your hand away, Flossie, or there'll be a catastrophe.'

'That is a good word, Jack! But do you suppose that if I saw a “catastrophe” coming I shouldn't know what to do with it?'

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