Anonumous: Flossie, A Venus of Fifteen

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любовные романы фантастика и фэнтези приключения детективы и триллеры эротика документальные научные юмористические анекдоты о бизнесе проза детские сказки о религиии новинки православные старинные про компьютеры программирование на английском домоводство поэзия

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Anonumous Flossie, A Venus of Fifteen
  • Название:
    Flossie, A Venus of Fifteen
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    Эротика, Секс / на английском языке
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Every motion was the perfection of grace and yet no Indian Nautch-girl could have more skilfully expressed the idea of sexual allurement. Gazing at her in speechless admiration, I saw the violet eyes glow with passion, the full red lips part, the filmy petticoats were lifted higher and higher; the loose frilled drawers gleamed white. At last breathless and panting, she fell back upon a chair, her eyes closed, her legs parted, her breasts heaving. A mingled perfume came to my nostrils-half 'odor di faemina,' half the scent of white rose from her hair and clothes.

I flung myself upon her.

Tell me, Flossie darling, what shall I do first!

The answer came, quick and short.

'Kiss me-between my legs!'

In an instant, I was kneeling before her. Her legs fell widely apart. Sinking to a sitting posture, I plunged my head between her thighs. The petticoats incommoded me a little, but I soon managed to arrive at the desired spot. Somewhat to my surprise, instead of finding the lips closed and barricaded as is usual in the case of young girls, they were ripe, red and pouting, and as my mouth closed eagerly upon the delicious orifice and my tongue found and pressed upon the trembling clitoris, I knew that my qualms of conscience had been vain. My utmost powers were now called into play and I sought, by every means I possessed, to let Flossie know that I was no half-baked lover. Passing my arms behind her, I extended my tongue to its utmost length and with rapid agile movements penetrated the scented recesses. Her hands locked themselves under my head, soft gasps of pleasure came from her lips, and as I delivered at last an effective attack upon the erect clitoris, her fingers clutched my neck, and with a sob of delight, she crossed her legs over my back, and pressing my head towards her, held me with a convulsive grasp, whilst the aromatic essence of her being flowed softly into my enchanted mouth.

As I rose to my feet, she covered her face with her hands and I saw a blue eye twinkle out between the fingers with an indescribable mixture of bashfulness and fun. Then, as if suddenly remembering herself, she sat up, dropped her petticoats over her knees, and looking up at me from under the curling lashes, said in a tone of profound melancholy.

'Jack, am I not a disgraceful child! All the same, I wouldn't have missed that for a million pounds.'

'Nor would I, little sweetheart; and whenever you would like to have it again-' 'No, no, it is your turn now.' 'What! Flossie; you don't mean to say-' 'But I do mean to say it, and to do it too. Lie down on that sofa at once, sir.'

'But, Flossie, I really-'

Without another word she leapt at me, threw her arms round my neck and fairly bore me down onto the divan. Falling on the top of me, she twined her silken legs round mine and gently pushing the whole of her tongue between my lips, began to work her body up and down with a wonderful sinuous motion which soon brought me to a state of excitement bordering on frenzy. Then, shaking a warning finger at me to keep still, she slowly slipped to her knees on the floor.

In another moment, I felt the delicate fingers round my straining yard. Carrying it to her mouth she touched it ever so softly with her tongue; then slowly parting her lips she pushed it gradually between them, keeping a grasp of the lower end with her hand which she moved gently up and down. Soon the tongue began to quicken its motion, and the brown head to work rapidly in a perpendicular direction. I buried my hands under the lovely hair, and clutched the white neck towards me, plunging the nut further and further into the delicious mouth until I seemed almost to touch the uvula. Her lips, tongue and hands now worked with redoubled ardour, and my sensations became momentarily more acute, until with a cry I besought her to let me withdraw. Shaking her head with great emphasis, she held my yard in a firmer grasp, and passing her disengaged hand behind me, drew me towards her face, and with an unspeakable clinging action of her mouth, carried out the delightful act of love to its logical conclusion, declining to remove her lips until, some minutes after, the last remaining evidences of the late crisis had completely disappeared.

Then and not till then, she stood up, and bending over me, as I lay, kissed me on the forehead, whispering: 'There! Jack, now I love you twenty times more than ever.'*

I gazed into the lovely face in speechless adoration.

'Why don't you say something?' she cried. 'Is there anything else you want me to do?'

'Yes,' I answered, 'there is.'

'Out with it, then.'

'I am simply dying to see your breasts, naked.'

'Why, you darling, of course, you shall! Stay there a minute.'

Off she whisked again, and almost before I could realize she had gone, I looked up and she was before me. She had taken off everything but her chemise and stockings, the former lowered beneath her breasts.

Any attempt to describe the beauties thus laid bare to my adoring gaze must necessarily fall absurdly short of the reality. Her neck, throat and arms were full and exquisitely rounded, bearing no trace of juvenile immaturity.

Her breasts, however, were of course the objects of my special and immediate attention. Size, perfection of form and colour, I had never seen their equals, nor could the mind of man conceive anything so alluring as the coral nipples which stood out firm and erect, craving kisses. A wide space intervened between the two snowy hillocks which heaved a little with the haste of her late exertions. I gazed a moment in breathless delight and admiration, then rushing towards her, I buried my face in the enchanting valley, passed my burning lips over each of the neighbouring slopes and finally seized upon one after the other of the rosy nipples, which I sucked, mouthed and tongued with a frenzy of delight. *This is a fact, as every girl knows who has ever gamahuched and been gamahuched by the man or boy, she loves. As a link, it beats fucking out of the field. I've tried both and I know.-Flossie

The daring little girl lent herself eagerly to my every action, pushing her nipples into my mouth and eyes, pressing her breasts against my face, and clinging to my neck with her lovely naked arms.

Whilst we were thus amorously employed, my little lady had contrived dexterously to slip out of her chemise, and now stood before me naked but for her brown silk stockings and little shoes.

'There, Mr. Jack, now you can see my breasts, and everything else that you like of mine. In future, this will be my full-dress costume for making love to you in. Stop, though; it wants just one touch.' And darting out of the room, she came back with a beautiful chain of pearls round her neck, finishing with a pendant of rubies which hung just low enough to nestle in the Valley of Delight, between the wonderful breasts.

'I am, now,' she said, 'The White Queen of the Gama Huchi Islands. My kingdom is bounded on this side by the piano, and on the other by the furthest edge of the bed in the next room. Any male person found wearing a stitch of clothing within those boundaries will be sentenced to lose his p… but soft! who comes here?'

Shading her eyes with her hand she gazed in my direction: 'Aha! a stranger; and, unless these royal eyes deceive us, a man! He shall see what it is to defy our laws! What ho! within there! Take this person and remove his p…'

'Great Queen!' I said, in a voice of deep humility, 'if you will but grant me two minutes, I will make haste to comply with your laws.'

'And we, good fellow, will help you. (Aside.)

'Methinks he is somewhat comely*. (Aloud.) *Don't believe I ever said anything of the sort, but if I did, 'methinks' I'd better take this opportunity of withdrawing the statement.-Flossie

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