Ron Taylor: Back Door Wives

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Ron Taylor Back Door Wives
  • Название:
    Back Door Wives
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  • Жанр:
    Эротика, Секс / на английском языке
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    5 / 5
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Ron Taylor

Back Door Wives



"I don't believe this," Tricia Miller said. "All you can say is 'so what'??? I tell you that my husband has announced, totally out of the blue, that he wants to stick his prong up my asshole, and you sit there with that Mona Lisa smile saying 'So what?' Doesn't it shock you just a little, Kate? It certainly shocked the hell out of me!"

Kate shrugged. "It's no big deal," she replied. "I've done it a few times. Jesus, I thought everybody had!"

"You?" Tricia said. "Oh, I don't believe that! I can't see you holding still for anything so – 'weird'. You honestly mean to tell me that you and Roger – no!"

"I didn't say it was with 'Roger'," Kate purred, "but yes, we do it once in a while. Actually, it's kinda fun, if you get into it with the right attitude."

Tricia shook her head. She thought she knew Kate Parker, but she was starting to realize that there were some things about her friend that could still surprise her. And she'd just heard one of them. Tricia took another sip of her drink and thought about what had happened in her bedroom, last night, and then this morning…


"Yes, oh God, oh Jesus, yes, fuck me," Tricia moaned, writhing, her sweating body slipping and sliding beneath her husband. Ken was in her cunt deeply, his big cock reaming out the horny tightness of her snug pussy, and she moaned again each time he rammed it hard and fast, banging the bottom of her hot box.

She lifted her knees higher, allowing him to sink even further into her juiced-up, sexed-up cunt, and she whined in delight as his cock hairs scraped like wet sandpaper against the splayed flaps of her pussy. Her clit throbbed, and her juices oozed from the hole, greasing the entry and re-entry of his hard, hot cock.

He was sucking on her tits as he fucked her. She wasn't sure which she liked best, his cock in her pussy or her nipples all stiff and throbbing inside his mouth. His fingers and his teeth sank into the doughy softness of her tits.

He buried his face between them, squishing the salty-tasting mounds onto his face, and then he sucked his way up one peak, then the other, clamping his lips possessively onto her hard red beads of arousal.

He nibbled them, he chewed them, he pulled them with his lips and teeth till they were an inch long and she felt as if she were even squirting milk into his mouth. And his cock continued to ram her snatch, banging ferociously into her cum-thirsty hole.

He rolled onto his side, pulling Tricia with him. They banged together, face to face. Her hot wet mouth covered his, her tongue exploring as deep into his mouth as his cock worked into her wiggling, fuck-starved pussy.

She held him with the athletic grip of her legs, the sucking pressure of her contracting pussy sheath gobbling his cock as he fucked her. His swollen knob probed deeper and deeper inside her, touching off new sparks of arousal within Tricia.

"Want to fuck you dog-style," he gasped, and she just nodded, licking the sweat off her lips.

Tricia loved it from the back, his hands active on her ass while he filled her cunt with ripe hard meat. She fought her cunt off the prick it was eating so voraciously, and she got up onto her knees, her ass jutting up an invitation to her husband.

"Put it right here," she growled, rubbing the wet, itchy labes of her pussy. Her clit tingled with each stroke, and she soaked her fingers in the juicy discharge that was leaking from her hole.

For a moment she let her fingers go deeply into her pussy, and she worked them in and out, reaming her cunt, making it ready for the re-insertion of Ken's big hard cock. But, mmmmm, her fingers could never compare with the big tool that was waiting to stuff itself inside her hole once again!

She pulled her fingers out and, while the hole was still dilated, he rammed his dick inside her once more. The big hard shaft sank into Tricia's cunt, spreading the tight pink labes, exerting a luscious brain- boggling pull on the taut-stretched flesh at the base of her hard clit.

"Oh, Jeeeeesus," Tricia whined, jerking forward as he stabbed her from the rear. She worked her ass up and down, and her pussy swallowed Ken's cock again and again, taking it to places, she was sure, he'd never fucked her yet. But each time with him felt like a brand new experience!

Just like losing her cherry all over again, but mmmm, now she knew what was coming and she wasn't scared at all, unlike that first time.

He slapped the jiggling cheeks of her ass while he filled her and refilled her with his cock. She winced and whimpered, but she really enjoyed his playful slaps. Her ass stung, but it also quivered and jerked and it seemed to pull more and more of his cock into her hungry cunt.

She reached down, intending to frig and stroke her clitoral area, but his fingers beat her to the hot spot, and she let her hand drop away. Ken was doing just fine and needed no help from Tricia, when it came to frigging her hot horny clit.

"Yesssss… " she moaned, the fires of orgasm boiling in her blood. "Oh, fuck me, honey, make me fuckin' commmmme!!!"

"Make both of us come," he husked, shoving her with his prick. Tricia jerked forward again, but her ass returned and as it did, her cunt swallowed him whole.

She felt his balls and his groin against her snatch-slice, and he seemed to rotate his dick inside her without even moving. Her cunt was doing the whole job and she didn't feel overworked one little bit.

She felt like a cork being invaded by the corkscrew, only she was gonna let go of something even better than Chateau Lafite-Rothschild 1939!

Her cunt was gonna cover his cock in sweet sticky honeygoo!

He felt bigger than normal, inside her, but he was fucking hard and hot for a good reason. Tomorrow morning he was going to leave on a business trip, all the way to the west coast. He'd be gone for at least a week, maybe a little longer, and this fuck would have to keep both of them humming till he got back home.

His rigid, fuck-maddened prick throbbed with the urgency of his lust, and the swelling of the rod buried inside Tricia made her body hum in shared response, mutual need.

"More, harder," she whined, "oh, you know how to do it!!!"

Did he ever! His hand on her clit, his dick in her cunt, she could not restrain herself from gushing into orgasm – in fact, she had no idea why she should even want to keep from coming, unless it might be to prolong to unendurable lengths the delicious excitement of this moment.

But as the orgasm rushed through her pussy, she surrendered and she knew that it was the best thing to do.

"I'm cummmming!!!" she moaned, "oh, God, you fucked me and made me come all over that yummy cock of yours!!!"

He kept on slapping her ass, but the strokes grew lighter, only lovepats now, and she hardly noticed them, in the exploding delight of her ecstasy. "Yes, yes," she whined over and over, "oh, God, yesssss!!!"

His cock probed deeper and harder, pushing her orgasm into an almost volcanic explosion of hot lust. She moaned and sobbed with the force of her climax, her pussy sucking voraciously around the thrusting shaft of Ken's hard cock.

The tip of her womb was almost raw from the frenzy of his fucking, and she knew her entire body would ache in the morning, but who the goddamn fuck cared, when it made you feel this good right now???

Her ass lifted and fell, slithering wetly and stickily around the inserted meat of his big hard dick. Jesus, she loved it when he fucked her from the rear, just like this! Her cunt drooled and climaxed around his cock and she worked her ass backwards, eating more and more of him.

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