Ron Taylor: First Time In The Behind

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Ron Taylor First Time In The Behind
  • Название:
    First Time In The Behind
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    Эротика, Секс / на английском языке
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    3 / 5
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She climaxed. The come ripped through her like a chainsaw and she howled around the cock that fucked her wet mouth. The humming sound set off a chain reaction in Roger's cock, and suddenly he was squirting his cum onto her tongue.

"So," she said, lying smug and contented with her head in his lap and his cum dripping from her chin, "do you really have to go to New York?"

"Oh, shit!" he gasped. "I almost forgot about that! I'm going to be late. Listen, Nicole, this is major, and I can't get out of it. And when duty calls-you know?"

I know, Nicole thought. But it's not duty that's calling you. It's a red-haired cunt.

She sat up.

"Okay," she said. "If you have to, you have to."

"I'd better take another shower," Roger said. "I seem to smell like I've just gotten fucked." He leaned down and kissed Nicole on her cumsmeared lips. "We'll have to try this again when I come home. Where in hell did you ever get that dildo, dear? It doesn't seem your style at all. I like it, but it doesn't seem your style."

And with that he went back into the bathroom.

Nicole lay on the bed, staring at him with a mixture of lust and revulsion.

"All right, fucker," Nicole said, once she heard the shower water running and the sound of his singing, "if you don't want it, let's find out if anyone else does."

Chapter 4

"You don't want any money?" the man asked. "This isn't some kind of weird scam?"

Nicole Patterson smiled. "No, it isn't some kind of weird scam. I simply feel like being fucked tonight, and I thought maybe you were the man to do it. If you're not, I can always look for someone else."

She stood up, putting down her drink. She was wearing a red dress, tight in the bodice to show off her tits, low-cut into the cleavage, in shimmery swirls down her long, black-stockinged legs.

"Well?" she asked.

"Don't go," he said, putting down his own drink. Gingerly, still uncertain, he came near. Nicole smiled and waited.

She had picked him up in a hotel lounge near the airport. She was on her way back from confirming that Mr. and Mrs. Patterson had boarded a flight to New York.

That had been the clincher. If Roger could go to New York with his slut, then Nicole had no qualms about going on the prowl. The Satin Lounge was the top pick-up spot in town. Nicole had scored not five minutes through the door, and now they were in his hotel room.

The man was a salesman, leaving town in the morning. He was gorgeous, the kind of big blond stud Nicole had always dreamed about in her school days, though she always froze up around them in real life. His name was Mark.

He put his hands on her waist and she leaned in to him, brushing her tits against his chest. Her nipples were hard through the soft clinging fabric of her dress. He couldn't help but feel them touching him. She pushed a little more firmly, making sure he felt them. His hands moved around her waist and down onto the curves of her ass.

She squeezed closer, her belly starting to grind against his crotch.

She kissed him hungrily, her mouth wet and open. Her eagerness seemed to scare him a little, but the more she fucked her tongue in and out of his mouth, the more excited he grew. His hands cupped her asscheeks, squeezing them possessively, and now he was grinding back at her, and his prick was beginning to show some definite signs of interest.

Nicole came up for air, licking her lips and smiling. She had her arms around his neck. She swayed, her asscheeks swaying too inside his cupping hands. She felt the surging energy as it flowed into his cock, stiffening him against her.

"I'm for real," she said. "Are you?"

He didn't say anything. She wriggled out of his grasp and took a couple of steps back, wobbling a bit on the heels. Turning, she looked over her shoulder and said, "Would you unzip me, please, Mark?"

He tugged down the zipper of her dress. She leaned forward, easing it off her shoulders and down her body. It fell to her ankles, and she stepped out of it. Under the dress she wore a pink teddy, its front laces undone, with black stockings and bright red shoes. She was sure that she looked good, and his eyes confirmed her suspicions.

"God," he said, staring into the front of her teddy. The undone laces showed tantalizing glimpses of the curves of her tits, and the nipples protruded insistently under the smooth silk.

"Touch them, if you want," she said, taking his hands and placing them on her tits. She forced his fingers downward. "Would you like to see them?"

He nodded, and she slid the straps of the teddy off her shoulders. It fell to her waist, where she caught it, and she confronted him with her tits, bare and tempting.

"Your body is gorgeous," Mark whispered, his eyes alive with lust.

"Now you take something off, she said. "I bet you have a beautiful body, too."

He did. She had to restrain a gulp as he got out of his clothes. His shoulders were broad, his chest smooth and hard-looking, his waist tapering and narrow. He removed his pants, stumbling slightly, but her eyes were on his crotch, not his feet. He wore a pair of tight bikini shorts. The lance-like shaft of his cock was protruding above the lowriding top of the shorts.

His cock was long-not overly thick, but really long-and Nicole eyed him, her mouth watering for the taste of his cock.

She dropped her teddy, leaving her naked except for stockings. Her eyebrows lifted, and Mark yanked down his shorts. His cock jumped out, long and hard and ready for love.

She took it in her fists, sliding them up and down the length of Mark's cock. He was almost long enough that she needed both hands to masturbate him properly. As it was, she could wrap two fists around his cock and there was still a little bit peeking out of her handhold.

Leaning toward him, she pressed her tits-bare now, the nipples hot and stiff-against his chest.

He took her head in his hands and kissed her savagely.

"I don't even know your name," he said, breaking free.

"It's Noelle," she said, lying. What business of his was her name, anyway? The only thing that mattered between them was the swollen, raging prick she clutched in her fists. The only thing.

They moved to the bed. He picked her up like a bridegroom and carried her over, depositing her carefully on the mattress. She looked up at him, stroking her tits and pinching the nipples even harder. They were blood-red with lust, and so were her eyes.

He knelt by the bed, leaning across her where she lay. He started at her mouth and kissed his way down to her stiffened nipples. She moaned in gratification as he took them in his mouth, one after the other. He squeezed her tits together and sucked his way back and forth, munching, biting, licking, feeding the pointy-capped mounds into his mouth for hungry swallows.

One hand, meanwhile, was down between her legs. He slid his fingers up and down the puffy bulge of her cunt, stretching the taut cunt-lips, opening them, then squashing them shut again. She writhed responsively, her hands all over him, urging him to do more.

"You really do want it, don't you?" he said softly. "You're dripping wet!"

His finger moved through the deep pink cleft of her cunt, tickling the aroused opening. She whined and winced as he poked her fuck-hole, and then he plunged into her, his finger buried in hot tight wetness. Her body bucked and trembled as he finger-fucked her pussy and sucked at her aroused tits.

He moved his lips down her belly. He was finding spots she hadn't even guessed were responsive, but which came alive at the touch of his mouth, his tongue. His hand manipulated her cunt in a smooth, knowing fashion, and her juices puddled in his palm.

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