Ron Taylor: First Time In The Behind

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Ron Taylor First Time In The Behind
  • Название:
    First Time In The Behind
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    Эротика, Секс / на английском языке
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    3 / 5
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"Loosen up, bitch," he said.

"I'm trying!" Nicole panted, frigging her hot clit in desperation.

His fingertip pushed deeper, and she made a gagging sound, but the panic faded quickly, once she got used to the feel of him inside her ass.

She was tight, and he had to fight her a bit. She strained, anxious to take him despite her apprehensions and second thoughts. And then her resistance broke down, and his finger plunged all the way up her asshole. He ground his knuckle against her ass-ring, rotating his finger inside her, and she whined and whimpered.

He reamed her mercilessly. But with each rotation, her asshole got a little less tight, a little more excited.

He pulled out of her ass, wiping his finger on an asscheek.

"Okay, baby," he said, "you wanted the real thing, and that's what I'm gonna give you. Stroke my cock once more for luck, and then I'll fuck your tight sweet ass!"

She was still frigging and fingering herself, but she took his cock in her other hand and squeezed, feeling the excited surges that raced through his stiffened meat. He felt a lot bigger than he had a couple of minutes ago.

He mounted the sofa behind her, coming down upon Nicole. She spread a little wider, reaching back with both hands to open herself for him.

"Fuck me!" she moaned, "Fuck me up the ass, just like my husband fucked his little red-headed whore!"

He brought the knob of his cock to bear against her asshole. She closed her eyes, feeling its blunt snout nosing her there.

"Oh, come on!" she panted. "Do it to me, stud!"

Her hole was dilated from the finger-reaming he'd given her, and he was able to get the head of his cock inside her with no trouble.

"Oooooh, it's gonna hurt!" she whimpered.

"It won't hurt me a bit," Bill Archer said, and drove his cock into her.

She screamed at the force and fury of his sudden lunging penetration.

The meaty shaft of his prick rammed hard and deep into her ass, and she screamed again, but she was definitely fucked, pinned to the sofa by the weight of his body and the length of his cock, and there was not a hell of a lot she could do about it now.

"Fuck me, then, goddamn you!" she snarled over her shoulder, and her finger began to fuck in and out of her cunt. She could feel his cock moving inside her ass, and it excited her. Nicole stimulated herself harder, and Bill matched her stroke for stroke.

She was as tight as hell back there, but she wasn't constipated against his assault, and the more times he prodded her with his prick, the looser her asshole became. It never grew less than snug around his prick, but there were no red bursts of agony now that he was fully imbedded, and his fucking became a little gentler, and a lot more exciting.

She continued to masturbate her pussy, his hand joining hers in the effort. While she finger-fucked herself, Bill concentrated on her clit.

The pleasurable sensations grew stronger, more difficult to resist. His prick fucked into her ass again and again, and she chewed her lips, enduring and enjoying.

"Oh, you fucker!" she whined. "Oh, you rotten fucker!"

But there was nothing rotten about the way he fucked Nicole's asshole.

She writhed and swayed, she moaned and whimpered, and she came like a bitch in heat.

She wasn't sure if she was coming in her asshole, her pussy, or both.

She only knew that it was the most intense orgasm she had ever experienced.

It seemed to last forever, building into new heights each time she thought it was ebbing. He'd poke her again, deeper, with his driving, ass-pounding cock, and she'd suck in her breath and find herself squealing out a fresh come. Her fingers were dripping as they kept up the pussy attack, and her clit was so raw under his fingers that she heard herself begging him to stop.

He didn't stop. He fucked her. It was what she'd asked for, and it was what he gave her.

Suddenly he gasped too, and she knew that he was going to come, that he was going to splatter her guts with the discharge of his jism. She thrust her ass back against him, engulfing his prick in her tight shitter, and she wiggled her ass from side to side, the muscles milking hotly at his throbbing prick.

"So this is what it's like!" she moaned from deep in her guts, the words forced out of her by the belly-busting force of Bill Archer's long cock. And even as she spoke, his cock vibrated within her asshole and began to spit out its load of jizz.


"So, what are you going to do about this?" Archer asked, indicating the torn pictures and the VCR-tape. "You've got the fucker by the balls.

With evidence like this, he probably won't even show up in divorce court to answer the charge."

"I don't know," Nicole said, hooking her bra. "I honestly don't know what I'm going to do. But when I do figure it out, I promise you'll be the first to know."

Chapter 3

When Roger came home from work, Nicole met him at the door. She was freshly washed, powdered, perfumed, and she wore a lush satin robe wrapped around a shimmery sheer nightgown. The curves of her body showed through it, and as she kissed him hello, she let the robe fall open.

"Hard day?" she asked, stroking his cheek.

Roger's job was an executive position with the company Nicole's father had created. He didn't have to exert a muscle or a brain cell to collect his paycheck.

"So-so," he said, easing out of her embrace.

She watched him go past, brushing her off as if she were a stray dog.

He turned at the foot of the stairs.

"Something's come up, dear," he said, "and I have to fly to New York for the weekend. I hope we don't have anything planned."

She stared at him.

Roger looked down at his watch. "Damn! I'm going to be late for the plane. I'd better grab a shower now. Sorry I can't talk longer, but you know how it is…"

Nicole went up the stairs, listening as he turned on the shower. She went into the bedroom.

She stood by the mirror, examining herself critically in the sheer blue nightgown. She wasn't the most beautiful woman on earth, but she was pretty, and she had a decent body, with good legs, a full chest, and a slim ass. She deserved better than she was getting from her husband.

Nicole opened the bottom drawer of her dresser and reached into the back. Roger didn't even know she had a vibrator.

She went to the bed, stretching out across the pink satin sheets she'd had the maid put on it. They were smooth and cool against her skin. She felt glamorous and sexy. Too bad her husband didn't care. She rolled the vibrator between her palms, warming it up, and then she switched it on.

She stroked herself with the thing, through her sheer nightgown, arousing her nipples to pointy erections. She squeezed her tit, forcing the nipple to push upward, and the vibrator buzzed fitfully across the arching peak. Nicole began to feel warmer, more excited. She was starting to feel the way she'd felt at Bill Archer's office.

She moved the vibrator down her belly, twisting on the bed as she continued to caress and excite herself. Her juices were flowing already, sopping the crotch of her panties, and there was an uncontrollable itching between the lips of her cunt, even before she began to work the vibrator back and forth over her pussy.

"Ahhhhh!" she gasped, clenching her thighs around the vibrator and pressing it firmly against her pussy. The bed swayed erotically beneath her, and she clutched her hard-nippled tits. She moved the vibrator against her cunt as if it were a cock, rubbing her aroused pussy until her clit buzzed like a bee and the lips drooled a sticky honey that soaked her panties, her upper thighs and the humming vibrator.

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